First handball match of the season..

We have played the first match of the season. I haven´t trained handball for several months. Of course I did some sports now and then but  I have had handball ball in my hands twice since the end of may. So to be back was really really great although I got easily tired which didnt use to happen before. Oh yeah..seems I have to start with the serious trainings again cause it is more fun to play when one doesnt need to spent energy on "catching" oxygen.
The result was 21:11 for us and I scored around 7 times. I am not sure about that number. What is nice about playing in this team is that I do not count how many points I did, I do not check the score all the time, I just play. And nice passes make me extra happy. Tomorrow I go to training again =) Hurraaaaaa!!!!!


Maik has asked me to post the picture of Earth as well. Originally I thought to post it together with the lyrics. Then I decided to make a separate entry in this blog and post two pictures of Earth. Yes very much inspired by the movie "An inconvenient truth". So here it comes - Earth. Where is my place at this planet? Where is my place in Universe? 

  Earth big  vs Earth dot

Wherever it is, IT IS and I will do everything to keep Earth at least as wonderful if not better as it is today so all the others can enjoy as I do. 

I recommend you to see it

As I wrote yesterday before I left to the cinema..I was sure I would have one more thing to write about. The movie I have seen impressed me a lot! I would say that it is the best movie of this year I have seen. "An inconvenient truth" is the name of the movie. Al Gore is describing the processes influenced by us which leads to global warming, spreading deseases and viruses we have already combated, about different species dying out because of our greediness (actually us - people dying out too) and enjoyment of an actual pleasure on behalf of natural disaster in some years (or in some months). He demonstrated clear facts and clear connections between our lives and what is happening around us and to us. All the huricanes and tornados, drying out and floods - simply all the chaos..It made me cry several times. It was hard to see innocent animals sufferring (for example polar bears drown when swimming because they got exhausted and do not have any iceberg to rest - it´s melted), nature struggling...and people ignoring it for feeling comfort, for being rich..

We all are inhabitants of this planet and behaviour of one and each has an impact on the whole world believing it or not. And as each of us can destroy the Earth, each of us can help and safe what is left. I will be very careful about spending energy, water, separating garbage, buying nature - friendly products etc.
See and definitely go and see the movie: "An inconvenient truth" Take your friends with u, enjoy and...and do what u consider right to do!

Hello, here is XY..would you like to buy...

Why do all telefone sales happen on sunday!!!! Aaaa..OK I see the point - people are at home on sundays..but can´t there be any option to check: "Thank you, no offers" I really like some days off!

Would write smth but gotta run

I have several things to write about. Something to the discussion about religion which is going on in my blog (hurraaaay), smth about new volunteers in Active office, some general  thoughts..but now I am going to cinema (so I will have even more to write)...See you later!


I have played handball again. After some months (around 5) of summerbreak.. I came directly to the match. I was a bit worried because I thought that one should train before the match and I still believe that it can be a bit dangerous to go directly into match after such a long break. One doesnt know what muscles can handle etc. So I was careful but at the same time had so much fun! It feels so good to be back!!! I didnt forget to play it =) Hurraaa!!! =)
I cant wait till the next training.


Sometimes it is very difficult to close an msn dialogue...Even if my chatfriend is already offline!
But I think it is just like with shut off simply!

Bus stop

I finally found words for the situation I am in.."I feel like a bus stop" with all those people coming and going and all the situations recently..=)

I was chatting with Sveta (who was also one of the passers by) and she told me that i wasn´t a bus stop..because I dont let all the buses stop.."All exclusive bus stop" did Sveta say..

Anyway..if u wanna stop u have to give sign to the driver ;-)

Cleanin and thinking

Yesterday I was cleaning a lot in my apaprtement. Throwing away old things etc. I do not understand why have I been collecting them actually. Maybe because they were not old then..hmm. Perhaps.

Today I just moved to the office and continued many papars which used to be so important just some days ago - programme for the congress, list of workshops, list of participants..and now..all those things are just matured for a trash bin. Together with some even older papers and things..

It feels actually good to throw away. To make space for new things and...just to make space. When cleaning, my soul also got somehow ligther..

When cleaning I was also thinking. Many things I was throwing away reminded me past. I was throwing away past...No I wasn´t. I realized that we people are like huge photo albums - caring inumarable ammount of pictures from every moment we live. And then our pictures are base for another stories...


I believe that things are happening for some reason...but why have they stopped selling my favourite chocolate desert in ICA?


A difference bettween IOGT International (among many other organisations) and IAU (International astronomical union) is, that IOGT - I is for example accepting new stars (understand members ) while IAU is kicking out some planets..yes - from 24th of August 2006 is Pluto not considered a planet anymore. After one week of discussions about nature of Universe, they came to the conclusion to take the status of  "planet" away from Pluto and redefine it as a "dwarf planet". 

Bye bye Pluto...and don´t worry..I do not care what cathegory you belong to...the most important thing is that you exist!

 hmmm..  ;-)


I have finally answered all the emails - work, NOM and private and now I can go to bed..Natii natti!

My day today..

Veeeery veeery successfull and fullfilling. I was working on my thesis again.  Yesterday I managed to read newspaper from one week. Today I managed three weeks of Närikes Allehanda. It went much faster than yesterday but on the other side I really blocked all the news which did not have anything to do with gender, feminism, equal opportunities and such. I felt like a filter for gender matters =)
So no funny reports about latest research results today.

