Pope goes to Istanbul

...25 000 angry people are waiting for him already
...12 000 policemen will have to protect him

and I am so tired of all religious conflicts...


With some delay I´m publishing the surprise Maja, Tiina and Maik prepared for me. Thank you guys! And by this picture I wish happy birthday to  Kadri, who had birthday on 26th and to Liza who has birthday tomorrow on 28th. Many hugs!


Flying dog

Thanks to Jan Tore I laughed "högt" today =) Have a look:  And yes..the dog reminds me of Dante =)

PS. Fredrik..don´t tell me that you don´t like dogs after seeing this..

Conversation that makes sense

A conversation with Maja sounds sometimes very meaningful:

Maja is looking at the list of participants from the congress 2006 I´ve just sent her and the conversation goes:

Maja: And what is this?
Kristina: Here you have all the youth and junior participants (list)
Maja: But do you have it?
Kristina: Hmmm..whether I have WHAT?
Maja: Only youth participants
Kristina: You are right now looking at it. It´s only youth and some juniors
Maja: ja..ahaaaa!

Blog...but why?

Sometimes I ask myself why I write a blog. I know I am not the only one who asks this. I have many reason for that. When answering this question a new question appears...why do people actually read my blog?

Designers of society, designers of future

Yesterday started ACTIVE seminar in Spain: Designers of society, designers of future. The idea is clear. Young people have to get involved in happening around them and try to influence it because their activities today influence their life tomorrow. And there will be a day when there won´t be a chance to blame  adults for that day´s situation. It will be their (our) responsiblity. When I was writing the application for that I had rather exact picture of the objectives and goals of the seminar. It will be interesting to watch what will come out of it in reality. The preparatory team is perfect for this topic and I believe they match together as a team as well so now I´m very curious how it is going on...I would like to go there and visit.


Writing thesis..having handball in background...Oooh..I would love to play now. Seems I will have a handball break for two months...on the other..I will go jogging with Dante. What more can an athlete wish?

Packing soon...

How much does one need to pack when going home for two months? Depends on what one plans to do at home. Studying and training. Seems my bag will be full of books mostly. 

And how much bye bye´s should one say when going home for two months. Actually it is only 62 days... No..farewll party not needed.  


Very happy for a free weekend. No handball, no traveling, nothing...
Today´s activity...writing and doing laundry.  A lot to do about both of those.  
And I´ve started sneezing today. Not a good sign. Do u think a chocolate desert will help me? 

A piece of wisdom =)

It usually rains less intenisve than it seems it does...


One year ago I was left alone in Sweden for my birthday. All the volunteers left to Riga for a seminar right before 23rd of November. I did not mind it very much since I consider birthday as normal as all the other days. Each day is worth of celebration in my opinion. So this year I actually did not have an extra feeling before 23rd...


...this year´s birthday was very different. It has been my best birthday ever.
It started right after midnight by surprise from Maja, Maik and Tiina. (the THANK YOU blog is about them) I was so happy that i had to make the flower in the previous entry. At three I went to bed, woke up some hours later and it was still my birthday =) I came to the office and scouts and Junis sang "happy birthday" song for me =) Very nice =)

Then the work started..As I heard some people coming I looked up from the computer screen and I could not believe my eyes. A very familiar face in very familiar jacket appeared. But wait wait wait..this is impossible. This face (and the jacket) is supposed to be in Bulgaria right now. Nope. Both of them were here. In Sweden, in Örebro, in ACTIVE office. Madlena came to Sweden for my birthday and gave me the best present ever - her presence. I did not have words. 

the evening Anna (handball Anna) called me and sang her version of  "happy birthday" song. =D At the same time called Ruza and Emina to my mobile phone.. Crazy!

Approximately at the time I was born but 25 years later I was playing handball. Yeah we lost which I do not care at all cause I felt I did not give up and did my best. And what was even better, after the match I looked into audience and I saw my friends Madlena, Erling and Maik there =) And we went home all together and spent some more nice hours together.

My birthday is over but the feeling still preserves. Thank you  - all my friends - for being with me, making this day spacial, for your phonecalls, messages and sms. I really enjoyed =) =) =) I could have birthday everyday. And thanks to you I actually have it very often!!!! 




Pink is singing..
candles are wishing...
Friends are hiding..

A tear in my eye is reflecting light of this happy moment... =)

Back home..

..after very full days am back to Sweden again. I woke up early in the morning on sunday and drove car to Arlanda (I liked iiiiiiiit..) because there was no train on sunday morning . TFrom there I flew to Helsinki because of the  Bridging the Gap conference organized by Eurocare. The main topic was alcohol and all the things related to that - national alcohol policies, alcohol related harm reduction, drink driving, marketing. I will write about it more. I have 6 pages notes only about my ideas provoked by the presentations and by people present there (those who know my handwriting know that 6 pages is a looooot). The days were really great. Full of presentations - most of them fruitfull. Evenings were a bit shocking. The explanation will come in next blog.

