I would like to...

...understand my dog at least as much as he understands me.


Instead of Afro dance and volleyball I am sitting here with bad cold, surrounded by handkerchiefs and warm tea. I got into this stage from one minute to another. Very strange. And I wonder whether it is me being very solidaric with Åsa who had smth similar in the weekend or it is my body saying stop after one month of working without free weekends and days off. I guess the latter one.
So now I can´t wait till the administrative grant is written (only few things left to add) and then ooooooff I go from my working life. So thursday and friday - no internet and no mobile phone. Just me with myself and Dante.


Sitting here with cup of tea, being a bit sick (read sneezing and feeling cold and warm waves) but in spite of that I´m feeling wonderful because I am almost constantly thinking of the last weekend and our 25+ project which is not called 25+ anymore. The new name is "actio2552" and you can find everything in it. It is a project of Active and IOGT interrnational and it is aimed on people older than 25 years up to approximately 55.

The meeting was about "bridging the gap" between youth and adults in temperance movement. It was lots of brainstorming, defining, thinking, having broad perspectives and coming "back to Earth" to make it realistic. It was the best IOGT International meeting I have ever had and it is in top 5 of Active events as well =)

The task was serious and the project is important but when discussing, we found a great way to solve the problems and have fun at the same time. Moments of laugh and jokes shifted with serious talks.

When coming up with a name for the project, peoples´ sense of humour got to speak loud =) I was not able to throw away the flip chart sheet with our brainstorming due to its funny content. That would be a crime. I took it home and I guess I will have a look at it from time to time when feeling a need for laugh. Suggestions as: Active seniors, The lost generation, Middle aged people, Second spring, or (and that was the highlight) Too old to rock`n`roll, too young to die popped up on people´s minds.

Another funny thing was that half of the participants brought their pills and took out their glasses when reading. Then we realized..yes.. we are getting old. The evening programme ended before midnight and several people fell asleep twice untill then (for example while waiting for dinner in a restaurant or while chit - chatting..ehm..that was me). All people were asking for having a nap after lunch but the sitution was not that bad and we overcame the tiredness by having a short walk in the town.

To sum it up: 
- almost all people made it to the meeting
- almost all people made it till the end of the meeting
- we finally took the first step in for such a long time requested project (we actually took 2 steps)
- we are having three concrete things planned (more info will come after the IOGT International AC meeting)
- we all are still willing and motivated to continue working with it

I could not wish for more =)


Sitting here...trying to concentrate on writing administrative grant application and at the same time having 1000 things for 25+ on my mind. Some of them very practical as reimbursements etc, some of them just ideas and what to do in the future.
This weekend is THE weekend for 25+ project - project that will bring some answers for the question: How to bridge the gap between Active and IOGT International. How to have keep people who reach age of 25 still involved in fields of our work and how to use their knowledge and experience? And how to inovolve new people of age 25 and more?

I think I´ll know more already on sunday evening =)

Me like =)

I like being effective at work =)
I think I have learnt how to divide tasks among my collegues so everything is done on time and nobody is stressed or bored =) and that feels very good!!!

Yes yes =)

Two projects approved today!
One EVS and one New Year´s Seminar - so slovak, estonian, latvian and swedish youth can spent New Years Eve (and some days before and after) in alcohol -free, safe and fun environment! Great great great!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

I am very happy =)

Facebook - no ode to Facebook

I do not fancy Facebook at all. I somehow consider it a very useless thing with even more useless applications. I have a profile there but I do not see a meaning in having it. So I think I am going to take my profile away from there.

Fake identity and fake solution for our social needs..that´s what I see there mostly

Blog action day - environment

Some years ago (almost 20) people did not understand the connection between climate changes and people´s behaviour. That excuses them from not doing their best for the environment. Now we know about consequences of our actions and that obliges us to be nice to our planet  - to our home.
Our home is not just the house we live in or the town where our house is built. Earth is our home. And we as individuals have a huge impact on the whole planet.
 That´s why I:
- separate trash (paper, plast, glass, natural product)
- am vegetarian
- do not leave electronic devices on stand - by mode
- ecological products (eventhough they are more expensive) - while I this money so I invest them into my home
- I do not smoke
- I try to travel as environmental as possible (I prefer a bus before a car and prefer a train before a bus)

I guess I did not mention everything and U can give me some more hints how to contribute to an environmental life style. Thank u in advance!

