...is on the window again =) Cute!

And the story continues...

..actually two stories. One called "new haircut" and the other called "my international haircut". So yes my hair is shorter again (but again very small change..so I even do not need to publish a picture, but I will, cause there is a reason for that..Maja knows. Will blogg about it later) But the other (international) story is more interesting. I forgot to update the list of my hairdressers´ countries of orgin. Latest I mentioned Madlena I guess. Then it was me cutting my hair, then a swedish girl (real hairdresser) and then a girl from Turkey (living in Sweden also preffesional). So for those who were not with me from the beginning here we go (since summer 2004)

- Belarus (2004)
- Greece (2005)
- Spain (several times, rather big change of the haircut) (2005)
- Bulgaria (several times) (2005/2006)
- Slovakia (me...hihi..does it count?) (2006)
- Sweden (2007)
- Turkey (2007)
- Macedonia (2007)

Anybody interested in contributing to the list? You are very welcome =)

Without a common part of our lives

At 09.43 a.m I heard "Aaaa!" from Maja´s office. At the same time my computer turned off. Light switched off. Music stopped playing. Out of blue we were without electricity. Scouts sitting in the conference room have not noticed anything and continued their meeting with their laptops. No clue about the situation. Maja came to my office. "What are we going to do now? Should we have a tea?" Hmmm... and how? We kind of need warm water for that =) I went downstairs there some people also noticed a sudden change! We looked out, workers from the company opposite to us appeared. All of a sudden lots of people outside in an area where u hardly see a person. =) Hihii..all of them shocked. What will we do now? When it comes to me..All my application writing was kind of interrupted. I had free time just for myself =) It did not last for long, just few minutes, but it was nice =)

Spring has really arrived


Dante watching the spring

He does not need a jacket anymore..It is warm and sunny outside! I understand that he would prefer to be there than to watch it from behind the window only. But we will go out soon Danticko! 
Dante waiting for spring

Butterflies =)



I am not sure this entry is for a blog but why not. I am happy happy =) Today I have gotten my first REAL sallary (not counting summer jobs etc). So yes.. I am happy =) Hmm..what should I buy? Or should I save all the money? Or invest ? ;-)

Good news for environment

Two days ago I read an article in slovak newspaper. I blogged about it then already but the blog did not work of course. By the way, if u comment an entry and it does not appear in the comments, just be patient, it will pop up later and I will find it either in my editiing tool or in the comments =)

But back to the article. It was about the latest success of scientists who invented a pill for cows. The pill "converts the cows into environment friendly elements" (exact translation). The thing is that cows produce such amount of methan that contributes by 4% to the global warming. So the pill will help to produce less gas and more milk instead. The elements of the gas will also contribute (with the help of the pill) to production of glucosis (sorry for spelling).

I also think (my "scientific" approach) that eating less meat and animal products would also help. So hey..non.vegetarians, eat them all for good and then start with soja. It is very mnami!

My life with volunteers

or..conversation with Maja

After we  have come to the office in the morning.

Maja asking: Do u wanna tea?
Kristina: Yes, please. Roibos.
Maja: Which one?
Kristina: RoibosHmm..yes Roibos.
after 2 minutes when the water has boiled.

Maja: Which kind?
Kristina: ...
Maja: Aha!

International day for eliminiation of racial discrimination

Today is the International day for the elimination of racial discrimination
I am giving 10 points (out of 10) to my favourite radio because they are talking about it the whole morning and they are bringing interesting facts.

I also googled a bit. Nice nice things online. For example this one about the concept of Race.

PC Suite

I finally installed PC Suite on my laptop and connected mobile phone to the computer. The following entries are the result...

Me and Dante in the office

It´s nice to work when Dante is around =) He is usually sleepin all the time. Sometimes he wants to play (hunt a ball or pull a rag) and sometimes he wants to be scratched on the belly but most of the time he is sunbathing (i told him it is not healthy to sleep on the sun, but he doesnt listen to me).

Aha..he barks when the new people come (mostly on men) but don´t be afraid. He is just very happy! He does not bite!

Me and Dante in the office

And at home..he reads =) He just finished Harry Potter (in english).

