10 minutes to go..

If I had time I would write a lot..(as I usually say)
I would write about perfect beach volleyball match between Maja, Andreas, Maik and me.
I would write about basket I played before
I would write about my new running shoes which make me enjoy running incredibly much
I would write about thoughts I had about honesty. And about some dispointments connected to that.
I would write about a great evening at Anna´s
I would write about ACTIVE´s new flag
I would write about Örebro full of drunken youth
I would write about my thoughts about politics and direct actions instead of hidden games
I would write about great afternoon with Lisa, Gunnar and Elias (I can publish at least a picture of those three).


Right now there are like 10 minutes to left befote I go to the Active camp in Bulgaria. Then also to Macedonia for 2 days. They say it is warm down there. We will see =)

Everything packed, Dante at Annas, this blog written..

See you in 12 days..

Light blue song

This song encourages me to dream on!


we'd gather around all in a room
fasten our belts engage in dialogue
we'd all slow down rest without guilt
not lie without fear disagree sans judgement

we would stay and respond and expand and include
and allow and forgive and enjoy and evolve
and discern and inquire and accept and admit
and divulge and open and reach out and speak up

This is utopia this is my utopia
This is my ideal my end in sight
Utopia this is my utopia
This is my nirvana
My ultimate

we'd open our arms
we'd all jump in
we'd all coast down into safety nets

we would share and listen and support and welcome
be propelled by passion not invest in outcomes
we would breathe and be charmed and amused by difference
be gentle and make room for every emotion

we'd provide forums
we'd all speak out
we'd all be heard
we'd all feel seen

we'd rise post-obstacle more defined more grateful
we would heal be humbled and be unstoppable
we'd hold close and let go and know when to do which
we'd release and disarm and stand up and feel safe

this is utopia this is my utopia
this is my ideal my end in sight
utopia this is my utopia
this is my nirvana
my ultimate

(Alanis Morissette/Under rug swept)

It´s all about losing and gaining

Standing in a queue in a supermarket, looking to the left, seeing magazines = seeing headlines bringing information about how many kilograms which star gained and lost. Moving in the queue closer to accounter, looking to the right, seeing newspapers = reading about another popstar and her body change.
I was happy I finally reached the accounter, paid my ice cream, left this "world" of "great" sensations and entered the normal life where hopefully people have a higher moral than the  magazines and newspapers they read contain.

Once I read a book about a planet, where there was no age limit for voting but those people who passed a moral and responsibility test could vote. I think the same should go for journalists and other media people.

Yesterday´s numbers..

The blog I wanted to write yesterday but I did not manage on time was very simple:


Wasn´t  a great date? So so nice. I consider it nicer than 07.07.07

About honesty..

I wonder about honesty..Why a radio commentator says that a woman immitating Per Gessle in radio sang so great that it was "hard to distinguish it from the original". No way! I heard it. It was false and totally different. Why does he lie to her? He can say many other things not to hurt her and still not to lie. 
Another question is..why do people say that someone is the best if they do not mean it?
Sometimes I have a feeling that meanings of the words have changed while I was sleeping..

My todays resolution: I will not give false hopes and I will not say phrases just to make people happy

Full day already

I woke up at 2.30 am and from 3.00 am I was on the way. My parents went home from Skavsta and since their flight was at 7.00 and they were supposed to be there latest at 6.00 we had to go from Örebro between 3.00 and 4.00 am to be there on time. We left the town at 3.30 and arrived 5.12. My boyfriend calls me Schumi =) Hehe..It was so nice. Empty roads, beautiful Sweden, great music  - MIka, Allanis Morrisette and Oh Laura! The country here is wonderful. Green and calm and clean. I did not mind the early hour and just enjoyed.
Was not easy to say bye to my parents but I hope I´ll see them soon again. Every moment spent with them filled me with joy. They are funny, they are understanding, they are realistic, they are helpful, they give me space.
When I came back to my appartement I was missing them a lot. But yeah..that´s life. Important is that they had nice time here. Now I can start looking forward to Bulgaria and Macedonia and to all the coming events and moments. For example lunch in few minutes as well. Aaah how hungry I am.

I seriuosly think that I could at least once a month start a day as early as today and do a lot before I go to work. Who said that the day should start with work?

My parents are here =)

My parents are here in Sweden visiting me for a week. So far we have had great days and I am appreciating every minute. I picked them in Stockholm when they came, we spent some hours in that wonderful city and then we came home. The next day I went to work cause there was a lot to fix with the G festival at Faroe Islands where NORDGU is sending 5 people (4 from UNF and 1 from Juvente Norway) to promote sobriety and recruit members. I had to fix a lot but it felt really great to do it cause at the same time I had Andreas and Jimmie (two guys from the team going there) on msn discussing and reporting what they have planned. Great to work with people who can come with their own ideas! I like it =)
After the things were done I went to pick up the car for the next days trip to Skavsta (and Nyköping of course) cause my fathers luggage arrived two days later and Ryanair deos not have "home delivery" service. OK..so we arranged a nice trip the next day. After the trip we picked up Maik and all together visited Anna (who used to be my coach and now is "just" a friend). We stayed till late in the night discussing everything - from the political situation to the weather. I was translating from swedish to slovak and back and I really enjoyed it. After some time I realized that I was able to listen to two people talking at the same time and translate.
The next day we booked for Örebro - the town park and basketball later. Me, Maik, my father and Anna played, my mum and Dante were watching (Dante was also barking a lot). As soon as we left the house to go to play, it started raining a bit. As soon as we started playing, it started raining A LOT. Since we were wet already we decided to play. The fallin rain would not have been a problem, but the ball somehow did not bounce that good in the water ;-) so after 45 minutes we went home. On the other hand it was 20.00 already and the warm appartment was just calling us home. After nice pasta and great desert we just chilled out  and discussed evolution theory (I somehow see gaps in it) with Maik. I went to bed at 2.00 knowing the next day was free day as well. After so much traveling and working the previous days, already two days off feel like long holiday. I feel I have rest enough and I could work today but I will not. It´s sunday, most of the things are fixed and my parents are here =)

Burstin of happiness

I am bursting of happiness. I have just finished my one month tour around Nordic countries (with exception of Slovakia where I spent 4 days).
I love my job. I have seen a lot and now I am motivated to go on, encourage people to do things, write applications and reports, think of new strategies, meet new people, share with them and learn from them.
Every single country was so so specific.
In Danmark - there is not youth organisation at all.
On Faroe Islands - the group is very small and has no activities (yet)
Icalend has a small youht group which has to be strenghten
Norway  and Sweden have big organisations with very many active members. It is wonderful to see. Seeing them I just wish once smth similar will be to see on Iceland, Faroe Islands or in Danmark (and of course in as many countries as possible). And yes..one more thing. When I was at unf congress two years ago, I felt lonely there. Everything was big, I did understand language but not content that much and I did not know many people. Coming to the IOGT-NTO congress in Uppsala two years later felt like coming home. It was a great end of my tour. My heart was jumping when my plane from Norway landed in Stockholm. Those 16 minutes by train from Arlanda to Uppsala seemed like ages cause I could not wait to see all the people and to listen to the discussions at the congresses. I like congresses =) 

Another reason of happines is NOM Slovakia. There are things going on. We think of employing one person who would recruit members and do administrative work as well. Would be fantastic. So now I am ready to devote myself to that. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!!