No stress =)

Managed to finish a report one week before deadline. That´s very new thing for me =) It feels nice!
Left work 17.45
Bought some decoration (yes I am still not done)
Bought a jacket
Cleaned apartment
Hosted 6 people at 19.50
Left Dante at friends place
Cut Stina´s hair (very nice haircut she has now)
Cleaned after 6 people ;-) (and hair cutting)
Prepared for the trip to Brussels 01.27 a.m
Now ready to go to the bus (still 2 hours left) - also very new thing for me =) It feels nice!

Fresh again..

...the trainings in the evenings just make me more and more fresh...
The applications are finished =) and Harry Potter ready to be read =)

PS. I wonder in whose dreams I am "hanging around" tonight ;-)

Temperance organisations..you´ve got damn lot to do!!!!

I just came from handball training. Everything went pretty OK untill the last talk with the trainer before we went home. There are several matches on the schedule so of course there were discussions when and where to meet, who will play etc. And then the girls started talking about getting drunk before the match. All of them enthusiastic about it. All of a sudden those "weaker" ones are also interesting (there are huge huge relation gaps between the "stars" and those who maybe do not impress by their performance that much). That´s the way how they can get involved. Drinking alcohol! The day afterwards they will have fun how and who was drunken (here is my experience from the previous day talking). Then the "alcohol" connection fades away during the week - there are again those who can play handball and those who are weaker and huge gap between them and in the end of the week the new plans and new "friendships" are formed.
My coach, after I told him I would be away for the match so i could not play, knowing that I work for a temperance organisation and I do not drink, told me: "Then u have to come at least and get drunk"
It was such a statement that I lost my words. I just said: "No I do not really need that"
The other "co-trainer" just smiled and said: "It is not your thing, ha?"
"No not really" came my answer. I actually do not know how much of the conversation the girls perceived because they were into criticizing some other personn (who was not present at all).

I do not mind at all that I was involved in such a talk. What I mind is that such a talk can actually appear in sport and that a coach supports it. Those girls are 17 - 22 years old and they do not know that alcohol and sport do not really go together. I know I know atheletes drink as well etc but BEFORE the match?????? It is dangerous. For the players who drink, for their team mates and for the opponents. And a coach working with youth should know that and prevent it.

There is so much to do in this field.  As it is said: the best prevention is: high prices, low exposure of alcohol and difficult accessibility. And it is very nice to work on that and make alcohol disappear from the scene. I support it 100% BUT still...people need to know why. And people need to know how to live without it. But by supporting 17 years old to drink - the high prices won´t help. The leaders have to take responsiblity here!!!   

Full days...

How did my last week look like:
Friday - Work and Copenhagen in the evening
Saturday - Sunday: Faroe Islands (arrival home after midnight on sunday)
Monday - working from home (originally planned to have a free day after working during weekend but but..some applications had to be written), handball training, walking Dante with Andreas for more than 1.5 hour
Tuesday - work, running to the training, training, msn meeting with UNF (2 hours), walking with Dante very late
Wednesday - work untll 20.00, walking Dante and Andreas for more than 1,5 hour again (having phone call from a friend at the same time)
Thursday - work, watching Capoeira for some minutes, coming home...

...now I should improve my applications but I think I will rest reading Harry Potter (it´s getting exciting) and then training and Dante (and it is raining...). I hope I will be fresh enough to go back to the applications then.



Today two people have told me I was in their dreams last night. Very interesting. And that made me wonder just in general...am I responsible for my behaviour in other peoples´dreams? ;-) Does my "acting" in other peoples´dreams influence how they perceive me in reality?


Blog action day

What would happen if every blog published posts discussing the same issue, on the same day?
One issue. One day. Thousands of voices.


Me and my life with the volunteers

So this is me and Active volunteers..we just jumped into our year..