New haircut - second try

Yeah..some days ago I tried again. This time the change is a bit more visible, but still not revolutionary (on the other hand  got what I wanted =)

New haircut

The previous try see

Springtime - bring it on

Today is officially  the first spring day (astronomic spring) Yuhuuu! But in commercial world the spring arrived in the frist february week when the picture was actually taken (8.2.2007, Örebro).


And Oscar goes to...

If I could erase a phrase from people´s heads and from daily life, today´s phrase would be:
They are young, they do not care.

There are several reasons for me giving an award: worth of erasing to this statement:

1. I do not thing that a word "young" should serve as an excuse for not caring about what is going on around.
2. I do think there are many young people who care
3. By saynig this, we create a general belief that young people do not have to care because they are young. They they do not have to resist a group pressure because they are young. That they can do stupidities and do not have to take responsibilities because they are young and they will mature one nice day.

The jury´s (my) decision is based on a conversation I have had with a friend today, who told me that he had drunk a lot when he was younger. I asked "why" (of course). He said: "I was young. I did not care. Young people do not care" (expressing it as a general law of physics). Yeah..if everybody says so and accept it as an excuse, of course youth won´t care.

Weekend with Friends...

I spent the weekend with friends and Friends. Preparatory team of the seminar in Croatia had meeting in Örebro so i got to meet some nice faces. Some of them old friends (younger than me though ;-)..hihi) some of them new (also younger than me..hmm) and really really nice.
Except of plalnning, being together outside and talking, we were watching Friends as well. Oh..have I mentioned that my dvd collection of Friends has grown again? Now i have three seasons. Yuhuuuuu!!!!!

New function needed...

I suggest to develope a function in a emails which will remind me that I have forgotten to attach the files I would like to send (the main reason of sending the email).
There could be a "sensor" or smth which indentifies a phrase "see the attachement" or similar and alert me before the email has been sent in the case the attachement is missing. Hmmm..I would like that!

Another solution would be to be little bit more concentrated when I am sending the emails.

Tusen tack till...!!!

Sen jag satt upp "Ingen reklam, tack" på min dörr har jag inte fått så mycket posten. Därför blir det alltid spännande när jag kommer in i min lägenhet och hittar ett postmeddelande att jag har nåt att hämta på ICA =) 

Idag var det Chokladogram att hämta =) 
Chokladgram Chokladgram 2

Mums fillibaba =)
Chokladgram 3

Det var en överraskning. Verkligen oförväntad. Och mest viktigast var texten som kom med. Tusen tack!

Quotation of the day ;-)

"I have to buy a me a new wallet. This one is full" (KS)

News from Dante´s life

...there are more and more people who have met Dante and I believe they wonder how is he doing. So for example he likes vegetarian sausages and he likes doing laundry with me. He is missing snow a bit but on the other hand he is very happy about the coming spring (although he gets very dirty at this time of the year) and all the nice smells around....

I have been better at bowling...

I was really not good at bowling today. What has happened to my "bowling" hand which used to do strikes much more often than today. I blame my good heart which wanted to let Tiina win because of her birthday ;-) Happy birthday Tiinaaaaa!

Gender in the toys

...I was shopping with Tiina yesterday. She wanted to buy a "plasteline" ("art dough") for her nephew (I hope the nephew is not reading this blog so he will be surprised ;-) heh..) So we ended up in "plasteline" departement and even here in such a gender neutral toys there were plastelines meant for girls in a pink box, with princess figures on it.  Gender -  a great merchandising element!

Back to prom days

...the prom was really nice. And the days in Slovakia gave me lots of nice feelings. It was spring in Bratislava (Bratislava is really nice in spring), I managed to meet the closest friends, I did some sport with Maik and my father (my father is still better at basketball, tennis and table tennis than me...) I managed to spent some time with my parents (but not enough).
And now I know where I´ll spent most of my holidays... 

My brother and me after I got the diploma
Me and my brother


5 unread emails (today morning it was 65) in my private mailbox. It feels good. And I have actually read them I just dont wanna forget to get back to them.

Volunteers of 2006/2007

Volunteers of 2007

Here we are. Me and the three volunteers in the Active office: Tiina, Maik and Maja. They have just started their field work in different parts of Europe and we will meet like this again in May. I am so much looking forward to May!

Let me...

...welcome the second serie of "Friends" to my  "Friends" dvd collections =)