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After having great great Xmas I am going to the seminar in Estonia called "Get out of the box". I won´t be an organizer but a participant. OK - to be honest I will have one session about gender but that´s it =) The presentation for that is ready and I will publish abstract of that when I come back since some people who will participate at the seminar read this blog and it is better if they do not know what we gonna talk about. So now I have to finish packing. Tomorrow 5 people from NOM will travel for more than 27 hours to get to the place and then we will meet our friends from Latvia, Estonia, Sweden and some Germans =) My camera is ready, I am ready...
See you all in 2007 and have nice New Year´s Eve celebrations =)

To Kadri V.... more!!!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

And to those who do not celebrate Xmas, have nice days anyway =)

Xmas tree

I am against having a real Xmas tree at home. I do not see any sense in cutting out a tree for one week of joy and happiness and then throwing it away. I go for artificial one. Nowaydays they look really nice. I would prefer Xmas without a Xmas tree than to have a real one.

The same goes for cut flowers. But in this case I do not like artificial ones either. I will rather go and take a picture of them.

Me and Dante and a skirt

Me and Dante

Me and Dante..we don´t care the british weather. We enjoy =)
Aha..have I mentioned that I started to wear skirts (rather often)? I did and I like it =)

Mastering photography..long way to go

Dante sleeping

After several days of waiting for a nice sunny day I decided to go out in an "ugly" (meaning not good for photography) weather and to take nice pictures inspite of bad light, grey sky and fog. I took some...Yes I know there is a lot to improve but I took the first step. Since then I am happy for every "ugly" day because I can practice turning smth not nice into something one can look at.

How am I doing..

Have been silent here for five feels like eternity. Although I finished the thesis on 14th there was still a lot to do. Like to print it and bind it and hand it in. Maybe it sounds very easy like 1 hour job, but it is not if the printing machine has a mind of its own, binding process takes several hours and the people who are supposed to receive the thesis work only from 11 to 12. Luckily the same people are very flexible or they do not care at all and it is possible to hand in the thesis after the weekend as well. OK =) So I woke up at 4.30 a.m and hurried to Bratislava by train at 6.oo a.m without any special reason, but yes..I had nice weekend at least without thinking of the thesis anymore.

Yes - the weekend was about handball. It was rather strange to go back to the sport hall in my home town. I used to go the same way every single day for 10 years (except of some holidays and weeks of broken arm) and this time I went the same way after 1 year. I have not played there for more than 6 years. I know I am a different player. I dare more, I enjoy more. I am stronger, maybe a bit slowlier (hihi..lots of sitting and lack of trainings). I would like to know whether I would be able to play the same league I left 6 years ago... Anyway...

What else I did..yeah..I slept =) And met friends of mine. I also wanted to spent more time with Dante but it seems he has gotten used to my presence and I am not interesting anymore..he prefers sitting at the balcony - just staring.

Yes I also managed to buy all the Xmas presents and I believe some members of my family will be very surprised. Not that the presents are so special and original but because they do not expect them at all.

And now I am preparing a presentation about gender for the seminar in Estonia =) Will be great to see if I can use my thesis experience in an interesting and non scientific way (Aha..btw. my tutor wants me to continue with the thesis and I´d love to =) Mostly because the cooperation with her is unforgettable, I learn with her a lot and I would like to go deeper into what I found out).

So that was it in short!


When I was younger I wanted to be an actress. For a veeery long time actually. From 6 years till 14. And I did a loooot for that. I joined all the possible activities, played piano, did many sports, went to theaters, museums to get experience because I thought that every experience would help me to get into a role later..
Hmm...I am not an actress..ALTHOUGH..I am very thankful for all the experience. But today I realized that no director would like me as an actress cause I would refuse to smoke and drink in the movies...eventhough I would just pretend..I would not do it cause it would mean promotion of alcohol and smoking and I would NEVER agree with something like that...

I would agree only if the movie was against it..this I would do but I do not know how would we solve acting smoking...

Some people tell me that I am too radical...well...probably I am and I enjoy =)

The thesis...

...DONE =D

Sleep tight..

Seems I like monday nights and tuesday mornings for now it is time to go to bed. I have to admit..I feel a bit dizzy..But also very happy (or maybe without "but")

Human Rights Day

Human Rights Day

Very very important day today!!!!!



And yesterday I felt for making this I made it.
Yes JT - it has smth to do with my profile at =)

No sleep - no regrets

Sometimes one does not need to sleep. I finnished another part of the thesis. And now I will watch Friends and maybe sleep some 2 hours so I can wake up into a new day and continue writing =)

PS. Aha..and btw. Dante was accompanying me the whole night. Simply the best dog in the world!

...I know I enjoyed...

I decided to write this blog to answer Roberts question.  He has been to Brussels and tried and described the night life there. The pubs are open till 6-7 in the morning meaning that alcohol is served untill then and people of course drink as much as they can. Robert´s (I guess more rethorical) question was: Why do people do so? Why do they drink so much that they have headache the next day and they do not remember anything.

Can that be fun not to remember fun?

At the Bridging the Gap conference there was a research about binge drinking presented. During the presentation we all could hear a quotation of a young girl from UK: "If I am drunk and sick I know I enjoyed myself"

As I see it, people are losing connection with their own self.  Not aware of their own feelings. Unable to reflect them. Searching for external sources of happiness which they were just told was happiness.

I know..restrictions, high taxation, age limits etc they work the best in reducing alcohol consumption. But at the same time the reason of consumption is somewhere else. We need to find a way back to ourselves.

Incredible... a phonecall from a friend can cheer up =)

Especially for you..


First of december or about yesterday

First of frist day of a bit longer than usually at-home-being-period. So what have I done as first? IOGT International things. I had some time yesterday at the airport in Prague so I spent it by writing about the Bridging the Gap conference in Helsinki I mentioned in blog before. I know I still owe this blog some comments from the conference. I will write them for sure cause they are all the time on my mind. 

After I finished the article yesterday, I was watching Friends - a birthay present from Fredrik. I was laughing a lot - it was first time I really enjoyed the time at the Prague airport.

Well about airports..I really think some more things could happen there. There could be arranged some short workshops. have 4 hours to wait, you tried all the parfumes and checked all the books they have, what would u do..I would definitely go to see some exhibition, or would join a discussion. It could be fun.  And I do not think it is difficult to organize. 
Yeah I can clearly see it. Next to the screens with departure times, one more screen could display times and places for the workshops.
Gate A18, time: 15.00, 17.00, 19.00: DaVinci code - how much truth is in it
Gate B24, time 12.33, 15, 47, 20.00: Flying makes me anxious - what to do?
Gate C3, time: 16.00: Knitting

Aha..but back to yesterday..I actually really liked yesterday although I was leaving Sweden and friends (I can´t say that I left ACTIVE too since internet is working very well here..hurray) . I was happy because I met Asa at Arlanda. We have not really talked since summer 2003 so it was a great half an hour with a person I really like and appreciate a lot.

Aha..First of december..actually..isn´t it the day when one starts with the Advent callender with some chocolates for each day till Xmas? I will get one tomorrow for sure...(so I have smth to blog about)

Hunting a toy...

Right now I won over Dante..he forgot how fast I was =) Now he asks for revenge....