New decoration

I have a new decoration  - background for my shelf =) it is very mobile background so I am lucky i managed to catch it by camera on my phone. One of the decorations is running and hunting. The other one is smiling and jumping a lot=) 

Faroe Islands

So my weekend I spent there. I wrote I was going to a rainy weather but actually only first welcome was very rainy but the rest of the day and the next day was sunny and just beautiful. For a moment also very very windy but it was actually fun. The wind was so strong that it was pulling the corners of my mouth making me smile =) Seriously. And it was fun to walk against it in 60 degrees angle =)

I felt like at home in Torshamn. This was my third visit and I knew where the places were. Where to go to eat and where to find what. Also people we met are now like old friends =) I like it there. In the end I think I will volunteer to go to Faroe Islands as a volunteer =)

I will come back again. It is the best place to go when one wants to find peace. The hills covered by soft grass are just like covered by a veil. Everything is calm and cosy.  And magic! And far not that cut from the civilization as people think. There is University, there are schools, shops, concerts, industry. Just so u know =)

Moreover I had a great company to travel with. Stina was just fun =)
I have a very nice work and very nice collegues!

On the way

On the way to Faroe Islands with stop in Köpenhamn. This is an exciting trip. We are going to discuss how to start an organisation..from a very realistic point of view. Not just brainstorm but to plan. So this meeting and the outcome of it mean a lot for Active and NORDGU.

Right now am in a hotel just about to fall asleep having a look at the pics of the new apartement:

PS. And of course since I am on the way to Faroe Islands, there is wonderful sunny colourful autumn in Örebro.

Shopping list

I have been thinking several days already about how lucky and very thankful I am that alcohol has never been on my shopping list. I think it is of a huge importance not to involve a child in buying alcohol for parents.

To boycott or not to boycott

I am watching a discussion about Whether the top athletes should boycott Olympic games in Being.
One of the arguments against is that OG is the highlight of all the athletes´life and also that it does not help if few people boycott.

I think if I was a top athlete I would be proud to boycott it. And I am sure there are several people thinking the same way so a simple move of a butterfly´s wing could cause a wind. Should Sweden boycott (was the question)? Sweden is not a desert island. The athletes are united in different associations and everybody knows about each others actions. In this case should be simple to "pull" several of the others if one decides to do smth. One country would follow the example of another.
Moreover..sport..com´on is the most observed parts of social life - media would not let a boycot unnoticed. And thus many many people who do not even think about situation in China would at least stop and question why their favourite athlete does not take part. 

When it comes to the fact that they train so so much and OS is the time where they can achieve smth, when they can harvest.. For me it would be enough to know that I am so good that I can boycott. And I can make at least someone think about the situation of the country. So I guess I know where I stand in this question.

Free hugs

People can be nice to each other too =) That makes me happy!!!!


Populism vs. thinking

I do not believe our prime minister has any political thinking.
- Leading socialistic party ("Smer"), created coalition with extreme right party that is led by a guy having VERY BAD name in Europe
- "Smer" got excluded from the Party of European socialists (PES) for cooperation with the party supporting discrimination and ethnic prejudice
- today (4th of October) is the day where a decision about the party´s membership in PES should be taken

- our prime minister had a "nice" speech about Hungarian president - sending him out of Slovakia (using sharp words) just yesterday

Maybe a test of "Which party suits me the best" kind did not really work when he took it.
I suggest to reconsider his choice.

The picture of today

Clearly blue sky..walking, watching yellow leaves on the path, following my own shadow.
The sun right behind me..warming my back...
Seeing Dante´s ears´ shadow - happily swinging among the leaves
Cling cling cling

Sentence that has impact

When I was some days ago explaining Acitve´s attitude towards alcohol and giving arguments for not drinking, one sentence had especially strong impact (together with a small visual help):

Today´s norm is to drink alcohol. What we are trying to change is to make sobriety a norm.
At the same time I wrote on the board:
NORM TODAY: drinking
OUR NORM: not drinking

Those simple sentences´ve opened a new perspective that many people haven´t so far even consider. So do not think u r boring by telling u r not drinking. And do not forget give ur reasons. Cause as said..today´s norms are not questioned and sometimes to stop for a while and think is enough to change one´s attitude.

Smoking while biking..hm?!

While walking Dante in a park I saw three people biking out of whom two were smoking at the same time. Smoking and biking somehow do not match at all in my way of thinking because:

- one bikes because it is healthier than to go by car
- one bikes because it is cheaper than to go by car
- one bikes because it is more environmental than to go by car


- smoking is not healthy at all
- smoking is expensive
- production of cigarettes and smoking itself are not environmental at all (just think of all rainforest burnt down to have more space for tobacco plantages and that´s just one example not talking about tobacco factories and exhalates)



the other parts of the apartment I forgot to take picture of "before"