Old pics part III.

Cheese.... =)


I am celebrating right now cause I have gotten a new modem so both my internet and telephone work properly again =) Cheers! =)

I am also very fresh at this time of the day/night cause I have been to a meeting today and after it finished I left very motivated. The meeting was with a woman who started a vocational school for orphans or  exposed youth coming from a very hard family conditions in Latvia. She started from nothing and now the school is doing very well and the swedish queen is  the patronate of the whole project. Sounds cool! "Impossible is nothing" ;-) So I am writing a project for
NOM now =)
PS. Dante is snoring!

Something I have wanted for a long time

...was to publish this picture:
Some people see the world from this perspective! I think there is nothing more to say.

Emil´s blogg

Very funny entry in Emil´s blogg: http://www.larsemil.se/index.php?bloggid=501
But read it critically. I can assure you that not everything written there is true!

Full agenda

I just had a look at and finalized my agenda for June and beginning of July and that´s how it looks like so far:

Will be full but am looking fwd to that. I like my job!!!!

Dante drinking..

I mentioned that Dante has a new drinkig technique...

About the last weekend

...one (three) picture(s) say(s) more than 1000 words.

My football skills ;-)

Old pics part II.

Me and my mom at least 10 years ago
I am with my mom at this picture. She would not be happy if she knew I published it. So psssst. She in general does not like publicity ;-) She looks very strict on the picture but I can tell you, she is not like that =)
Since next sunday is mother´s day according to the swedish calendar and we, in Slovakia, already had mother´s day the second sunday of May I can use this opportunity to write what i appreciate about my mom and what I am thankful for:

- the way  she cools my tea in the mornings when I am at home in Slovakia
- the way she listens to me
- that she knows what to say and when to say it when I do not feel good
- that she remembers names of my friends
- that she remembers places and times I have been to
- that she knows what kind of clothes I like
- that she sometimes forces me to do things when i am lazy or not willing to do them
- that she has no doubts about me
- that she never gives up
- that she has done everything to make me feel safe
- that she never expected me to do smth nice back but she was always very happy when I did
- the moments when she was just next to me when she could not help in other way
- that she loves my father =)
- that she wants to improve herself, things around her etc

And there is so much more!

Some gender thoughts/questions

I just read some gender statistics from European Youth Forum´s (YFJ) assembly in Baku.
There were representatives from National Youth Councils (NYC) and from International Non-Governmental organisations (INGO´s).
Number of participants from NYC is higher than of those coming from INGO´s. Both of them have more men than women, althought INGO`s is much closer to even number of male and female representatives (still not close). I would like to know why. Is the gender question taken more into consideration in international bodies or is it just a coinicidence?
Another interesting thing is that both YFJ bureau and YFJ Secretariat have more females than males. Agan..wanna know how come?
Looking at the chart showing intervention (questions, discussion, reports), one can see that INGO´s are far more active than NYC (would be good to know whether the impression at the spot is the same as the statistic shows) and men were dominating in interventions by approximately 1/3. Meaning - international males talking most if I interpret it right.


Old pics

I went through some old pics and I managed to scan some. This was one of my first days at school =)
First day at school

Wooow it is 20 years ago. I remember that sweater. My grandma made it. I had such in several colours. it was very much in then =) And the hair, my hair is and was curly, but it was also very soft so it took long time and patience to do something with it. When my mom went to spa and my grandma took care of me, she decided that my hair needed to be cut to get stronger and she just took me to a hairdresser. She was so convincing that I even agreed on having it cut eventhough I had been "bugging" my mom several months before that that i wanted to have my hair long till the waste at least (!). Hmm..but I look satisfied on the picture so i guess I was OK with my hair style ;-)

Long time no seen

I have been missing this space on web so much. I have been missing logging in and pushing the button: "New entry" and now it feels so nice. I haven´t written anything meanigful yet but it already feels good to be here.

Yes I took a break from blogging for several reasons.
1. My internet at home is not working
2. I would blog about things not "politically correct" due to my position at work and this I dont want
3. I did not have time ( This weekend was my first totally free weekend  - meaning both days free - since 24th of March 2007) To clarify things - I am not complaining. All those days were very giving.

What i would have written about if I had time then would be:
1. Gender equality thoughts inspired by FInish parliament
2. UNF
3. My mom
4. Meeting Sveta
5. Thoughts after Active board meeting

I wrote those things down here cause I really want to blog about them and I believe that having this published will force me to come back to them.

And of course i will blog about the weekend which was GREAT!
Saturday was lazy lazy lazy day - sleeping, walking Dante, reading, spleeping, walking Dante,watching some Friends episodes and sleeping again.
Sunday was mostly about being outside. First three hours walk with Dante (the pics will come) who made me really laugh when he decided to drink from a fontaine. That fact itself is not very funny I know. Additional part is that after the first contact with the water, he jumped into it and cooled himself down at the same time he was drinking. Was so cute. He repeated this some hours later when we were outside again. So I consider it his new way of drinking. After the walk we went home for a while to prepare a small cake and then we went off again together with Maja, Maik and Tiina to Andreas to have a barbecue. The idea came very spontaneously. We kicked a bit football (I did not know I liked football but i do) and played Kubb ( a swedish game). You can guess (once) whose team won both times ;-) After that I came home and instead of watching a movie I had planned to watch I went rollerskating and just started "evening rollerskating season" - after 21.00, no people, no wind, still light, good music. Great way to relax!

So yes! Now I feel I have recharged my battery again =)

Impossible is nothing Part II.

Was watching again.

"Impossible is not a fact. Impossible is an opinion"

One gets what one deserves

If we should follow the saying: "One gets what one deserves", then it would mean that I am the best person in the world because I have gotten the best mom ever =)

Lubim Ta moc moc maminka =)

Impossible is nothing

Have been watching some adidas commercials from the serie: Impossible is nothing.
Good ones...

Yelena Isinbayeva: "Where you start is not neccessarly where you end up"

Jeremy Wariner: "Some people ask, why do u run? I say: Why do you stop?"


Very nice song, very nice lyrics:

Release me by Oh Laura

I am the wilderness locked in a cage
I am a growing force you kept in place
I am a tree reaching for the sun
Please don't hold me down
Please don't hold me down

I am a rolling wave without the motion
A glass of water longing for the ocean
I am an asphalt flower breaking free but you keep stopping me
Release me
Release me

I am the rain that's coming down on you
That you shielded yourself from with a roof
I have the fire burning desperately but you're controlling me
Release me
Release me