Before Slovakia

Early in the morning...
Listening to radio, emptying my fridge before going for a longer time (I do not want the things getting moving from the fridge on their own).
All presents packed - three of them self made. I found myself in painting in these days =)
The funny thing is that right after I arrive to Bratislava, me and my parents go to IKEA. I´ve been there pretty often recently. So often that I forbid myself to buy anything for apartment for some time. But going with my parents is allowed =) and I like having Sweden "around me" =)
See you later =)

Today is a new day

Yesterday was a strange day to me. When I came home from work I was pretty tired and hungry. But then a friend called and then another friend called just like that =) I was still tired after phonecalls (21.30) but someone had to go out with Dante. And since there was nobody else than me around - it was my turn (again). And the walk was nice. Refreshing. And I had some ideas for field trip in Slovakia. After I came home I was so fresh that i started painting. It is not a masterpiece I can say but still..I felt good doing it and I guess that´s most important. So I went to bed with "peace in my soul".
Today is a new day and so far very nice! After work I need to run to town to buy some presents and then to two meetings wtth friends. And then I will just pack, paint a bit more and tomorrow off I go! Or..not really off. Just to Slovakia to talk a bit about alcohol with students and meet NOM.

New picture of myself

Today I got to hear about myself that at one moment (last week) I was all red in face and agressive (when a thing I created was criticised). Knowing this made me cry since "agressive" is the last thing I intended to be.
I remember that at that moment I felt very misunderstood but gosh  "aggressive"? That makes me think a lot. About myself. How do people see me and intrepret my behaviour. And how do I really behave? not really happy right now.

Birthday party and Willhelm Tell as a special guest


Yesterday´s shock!

After security check at the airport I entered transit area and ended up directly in the alcohol department of one of the duty free shops.  Rather big department  - it took some time to get out of there. I got to see lots of alcohol bottles of all possible designs. This kind of promotion is too much! Lots of children and teenagers pass that area as well and it is impossible to avoid it. Blah!  

New agenda

it´s time to buy me an agenda for 2008. New meetings and events are being planned so I do not double book smth!

IOGT International rocks my world

Another meeting is over. I am very motiveted again =) Before going to Copenhagen I was working more than a month without day off and I could not imagine how I would survive the coming seminar and then the IOGT board meeting. But already the first evening of the seminar just recharged me. Arriving to Oslo I felt totally fresh. Had enough energy to go to Emil´s birthday party, to meet some nice people I have not seen for a long time, to play table football (air foortball) and to have the meeting the next day.
The agenda for the meeting was really full this time and I think we are getting better and better having more discussions and contributions. It takes some time to get into the things - WHO there, Eurocare here, GAPA, APAPA, etc etc etc. The names are familiar, one sees more and more connections, I can´t wait to another meeting =)
We also got green light for 25+ which I can now officially present =) Visit and you will see =)
While travelling by bus back to Örebro (5 hours) I was still so motivated that I had difficulties to sleep or do smth else than thinking about the things we were discussing. Then I opened a book I just got at the meeting "Världens baksmälla" from Pierre Andersson ("World´s hangover") and read it all at the bus. Great book! Great overview! Great arguments!
Am gonna use it for sure in my field trip in Slovakia and of course in general too .
Now I should sleep but still can´t. Body is tired from 5 hours sitting on the bus but head is totally fresh. 

PS. Have I mentioned that I started Afro Power Dance? =)

Both worlds

Sitting at the airport. Due to some problems I wait for the next fly so catching up on emails I have not seen since wednseday morning and thinking... I´ve just left a great great event - NORDGU seminar in Köpenhamn. In my eyes it was a great success. We got participants from Faroe Islands, Iceland, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Some of the countries haven´t participated in such event for years. So I am very proud of us that we managed to get them to the seminar AND to prepare a "nice, inspiring and fruitful" (as they said) time for them. And now I am heading to Oslo to IOGT International AC meeting. The realization that I am going to meet a group with the same goals as the group at the seminar but of a totally different age is really exciting. It is great to experience "both" worlds - to have clue what is happening and not to sit only at the table in the office and do some work from there.

So I have to set my mind from games and jumping around on IOGT Int. documents and reports. I like both!!!! =)

Greetings from Copenhagen =)

Theory that might not be valid anymore

I read in yesterday´s newspaper (Närikes Allehanda) that after studying some fossils one discovered that "straight" body constitution and two leg walk had developed already 21 million years ago, meaning 13 - 15 million years before development of chimpanses and human beings has started. What does that mean? That the straight walk (as humans) was here before knuckle walk (as chimpanses or gorillas). All the theories that humans developed from chimpanses that just stagnate at some development stage is kind of standing on a very unstabil surface right now. 
The article is on the last page of the Newspaper and I do not know how much truth is in it, how many proofs they have etc. but just imagination that the things are totally different from what I was tought (together with millions of other people) is a bit exciting. All the theories about people climbing down from the trees, picking berries, who then were forced to change the way they held their body and started hunting etc can be total nonsense.
I like that someone questions the most "natural" things. I like the thought that most of our lifes is just our construction, cause that means that we can reconstruct as well =)

Song with a content

Living Darfur
(Mattafix, 2007)

See the nation through the people's eyes,
See tears that flow like rivers from the skies.
Where it seems there are only borderlines
Where others turn and sigh,
You shall rise (x2)

There's disaster in your past
Boundaries in your path
What do you desire when lift you higher?
You don't have to be extraordinary, just forgiving
Those who never heard your cries,
You shall rise (x2)
And look toward the skies.
Where others fail, you prevail in time.
You shall rise.

(You may never know,
If you lay low, lay low) (x4)
You shall rise (x3)

Sooner or later we must try... Living
(You may never know,
If you lay low, lay low) (x4)

Sooner or later we must try... Living

Story in pictures

about how I cut Stina´s hair

Once upon a time, in a country where wishes come true, princess Stina wished to have a new hair cut... As fairy Kristina was on her duty that day to fulfil peoples´wishes, she happilly said: "I can do that if you want" (read: If you dare). Princess Stina as open minded as she was, did not hesitate to say "Yes, why not"

Princess did not know what haircut she would like to have, Kristina did not know what cut she would like to Stina was a bit sceptical but did not change her decision..

...Kristina just started somehow then..

...cut the fringe.. (and also wanted to finish at that point, but Stina did not see  - literally - what was the point with such an invisible  - she perceived it so - change and wanted her wish to be used 100%) by some  moves of  a magic wand

...Stina got a very fashionable (sometimes a bit confusing) haircut that suits her very much...

And the bell rang right after Kristina improved the uneven details and the story happy - ended =)

actio2552 presents

Let me present my "actio2552" friends..(I am very happy i am getting older and I belong to this group)
Let me start with two of them:

Nils Johan.. from Norway, has travelled all over the world, right now lives in Mexico and likes swedish cookies dipped in chocolate.

Pauline also my collegue that finally (after one month) showed her real face =)