And there..suddenly..in the middle of a sidewalk..I saw a tree-top..



No I do not have crash on anybody as you could think..BUT I have seen THE movie. Finally I´ve got to see CRASH. And I just loved the movie. It made me think.

It made me think about people and how many difficulties we have to understand each other. We all have our own truth, our own reasons, experience which all together justify our behaviour. Or not?

It made me think about fear and the fence which the fear builts around our hearts until we do not feel anything. Or maybe is the fence a reason of the only available emotion  - fear. (I somehow vote for the first alternative)

It made me think about goodluck and badluck, about coinsidence..How much of our lives is a considence actually? And how much do we influence? How much influence we have on life of people coming after us?

How much of our future do we "sacrifice" for actual pleasure? Or maybe the other way around?

I definitely rate that movie as the best movie I have seen during the last two years. I did not laugh, I did not cry but I was impressed and found a faith in everyday course of events.


I am sitting at home. It is almost midnight, relatively light outside, Enya is playing and I feel just peace and staidness. Yes..here and now I do feel it. I look some days back. Midsommer evening which from the weather point of view didn´t seem like summer, many nice people around smiling and laughing in spite of the weather, late night talk and games, strawberries, real fun and crazyness, football, stress, lots of work, rush, emotions...hush.  And I just wonder. Life is just one swaying swing  and you either realize that you have joined it or maybe not being aware of it, but you have joined for sure.

One year ago I was watching a butterfly. Wind was just drifting the butterfly and the butterfly was moving its wings. And I was wonderig how much that movement helps. Where was the difference between a falling leaf carried by wind and the "flying" butterfly?
I do not have a scientific explanation but I have my own answer. Butterfly tried. The little being tried to direct its movement for whatever reasons (survival, instinct, whatever..)
And it brings me back to metaphor "life like a swing". We are part of the movement regardless our will. And we either can do something with it or not. Or at least try and feel that we try! And we never know when the wind calms down and we just use its energy to find our own way...

Football football...=) / =(

Everybody writing about football championship..I think it is my turn also. I have never been huge football fan. I do not know names of the players, I do not remember what years and where the previous championships were. I just know Owen cause I think he is cute and I saw him playing in 1998 when I was watching chamionship under some special circumstances. However I like playing football when it comes to that. I better prefer doing some sport than to watch it. Of course I do watch sport from time to time but not on regular base I can say.

This year - being in Sweden I became a part of the football fever, being with friends, discussing the game and the players of course, eating popcorn, not writing thesis..

Yesterday I watched the match Sweden against Germany. The result is not important to me at all. I really do not care who´s gonna win. I was watching the behaviour of players. And from now on everything I m going to write isn´t concerning just football but many other sports as well.

The players when losing (either personal fight with the oponent player or as a team) started behaving as they do not have any limits in hurting someone. Kicking on purpose when a player has jumped and is high in the air..one never knows how will the player land and if he or she will be able to stand up. Running in full speed into a player from back side..HEJ!!! That´s dangerous!!!! I play handball myself and I know that however well a player can be trained and muscles are strong - to be pushed from back side when unexpected it can end very very bad!!! Each player knows this and that´s why I get even more upset when I see the satisfaction in the face of the one who has done it.  I just had feeling that the game was not a game anymore. I didnt see an effort to go over personal limits and try harder although the opponent was better at the moment. I didnt see joy from the game.

Another interesting "discovery" were the reactions of people watching the game. How can anybody laugh about the fact that one player pushed another one when the referree didnt see it? That´s malicious. And at the same time to be really upset when the same thing happens to a player of "your" team. Where is the difference? To be honest..I was a bit sad when I saw it.

Maybe I take those things too seriously but I think that health of people should be taken seriously.

I really liked all those blogs when the football championship started about friendship regardless nationality, about common interests and common goal - to see nice game! And I stil wanna see nice game, movement, nice (fair!)  tricks with ball based on one´s skills and not on one´s deceit.

Dog or maybe a smiling plane

I made a plane..for people
Liza made a dog.. for me =)



I made a plane =)


All of a sudden

Rain has come...
...and washed my bike.

Tusen tack!!!

Here she comes..

...with her thoughts. I can say that i am sure..it will be fun, it will be serious, it will make you think, it will make you smile..just read Kadri´s new blog.

Shut me up if I complain..