The good part, except of the presentations was to meet great people. You maybe noticed that I wrote "back home.." and then I mentioned Sweden. Yes..other Swedes at the conference (those coming from IOGT-NTO) were treating me as their and that was great feeling. It was nice to come to them and do not feel like disturbing them. It was nice when they came to me and didnt feel like disturbing me. And of course ACTIVE people! Then some new people - youngsters and adults as well. Some wanted me to explain them what the word "temperance" means. It suprised me cause i would expect that people working in this field would know. However I know now that explanations are never wasting of time.

And I like Helsinki a lot although I did not have time to see much of it.  But Stockholm is still number one for me!!!

Art of reading a situation

What I learnt in not talk when your presentation time is over and it is someone else´s turn.This "someone else" can feel very uncomfortable and useless (the guy almost left in the middle of his own presentation). Talk only if this someone has fiished and you still have something to add. Then it is more than welcome!!!

Brussels Brussels Brussels

It´s been less than 24 hours since I came home from Brussels. I liked it there. I have been there already 3 times. All the times in winter time, just for few days. Two or three. Twice because of the presentation of Administrative grants for ENGYO´s and once with IOGT-NTO in EU parliamanet with the exhibition Alcohol is not an ordinary commodity.

My first visit on 2004 was very strange. I came in the night, got lost, then found my way, shared room with a girl I have never met before, the seminar was about smth I have never heard about before.

Second time - the parliament. It was better. Was there with people I knew, doing smth I understood =) But still, Brussels itself did not impressed me.

Third time. Arrival was strange. One airport bus left earlier than supposed and the other should have come in 1,5 hour. Luckily we were many so there was another buss arranged. I was watching the way to town, trying figure out why I was not amazed by Brussel. I know many people who love that city. I found out. There were no lights in the windows. I am so much used to all possible lights in windows in Sweden. It looks cosy. Warm. Welcoming. These widows were just dark. From time to time some lit but not many. Cold. Unfriendly. But when I arrived I met a friend. Very good one. And the city turned into place I suddenly liked. And I felt welcome. And I will come back. Volunteerly =)

The best sms..

I´ve got an sms today. From my brother. He has not sent me any sms since he came home. OK...I was at home for one week, then I called home so there was no need for messages. That´s why I was very surprised and very happy when I read his sms today morning. And the content...I just had to smile:

Dante si skraabe usi...=)
(Dante is scratching his ears)

Vaulting part 2

I wrote before that I did not have any picture of me doing vaulting. I was wrong. I found one ;-)


Thesis thesis

Swedish analysys done too.
Next step: to compare slovaks and swedes..

Happy happy!!!

This day..

...I´ve liked so far. I have managed to write a lot for the thesis (it´s time to work really effective in this case). Then I went to handball match. We played in Garphyttan. A very very small vilage with even smaller hall which is really not meant for handball. Our team is not really used to such conditions but has to be flexible.

We lost the match. 26:24 but I enjoyed it. It was faster (maybe because we did not have to run so long) and it was active game. I personally scored 14 times from different positions. I passed the balls for another goals. The other team deserved to win. They had more players who scored and they tried to solve the problematic situations. But but...we are going to win the next match against them. On a normal size field, where we can use our strong parts. Aha..and have I mentioned that I enjoyed the game?

Maik was at the match. And Andreas and Inese appeared there also. It was so unexpected. I haven´t talked to either of them for rather long time. I have no clue how did they come to the decision to come and watch. And how did they know where and when we played. But they came and I am still very happy about it.

Then me and Maik went for a walk in the town. Was also cool. We met UNF people having a street action. They lit 193 candles in a shape of heart for 193 people who have died because of drug abuse since january 2006.´s a lot. In town with 125 000 inhabitants. What made me happy was that I saw new faces among UNF people. Tomy and Kim who prepared it did a good job.

Now I gonna continue my thesis. Swedish focus groups are also almost done. Great feeling!!!!

Full agenda

There are not very many days left till I go home. I am going on 30th of November. I have 20 days untill then and my agenda looks rather busy.
16th - 17th of November - Brussel: Information day on administrative grant for INGYOs
19th - 22nd of November - Helsinki: Eurocare - Bridging the gap conference

Except of that:
To finish the thesis
                          To finish 2 reports
                          To start a grant application
I wish me good luck =)

I had to cancel going to Emil´s farewell party and it seems I am just about to cancel my own birthday party. One has to prioritize. I can celebrate that I was born some other day. One can actually celebrate it every morning. The pity is that it was supposed to be joined party together with Liza but we will hopefully find the solution.