My hypothesis seems to be right. It makes me very excited and I cant wait untill I have results from focus groups...

Otherwise am also fine. It has been raining for several days already. I don´t care. I got really soaked on my way from library, but I was happy that I had not get soaked on the way TO library. It would have been worse. Sitting there 6 hours all wet wouldn´t be fun. After library I went to town to meet Malin. Havent met her for several months so we had a lot to catch up on. We were talking a lot about the summer and it made me feel warm inspite all the rain outside. This summer was really great, full of memories have finally settled down =)

Now I´m gonna read for a reading Marian Keyes:  The other side of the story. Rather entertaining and also thoughts provokoing. Makes me think about moral and what is right and wrong.

And am gonna brush my teeth today also ;-)


I have been working a lot with my thesis - meaning analyzing swedish news paper. Among other usual things as politics and local news, i´ve got to know that 28th of October is international day of teddy bears (I will celebrate it for sure) and that condition of your teeth influence your memory (the better teeth the better memory of course). The second is kind of hard to believe although they had made research on animals and humans as well. Now they want to find out where is the limit - how many teeth can one loose to keep memory still in good shape..hmm.
I know people without teeth with great memory..but one never knows - it might be even better..

Now I run to brush my teeth ;-)

Hedgehog rescuers

Some days ago when I was walking with Madlena in night town we found a hedgehog. He was hiding. We considered him rather confused and since there were no trees and grass around or in a close distance I simply took off my sweater (after some other - rather stupid tries), wrapped the hedgehog in it and we carried him to the town park where there are many trees and plants and grass and lake etc (very very nice park you should come and see it). The hedgehog seemed to feel comfortable and looked very very sweet when he was "travelling" to the park. He stuck out his curious muzzle and looked around (maybe he wanted to remember the way). When we reached the park we just  "released" him and to be honest I really missed him. He waited a bit and then he started a new journey =)

Today, when I was walking with Madlena in night town we found a hedgehog. He was rushing somehwere. He seemed to be very confident about the way he took and he was very close to a grass area nearby a church. So we just stopped to watch him. Right at the corner he found a plastic cup with some rests of ice cream. Unsurprisingly he stuck in his curious muzzle and savoured the left - overs. Such a sweet picture =) After some time of enjoying the cup got stuck on his muzzle and he couldnt get rid of it =) Fortunately me and Madlena were at the place ready to rescue him =)

I just hope we helped in the both cases. i hope there wasnt a whole hedgehog family waiting for our globetrotter hedgehog and I hope our choicy-tongue hedgehog didnt want to take the cup with him to share the ice cream with other friends...

I miss a bit..

Presence of my parents reminded me my time in Slovakia and things I miss very much! I miss my friends who came every day in summer to pick me and we went to play basketball together, or watched handball match or went rollerskating, or  to an open cinema (very often we didnt have money so were just outside listening to a movie and eating popcorn). We did a lot of sport together not because of better shape or health but because we liked all kinds of games. We watched movies or just hang around. They were talking and i was listening most of the time. The interesting thing is that all of them were boys. I got to hear everything about computers and girls they liked.

Then I miss NOM people. NOM is a slovak youth temperance organisation. Two years ago we organized EGTYF Camp and Congress and now when getting ready for a new congress I think a lot about them and I realize more and more how great job NOM people did. And how great time we had when we met and had some activity together. Maybe not very preffessional with hundreds of people but very cosy. Each of us felt being welcome.

And I miss my classmates. From secondary school and from university. Looong talks and common projects. Eating some sandwich on stairs in front of the school or in a nearby park. Complaining about low level of knowledge received or about demanding teachers =)
I simply miss right now..

I forgot to tell you..

..I started smoking regurarly. I used to smoke from time to time in Slovakia, mostly in the evening and mornings when our neighbour was at home but then I closed door to my room and opened the window. But only door which brings some fresh air has to be open 24/7 so to some oxygen I get bonus at least three times a day - some cigarette smoke. Imagine! For free!!! But I somehow can´t appreciate that. Not yet. Maybe after some time... 

The man in the wheelchair...

...I wrote about - I stopped by and talked to him. Several times already. And I am always welcome =) Some days ago when we went by car and passed the crossroad he usally sits at, he saw me and waved. Later on I found out that I was not the only one he waves to. There are many drivers he recognizes and they are aware of him and they wave back. And smile =) Such a warm feeling! Really warm!!!!

A short story

I was eating outside today. While I was waiting for my food I saw two(!) similar situations. A person sitting at the table, wind lighly blowing, one napkin just flows and flies down from the table to the floor. The person staring at the napking all the time during the "process"...and ...that´s the end of the story. I do not think this was happy end.

If I could finish the story I would say: And the person just bends down and picks up the napkin cause it is very easy and very nice to do.

This day..

This day has been very interesting and thoughts evoking. It made me think about beginning and end and how the awareness of a beginning or an end changes our point of view and our feelings toward the situation. It made me think about expressing critics and appreciation and that there is much more easier to find the words for critics then for describing the feeling and reason of satisfation. It made me think about being happy and sad about the same situation. It made me realize that there are many things in our life that are just up to our decision...

..and now I am going to sleep with all my thoughts...

natti natti!

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