I´ve cried today. I´ve received a ppt from a friend. It was about differences in the world. About complaining about softness of the bed while there are people who do not have bed, about complaining about food while there are people who do not have any food, about complaining about trade mark of the clothes while others do not have clothes etc)
I can say that most of the time I am aware of different conditions we live in and I am thankful for what I have. When I have to study late in the night awareness of my situation keeps me awake and do what I can. Being aware of the fact that I CAN work in the days and therefore study in the nights and that I CAN do it gives me strenght. There are people who do not have this option although they would love to.

But back to the ppt. Although I am aware of that I do complain sometimes. About food, about dirt, about the quality of my mp3 player, slow computer, boring TV programme, mobile phone not fancy enough...grrr!!! Yes maybe it is natural that people (including me) wanna progress, that they follow development around them, that we are part of a huge wave which is just pushing new things, improvement and I am not against it...BUT...not on the expense of somebody else or on expense of the world. That really makes me cry. Egoism makes me cry. My own as well. So please..shut me up when I am complaining about smth irrelevant.

Oooh..it is raining agaaiiiiinnn..nooo. Ooooh...it is so hoooooot!!!! Aaah..they do not have my favourite chocolate! Aaah..Please count to ten before you complain. I will do that also.

Following facts are taken from the book: Earth from the Air (by Yann Arthus - Bertrand)
- World population: 
1800 - 1 billion
1960 - 3 billion
2000 - 6 billion
2050 - 9 billion

-4% of the wealth of the world´s 225 most wealthy families would provide access to basic needs and fundamental health care, education and nutrition for the world

- Over 1 billion people lack basic, decent shelter

- On avarage, an American uses 600 litres of water per day, a European 250 and an African 30.

- 20%population does not have access to safe drinking water

-People living in rich countries, a mere 20% of the total human population, eat 45% of meat and fish consumed throughout the world.

- Half of humanity lives on less than 2 USD per day

Yes..and when I read those facts, I hear lyrics of NO NAME (a slovak music group) -  "If everyone would want to have a bit less, all of us would have more". I think it is suitable...


There was a last part of "Friends" some days ago. It was kind of sad although they will show them in TV again and again. I am sure about it. But the feeling that they won´t be a regular part of my days made the last part even more emotional to me. (maybe strange to talk like that about TV serie? hmm)  And that made me think. Is it always needed to make an "offical" last part of the TV serie? And announce that it will be  the last one? Wouldn´t it be easier just not to show more parts next days?

Vad Andreas hade skrivit om han hade en blogg:..del 6

Kristina är bäst. Och igår berättade jag det för henne. Hon åkte till Stockholm just då när jag ringde och blev ganska förvånad.
Ja ja det  var så att en vacker dag tittade vi (Kristina, Inese, Liza, Örjan, Petra och jag) på Melodifestivalen och Kristina gjorde nåt med min mobil. Igår ringde min alarm att påminna mig att hon var bäst och att jag skulle säga det till henne. Hmm..jag tror inte att jag behöver påminnelse för sånt men OK..då ringde jag..och jag menade det verkligen från mitt hjärta "Vad håller du på" frågade hon? Hon kanske är inte så van med men hon måste vänja sig. Jag ska göra det oftare i alla fall...

My nicknames

I have had different nicknames..so let´s see which ones:

My father called me Georgi or Georgi Washington (do not ask me why, I do not know)

My mom used to call me from time to time Benda (after a writer called Krista Bendova, and my name is
Kristina..yes..people find different assiciations). This name has been used very rarely but I remember it very well.

Many of my friends during all my teenage ages called me Kika and it somehow still goes with me even abroad. (Kika is very usual nickname for Kristina). I never introduce myself as Kika, but I use this name when there are for example more Kristinas in a group where I am too. I am not against this nickname but it does sound good only when it comes naturaly from people. Not when I tell them to call me like that.

Svetlana calls me Banana (my nose is very sensitive and I can smell babanas on distance) and this year Svetlana decided to change to have life more colourful and calls me Mandarinka. There was a short period when she called me Kiwi.

Lorena called ma Buggy or Kriss.

Ruza calls me Kristinka. It is not a nickname really but I felt like mentioning it as well. Kristinka is Kristina but in a  nicer and softer way (in slovak).

