Burstin of happiness

I am bursting of happiness. I have just finished my one month tour around Nordic countries (with exception of Slovakia where I spent 4 days).
I love my job. I have seen a lot and now I am motivated to go on, encourage people to do things, write applications and reports, think of new strategies, meet new people, share with them and learn from them.
Every single country was so so specific.
In Danmark - there is not youth organisation at all.
On Faroe Islands - the group is very small and has no activities (yet)
Icalend has a small youht group which has to be strenghten
Norway  and Sweden have big organisations with very many active members. It is wonderful to see. Seeing them I just wish once smth similar will be to see on Iceland, Faroe Islands or in Danmark (and of course in as many countries as possible). And yes..one more thing. When I was at unf congress two years ago, I felt lonely there. Everything was big, I did understand language but not content that much and I did not know many people. Coming to the IOGT-NTO congress in Uppsala two years later felt like coming home. It was a great end of my tour. My heart was jumping when my plane from Norway landed in Stockholm. Those 16 minutes by train from Arlanda to Uppsala seemed like ages cause I could not wait to see all the people and to listen to the discussions at the congresses. I like congresses =) 

Another reason of happines is NOM Slovakia. There are things going on. We think of employing one person who would recruit members and do administrative work as well. Would be fantastic. So now I am ready to devote myself to that. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!!

My life with volunteers - swedish lesson

This blog is mostly understandable for swedish speakers but feel free to read:

Our volunteers are getting better and better at swedish. When learning a new language, many funny situations occure.
So here comes a short language lesson and some language modifications (in italics):

English -          Swedish         BUT     Maja´s modification - English translation
I am fine -       Jag mår bra.   BUT     Jag går bra - I go/walk good

English -            Swedish         BUT     Maik´s modification - English translation
Sleep well -     Sussa sött       BUT     Sussa kött - Sleep meat


Hurraa..Liza är tillbaka med språklektioner. Hurraaaa! Idag har vi haft jätteviktigt ordspråk:

När katten är borta, dansar råttorna på bordet.

Aikaterini ville också lära sig den här mycket´viktigt ordspråk och det blev: "När katten är borta, dansar råttorna på JULbordet". Man kan säga att det fick en annan dimension =)


Nya viktiga uttryck Liza har lärt mig:

Han har ett lik i garderoben
Man får inte kasta stenar i glashuset
Bättre en fågel i handen än 10 i skogen

Och sen var det nåt med vatten och ån - man skulle inte gå genom ån efter vatten eller nåt sånt.