Heading to Slovakia

After wonderful wonderful Xmas with my parents (that meant this year - Sweden, room make-over, chill out, Xmas table, walking, talking) now I am heading to Slovakia to meet Active in reality (very neccessary for being able to work for Active from behind  my office table during the year), to enter New Year with NOM, Juvente Estonia, JAF Latvia, UNF Sweden, Actio2552 and last but not least with MyKey =D

Happy New Year celebrations and see you in 2008 =)

Medialized =)

Once I will be famous =)
I am in Örebo´s local weekly newspaper (asnwering question what will I eat for Xmas)
I am on the picture in MOTDRAG (UNF´s magazine)
I wrote an article for IOGT International´s Newsletter
There is an interview with me in the latest Transit

Nice nice!
My most favourite one was the Transit interview. I got great questions that made me think a bit, look into future and reflect my past (suitable for this time of year) Of course the answers are cut but those who ask me nice can get the full version ;-)

Because of alcohol Part II

Close to Xmas I have a present  - some info entry about alcohol and its relation to hiv - virus (from: Pierre Andersson - Världens Baksmälla, 2007, p.49 - 50)

Alcohol has a great importance in spreading of  HIV and other sexual diseases. Alcohol makes people more inclined to take risks, alcohol contributes to rape and fysiologicaly influences spreading of the disease  - immunity system is weaken when one drinks alcohol (T cells important for the imunity system are destroyed by alcohol). The cells influenced by alcohol are 3 times more apt to be infected by HIV virus.
The virus at thosealready infected by it is spreading faster (3 beers in two days - spreading of the virus in the body was 3 times faster) 

Give yourself a present. Stay sober =)

Xmas feeling

I am sitting in the office..working, finishing. Three of the volunteers already at home (or on the way home) in their home countries and I am starting getting the Xmas feeling.
Cosy and nice =)

Slovakia - THE country for NGOs

I just read an article in a Slovak newspaper. In the parliament a suggsetion of a bill about NGO´s is being discussed. It´s really NGOs - unfriendly:
- from the time the law will be valid all the NGOs will have three months to re-register ( to find out which of the registered ones are still existing) - that means lots of papers to fill in but OK I see the logic
- NGOs can help ONLY their members (meaning: for example changing injection needles - street work is not allowed. Not talking about environmental activities - since the trees are not members of an organisation)
- whatever change in the constitution of an organisation will cost money (small orgs have not this money)
- all the NGOs have to write annual reports (OK) and have to have professional audit that costs round 600 - 1000 Euro (some orgs do not have that much money only for audit 

So that´s it. It somehow resembles the "strategy" of our eastern neighbours.. It is a bit scary. 

The last one was the first one..

The last handball match of year 2007 was my first and last match of 2007. I already thought that the year 2007 would be without any handball match but then in the last minute I decided to go and play.
The previous match I played was on 23rd of November 2006. One week before I went home to Slovakia and studies for the final exams. When I came back to Sweden in februari and tried to start training I had real pain in my arm. It turned out to be long term pain. Luckily nothing wrong with my joint or muscle. It was just some inflamation that takes really long time to heal. So the spring season meant no handball for me. When i got fed up with the pain (and checked with a doctor that the arm is otherwise very OK), I decided to start strenghten it - throwing heavy ball, push ups, swimming etc. The arm got better and I decided to start with handball again after the summer holiday. I joined a club BUT then I started traveling from meeting to meeting during weekends which meant no matches. When I finally was at home and could play I got sick that hindered me even from going to trainings. Yesterday was the last match of the season. I was asked to play. First I did not want. After no matches for more than one year and no training for 2 months I was not sure. In the end I said I could jump in if needed for 5 minutes or so and went to the match.
We played against my previuos club which was very nice. Moreover the referee was a friend who is like family to me. What more I could wish for better comeback? I played all in all 20 minutes and scored 4 times =) That was nice =) First I had to find out that the ball is round but after I realized it it went really good for me =) So yes..I am back =)


Today I am being multi-tasking. Dealing with EVERYTHING - from Xmas postcards to the organisations through fixing practical things (not working phones and broken computers) to reading through projects.
There are many things to fix so the New Year starts with everything well done or well prepared. I think the Active office is on the good way =)
Feels good!

Because of alcohol Part 1.

As promised..the first facts

4 700 000 - 9 100 000 children in EU (2004) lives in families adversly affected by alcohol

Alcohol is estimated to be a causal factor in 16% of child abuse and neglect

The intangible cost of alcohol dependence to family members has been estimated to 68 billion Euro 

(Source: Alcohol in Europe. A public health perspective, 2006, p. 202)

After Slovakia blog

Long time again...
When being in Slovakia I had very often a need to write here something but the internet connection was not that good and I was also happy not to see computer and rest a bit from it.
We had 12 lectures in 4 days and saturday - 8 hours planning with a short short break for food. No time for writing blog really. Now I am back, internet accesable almost 24/7 - good for going through all the emails I did not open/answer those 10 days away and step by step I am getting into the blog world again too.

I had an idea to publish one fact about alcohol every day. The idea comes from the activity we held at the schools. I prepared a quiz - few slides with facts and people had to guess what were the facts about.

Just an example:
115 000 dead a year in EU
125 000 000 000 Euro a year in EU
9 000 000 000 children suffer

The usual answer on this was: "war" This answer made me actually happy. People perceive war as something negative. But alcohol as something that belongs to celebrations. When I told that all those things are about alcohol and explained them deeper, the alcohol was not that obvious part of fun and celebrations anymore.

Felt good to provide information people do not get to read/hear everyday =)

So we will (hopefully) start here tomorrow.