Kadri calls me Sunshine and Flying Flower. Ask her why. I was very surprised when I heard it for the first time. But do not worry I got used to that =)

Hmm..more nicknames more nicknames..I have to think. Georgi Washington and Banana are the most funny ones but I do not have a favourite one. Each nickname depends on a person who has come up with it.

Duck story

1. ZzzzZZZzzzzZZZ ..=)                                         2. Wake uuuuuup...
Ducks 1 Ducks 1 1/2

3. What? Where? How?                                    4. Why?
Ducks 3 Ducks 2

5. Now we go..impossible to sleep here...   6. Hrm..hrm..hrm..duuuck (or whatever sound day   
Ducks 5a Ducks 6

PS. It wasn´t me who woke them up. But it was me who was watching the whole process. And I think I met them the next day again...

Sunny saturday..

Sunny saturday..

I really didn´t miss anyTHING at that moment..


Happines signed

The original is without that "signature" of course. I hope it is not too bothering here..But I had my reasons to "sign" it.

My personal confession

I am going to write about nationality and gender and that I do not care about them. I do not care about nationality or gender of other people and I do not care about my own nationality and gender.

One girl has told me that I am swedish although she knows I am coming from Slovakia. Maybe she wanted to make me happy (I do not see other explanation). I told her that I was not Swedish. Then she told me: „ok, but almost swedish“. How can I be almost swedish? Is that possible? I told her that I was not almost Swedish. I was born and I lived 22 years in Slovakia, according to all papers I am Slovak. I have lived in Sweden almost 2 years. I work for a European organisation and most of my friends are coming from different parts of Europe, including Slovakia and Sweden. But my point in this blog is, that I do not care about my nationality. At all. I like certain things about Slovakia and about Sweden, as I like them about Bosnia and Herzegovina or Czech republic.The fact that there is no war in Slovakia does not make me happier than the fact there is no war in Germany. Both facts are just great. For me the fact that I am coming or living in one of the countries has a value of zero. My identity is not based on something I can not influence. I am trying to contribute to better conditions there I can. Regardless boarders.
And similar things about gender. I am a woman. I am aware of it but it has no special meaning to me. I am not going around beating in my chest that I am a woman. Or crying because of that. It is very neutral fact for me. Gender is anyway something I was tought.

Don´t understand me wrong here. Of course I see what is happening around to different nationalities and gender discrimination etc. But that is not point of this blog (I might write about it some other time).

Important to me is, that I do not hurt people around me, that I am thankful for all nice things happening around me (in Sweden or in Slovakia or in some other country), that there are people who have allowed me to enter their lives (and I do not think they did it because of my nationality or gender) and that there are people who have dared to enter my life...

Matter of interpretation or a blogg for Jan Tore

Have I mentioned that Dante is very patient? (read stubborn)


Fredriks gröna hörna

Nu bloggar Fredrik med =) Hurraaaa.. Och jag tycker att det är intressant det han skriver! Heja heja Fredrik!

Late night walk thoughts..

Walking in the streets of Örebro´s perifery...being alone with my thoughts..very different thoughts I dont have time to deal with when working or writing thesis..but now..I´ve got lot of space..

- thinking how do people perceive me..I´ve got to hear many times recently that I am tall ( I dont think so at all), or that my way of walking is like the whole world belongs to me ( I dont think so when I am walking),that I have mean face without glasses, that I look sad when I am thinking and such things...and that makes me think how much we really do not see and how much is happening inside of each person and we will never be able to "grab" it..

 - thinking of light and how different it is to walk in these streets now from the time let´s say one month ago..when there were hardly some flowers and it was much darker

- thinking of those flowers which were closed for the "night"

- thinkin of the moon which thanks to some clouds had shape of an egg and then thinking of the shape of the egg in general and how much is this shape used in "our" world

-  thinking of silence and happiness

- thinking of different perspectives for photography (I really look at world though a lense very often) and about how to make simple usual things look special and catchy

- thinking of a cat which is trying to hide and thinks that i do not see her/him..or maybe it is only me who thinks that s/he thinks that I do not see her/him, maybe s/he doesnt care at all..

- thinking about how much a guy telling his friend (most probably his friend) that he hates him means it seriously..and how much people mean what they say..and why do they say something they do not mean..

.. and then I reached the house i live in and took out laundry..

