My favourite words part 4

Big comeback of "my favourite words" cathegory =)

The latest one I have learnt and consider very cute is: Sukkerspinn - norwegian word for "sockervadd" (swe) or cukrova vata (sk)  or candy floss (eng).

My favourite words part 3

Kadri just told me that i use cute and decent language (english). hihiiii...this I have heard for the first time.
So here I come with another favourite word..the content is nice but it is not the reason why I like it. I like the way it sounds. Here it comes: SPLENDID.
Really nice!

btw. kadris favourte words are: "pissy" and "it sucks" =)

My favourite words part 2

I almost forgot about very very nice phrase:
Mums fillibaba - it mean yummee or simple what children in Sweden say when they liked food. I like the slovak expression for that as well.: Mnam (read mnyam)

My favourite words part I.

I have just learnt that "Kalli" means hug in Estonian. I love that word..doesnt it sound nice? Kalli kalli? So I decided to create a new cathegory in my blog with favourite words or phrases in whatever language. Right now the best are:

- Kalli kalli - hug hug
- Ale li pona - all is OK (it is an artificial language made by friend of mine. The name of the language is Toki pona and you can read about it at:
- Har ligger en hund begraven - Swedish phrase (Liza - I hope you already have a list of new phrases for me)
- Snipp snapp snut - used in the end of  swedish stories

Kalli kalli

PS. Do you have any suggestions for favourite words?