This invitation I did to announce the date and place of my prom. So if u have a way around, feel free to come and stop by..I´ll be very happy to see you =)
Bratislava, 02nd of March 2007 at 13.00 =)


Yes or No?

JT recommended a website where one could express an opinion about decrminilizing illegal drugs:

So I checked the page and read arguments for and against. I was "amazed" by the words of Seán Cassin (chairman of the Drug Policy Action Group) who was for decriminilizing: 

"The experiences of millenniums of human civilisation seem to support the human rights view of drug use. We have been using intoxicants as far back as 3000BC when the Sumerians discovered poppies to make opiates and painted the flower on their cave walls. Despite the toxic threat, we use drugs to excite and delight, to expand our minds and find deeper meaning or simply to make our otherwise drab existences a bit more endurable.

Making us criminals for this is disproportionate, and simply adds to the drabness".

I can only say that drugs make us lazy. If we are able to do things under the influence of a drug, we are able to do them without them as well. Drug is a shortcut after which comes an obstacle...


Let the butterfly reach your heart...


 ...happy Valentine

New CD

Yeeeees...Nelly Furtado: "Loose" in my CD collection =) Hurraaa!!!! 

Dante´s jacket

Dante´s jacketDante´s jacket 1

He is much nicer without the jacket but we are not here at the fashion show so he can  be a bit strange some weeks till his hair grows...

Dante´s new bed

I was not sure Dante would ever move from my sofa (his new home) to a new basket but I thought it would be nice to buy it for him anyway. When I brought it home, he entered it with the front legs but that was it. No more action. But after being outside and some more hours spent on the sofa, he decided to try again and he seems to be very satisfied...

Dante´s new bed
Dante´s new bed

And I bought him a jacket as well. A picture will come. He accepted it very easily. Good dog good dog =)

I wonder..

I have seen a woman today. Already from distance I could see she was walking very carefully when she reached some ice parts on the sidewalk. When she passed me I saw she was smoking. It is a huge pardox to me. Does she care about her health or not then?

A great song

Nelly Furtado - Crazy
Really good one! Better than Gnarls Barkley (although I like that version as well)

One summer week booked

Now I have registered for the ACTIVE camp 2007 in Bulgaria and I know what I will do between 29th of July and 4th of August 2007. I will have fuuuuun at Wild Space =)

Hur stavas det till..

Tänker att spela volleyboll imorgon så tittar på universitetets idrottsförenings schema. Bland annat står där också Basjympa som jag har läst lite fel..hmm.."j" hamnade på ett fel ställe.. Nu undrar jag och Andreas hur sån jympa går till..

This day..

...was very productive. I have paid all my membership fees for 2007, I have sortted out all my old papers, so now half of the apartement is gone (much easier to breath here now), have taken part in planning the future of an organisation and making a strategy - yeeeee..I liked it a lot!
In the evening I watched Melodiefestivalen which was pretty baaaad but even such a bad thing can be really pleasure to watch with friend like I have. Then we watched endless (greetings to Maja) movie Babel. It is really a very long movie but it has a point and such movies I like. Wonderful picture of how our lives are interconnected and how one accidental action changes everything. The movie also shows that we do not have enough time to postpone nice words addressed to the others..every second is a high time for nice words and actions...

Really a minor change

Really a minor change

Find a difference ;-)

Dante likes snow

Maybe it was not that smart to cut his fur at this time of the year, but otherwise Dante seems to be very OK with his new life in Sweden. He loves is just pity that snow is so cold.

Dante likes snow

New haircut

I have a new haircut but nobody noticed... I think I will have to cut it a bit more then ;-)

Open eyes

So strange what kind of "messages" one can get from life. Me sitting sad and feeling empty after wonderful days with wonderful people..just read an email from a friend who lost her dog all of a sudden. I almost got angry about myself that I waste the time we have here on this Planet for enjoying by being sad without reason...

Missing vs being happy

One week ago I was in the process of graduating =) The days before I was with my family, most of the time somewhere under the pile of books but still..having very nice time with my parents, brother and dog. The 30th of January was THE day after which my future comes... future with the time for things I like to do, it was very probably future in the country I love, with ACTIVE people who mean a lot to me..
The 30th came, I graduated and left to my dream country, dream job and dream people. I´ve got a job, later on came my dog (who is right now sleeping next to me..wheeeeee), took part at some very nice meetings, got some nice tasks..everything was rolling fast. People left again and I am sitting here as I used to sit so many times before. So many things have changed and so many things are the same. I am slowly getting what has happened in my life and that it is reality and not just a dream. But the most stupid thing is that I am sitting here feeling empty and missing. Missing my family, missing the piles of the books, missing people who filled in all the "holes" in my apartement...and at the same time I am happy. Happy about my family, about all the piles of books, about all the people..Hmm..missing and being happy...And all I can do is THANK for everything, shape up and go on.  

After the exam

To conclude the first feelings and my observations after the graduation:
I have gained some knowledge and title, I have lost some nerves and kilos. I am not saying which of these is good or bad...

But what makes me happy is that I already accomplished one of my resolutions (JT call them by better name - "ambitions") for 2007: To finish (successfully) the university studies ;-) I have to say that I am pretty satisfied. It took me just one month of 2007 =)

Will move

... I have had several thinigs to write about but the blog did not work and it is frustrating then and I will move my blog somewhere else I guess. Any suggestions about better blog service?