Hard worker =)

Today I have done a looooot =)

I have been counting and counting and counting and I found out that I still can do it =) And it made me happy. It was such a great feeling when I found a system and logic..hurraaaaa =)

Then I was writing final report from Kiev seminar - yeeee..it was so nice to be back and think of those nice moments again =)

Then I was updating website

And of course answering emails.

I am satisfied =) And now I can go home and watch Friends and then bikeeeeeee =)

Perfect day or Do you know that feeling?

Yes definitely a perfect day..

Do you know that feeling when you come home and find a letter from a very close friend of yours? And the letter is absolutely unexpected because it was sent loooong time ago and it is thought that it was lost on the way? And do you know the feeling when you read the letter and it says nice things about you? So many nice unexpected things? And you feel being loved?

Do you know the feeling when you go out with a friend of yours and you have many things to talk about and you understand each other so well? SO WELL? Seriuos talks with some jokes in between? Do you know the feeling when drinking water and watching Friends together with a friend feels like being on Hawai?

Do you know the feeling when you find out that a friend of yours wrote a blog and mentioned you in the text writing something that gives you wings and makes you just smile and feel strong?

Do you know that feeling when you realize that life is miraculously meandering, opening the world in front of you and the world is waiting for you with open warm arms smiling?

Experiencing all of these things one day..no surprise that I can´t sleep =)

Alarm clock

It is rather difficult with my time orientation at this time in Sweden. It is light almost 24/7 and I don´t know when to go to bed..hmm maybe I should set an alarm clock for that..hihi

Oh my god!!!

I was thinking what blog to write today - very special 06.06.06 day. And then I found an article in newspaper which made me write an suitable text:

I read in newspaper that Vatikan claims: "Homosexuality is the biggest threat of the traditional family"
And I have no words!!!!
I have seen bigger threats than homosexuals actually.
What about alcohol for example? A straight man who beats his wife or abuse his child under the influence of alcohol..hmm..can it be better than two  people of the same sex respecting each other and caring about a child? Hmm..

Shouldnt Vatikan be happy that people love each other? Isn´t that the basics?



Have u seen that movie? I just did. And I liked it from the beginning till the end. See it if u have a possibility. There wasn´t a moment during the movie which would make me feel bored or tired. And it made me think. I like it about movies!!!

Fight ???


Waiting at the airport

Sometimes it looks like this..


The best dog in the world


Slovakia in brief

This has been my first free day since I came home last sunday and tomorrow I fly back again. It can be seen on my  low blog activity that I haven´t had that much time to sit and write blogs. I have been in Univerisity library every day, sittin, reading old newspapers and analyzing them for the thesis I write. On thursday I made focus groups on gender issues topic. Four. My teacher told me that proffessionals make maximum 2 focus groups a day. Hmm..I didnt have any other option but to make 4 in one day and it worked out rather well I can say. But I guess that´s because I am used to lead discussions and different activities. And maybe because my parents have tought me to run on long distances.
Yes and here we are...back to my parents again. Each time I am in Slovakia I realize how lucky I have been with my family. They have always created an environment where I felt secure and loved and I could focus on studies and hobbies etc. And they were supporting me and encouraging me. I just hope I will be able to "pay it back". I am really trying. And yeeeeees..they will come to see me in july =D
And my dog..Right now sleeping in my bed..dreaming his dog dreams, snoring from time to time. Each time I look at him I just tell to myself: "Oh..what a little innocent being" Yesterday he was following me all the time wherever I went and he was trying to "catch" my leg with his leg. Was fun. I really dont know what did he want. It wasnt food that I am sure about.
So today was the day I spent with my parents, talking, sitting, shopping, eating ice cream, cooking, talking..was really relaxing Tomorrow we have to take some nice pictures together before I leave...

When I flew home a famous slovak actor was sitting next to me in the plain. OK..to be precise one seat and isle were between us. It was nice =) Maybe some other famous person will travel with me on the way back..=) And if not, I am sure that I will meet some NORDGU people on Arlanda and that´s also nice.

Now my bed is calling..so I hope Dante will move a bit to make some space for me as well.

Natti natti

Late in the night (again)

I have some things waiting in my laptop to be published here (for example airport blog when I was flying home to Slovakia and I had pc but not internet)..but it is too late..so I will publish it some other day (or night)

Right now I just want to say that I am enjoying writing the thesis..