Right now I would love to go to cinema but I will listen to my focus groups instead. But I know that the movie will wait for me so no problem.

Handball handball

For those who are following my handball life. We played a match yesterday. We won 21:15. The match was rather slow. One reason for that can be that it was in the middle of the week at 20.00 and we had to travel there for 45 minutes by cars.
Me personally...I enjoyed a lot. I appreciated it double because previous week I had a strange pain in my foot which caused me problems even to walk. I think it was overworked or smth like that. Now the foot is OK and I could jump and run - so i did =)
We managed to win and had some very nice moments =) The next match is on saturday.

My little dog was sad..

Can a dog get offended? Dante did not come to the door when I was leaving. All the week I was in Slovakia, he was with me, following me everywhere, even listening to my piano playing but when I took out my backpack he understood that I was leaving (again) and he just laid on a bed and even did not look at me. When I was at the door calling his name, he did not come. This has never happened before. He always walks people to door. Even those ones he has met for 3 minutes in his life. In this case he was still there on the bed without reaction. Strange. 
I hope he is OK again.


Today - out of blue I remembered the part of my childhood when I was doing vaulting. All of a sudden i remembered the movement on getting on the horse in galop and I wanted to do that. But I had only bike next to me. I think I would not be able to do that anymore but I would love to go for a horse ride. I think it will be one of the first things after I have finished my studies. 

Yeah - it is not me on the picture. Unfortunately I do not have any picture of me doing vaulting.

Alcohol industry - a golden cow vs. pure conscience

I met a friend in Slovakia. We were talking about his future a bit. He would not mind to end up working for alcohol industry just to earn some money. It was maybe half joke  - meaning: It was half truth which made me not let be.

Alcohol has no positive effects, is for no good, brings many problems for individuals and society. That means that producing and selling alcohol, making it a sign of high social status and neccessery part of daily life is just careless manipulation of people to earn lots of money with no thought of peoples good on mind. I would never have that conscience to do that. Seems my friend neither =) Yupiiii...I hope he will find a nice and honest way to be rich.

No sleep

My mind does not sleep in these days. I realized that I was actively solving my thesis when sleeping. It was not a dream. Only my body was resting. Mind was working.  Pity that there is no such mechine which would write down all the thoughts and ideas I had. Would be very effective.

Slovakia vs. Sweden

And now I would love to have an explanation. How come that when I am in Slovakia I am able to do so many things in one day, I do not need to sleep, am able to wake up early in the morning and work whole day and such things. Since I came to Sweden i have been asking myself these questions. How did I survive 4 years at the University, traveling by train everyday, very often waking up at 5.00 - 5.30 (when Dante was little even earlier - round 4.00 a.m), playing handball in Austria (ok..this was only durin the last year at the university before I went to Sweden) - going there and back for 5 -6 hours, coming home after midnight, study, write...Since I came to Sweden I need to sleep more and I do less things than I used to do. Age won´t be the reason. Now am back home for some days and am back in the old life style. Hmm... OK. I think it will be the social part of my life which makes the difference. When i wake up - Dante is around being happy that someone will scratch his belly. Then my parents pop up which keeps me awake. Then a morning run to the train refreshes me totally, school or library keeps my mind busy, meeting classmates or friends makes me forget that I was supposed to be tired, train trip gives some space for rest, walking home let me reflex upon the day thus makes me happy usually, coming home to parents and dog is just as a strawberry on the top of a cake (chocolate cake).
On the other hand I like the life in Sweden as well. There I learnt to enjoy being alone, there I learnt to enjoy silence and more or less decide upon my time schedule, there I have to focus on two things (work AND thesis) and not just one as in Slovakia (studies), there I feel that the nature is magic, there I appreciate all I´ve got in Slovakia, there I go over my limits, find new interests, meet new people, there I am challanged so often and there I like sleeping so much!!!
I could not say which is better. Both I enjoy!

Come back

Ruza is back in blog world again - so let´s read her here =) Don´t ask me why did she choose that background for her blog..

Being in Slovakia

Being at home, having time only for the thesis and my family. Slow internet. Many people around talking all the time. Feels like I have never been somewhere from here for longer time. Feels like the year I havent seen my brother did not exist. Very nice feeling.
But now I go to bed. Tomorrow:
5.00  wake up
5 - 6.00 thesis
7.00 train
8.00 - Bratislava
8 - 9.00 Meeting Lucia
9. - 17.00 Library
17.00 - meeting NOM
22.00 train
22.25 sms to Maja how Idol has been
23.00 home sweet home