I have many different rights..but what I do NOT have a right to, is to judge people. No matter how much I know I will never know enough to understand their motivations to be able to judge. I have a right to agree or disagree...but judging somebody´s personal life is far from things I have right to do. So I decided: From now on..whatever thought of judging others is forbidden to me. Hawk!

Soul in Europe...

My body in Sweden, luggage in Copenhagen, soul in Europe...I at least felt like that when I came home from the board meeting in Germany.

Traveling by 1st class train, Hege blocking the slef check-in system at the airport, my camera (expensive) forgotten in luggage (me worried the whole way), Hanna speaking german, meeting people I haven´t seen for more than one and a half year (some of them at least) and being happy to see them again, meeting people I haven´t seen for few days (some of them at least) and being happy to see them again, talking and silence, discussions and jokes, playing basket, jumping, laughing, winning, taking pics, different opinions, same aims, agreements, first spring day..

It gives so much energy to continue working..
Thank you for that guys!

Var tog alla kvinnor vägen?

När jag flög från Köpenhamn till Örebro i tisdags kl. 20.50, planet var helt fullt. Det fanns inte en plats ledigt. Ingen plats för min hadbagage. Vet inte hur många var vi..men kanske 50 människor. Ja det är ju bra för flygbolaget och ingenting ovanligt antar jag. MEN...jag var den enda kvinna där. Och det var konstigt verkligen. Alla businessmän åkte hem från Köpenhamn och andra städer. Jobbar inte kvinnor i Köpenhamn? Eller gillar de inte att flyga?

Btw. Jag tycker att quota system är en bra idé.

Germany and days in between

Germany,Germany and some days in between..
On monday I went to Germany..for preparation team meeting. We were planning a seminar which will be held in Ukraine in the end of April. The time  we spent together (members of prep.team) was around 24hours but it feels like we have been together at least 3 days. We have never been together before. I have met all prep.team super guys but just individually and I would never dream that we would be such a nice group and working so well together. I was really amazed. Each of us has a lot to contribute with to make the seminar unique, constructive and great from the social and informational point of view.
We had incredibly much fun. I am waiting for Kadri´s blog since she is going to sum it up. I hope she will be in creative mood and will have time, because I think she is the right person who can describe it in a very authentic way.
From my point of view it´s all I wanted to say: wonderful people in the team, wondeful group together, great and original programme..But yes..let´s wait first till the seminar is over to be 100% sure that I am right.

Btw i got a present from Kadri. Surprise surprise =) It was grädde (whipeed cream, Schlagsahne). Mnammiiiiiiii..together with strawberries...I felt like in heaven =) And maybe some pics will come also if Linn is so kind and send me one or two =) Btw..I have a very nice picture of Linn..so maybe she wants to exchange..hmmm? 

So those who have counted, figured out that I went home on tuesday. I traveled with Marcus and I had a pain in belly from so much laughing. Nonstop laugh from Berlin till Copenhagen (with waiting more than two hours in belrin) Aaaaaa...what a funny guy this Marcus.

Wedneday...office. Very nice day as well. I got to know a nice nice news. Will not reveal the secret..but it is very gooooooood news =)

Today I have been a bit tired since my thesis is a stressing me..but after talking to Katka..it feels better..and I hope she was right =) We will see in some months..! It is just to start writing and maybe trust in myself a bit more.

Tomorrow..Germany again. Will meet my board =)..very nice people and friends. Just pleasure to work for them. And I hope for spring there in Hamburg. But whatever weather it will be..I am sure that it will be nice and warm to be with them.

And now: first to go to shop, then to call my parents, pack for the weekend and then...thesiiiiiiiiiiiiiis!!!!


There is no end. Everything lasts maybe just in different form..
When I flew home from Germany I looked down to our small world down there....and then I looked up to the space up there...and imagined what´s behind and then behind and then behind and then behind..There is no end! Impossible and amazing!

Consipration? Or protecting hand?

Those who know me, know very well that I like chocolate. But i do not eat all the kinds of chocolate and all the time. Kladkaka is very OK, then one kind of chocolate ice cream and one choco desert. Other chocolate I do not buy. Today I really felt for chocolate..so i went my usuall track in ICA - came to the freezing box and "my" icecream wasnt there. I accepted it with some disappointement and went to other depertement with choco soja desert. Empty! What´s this? Conspiration! And when I found out that even kladkaka was not available..I did understand that someone really read my mind yesterday when I was watching Supersize me and told myself that since then I was going to reduce all the crap food..
But hej...chocolate ice cream now and then..! Hmm...

Shadows instead of politicians

I was supposed to take portrait and group pictures of poiliticians today..but it was cancelled because some of them have not come. So I went out and took pictures of shadows instead.

My father...

Yes..my father is a funny guy. When I called home and we had been talking for a while, he told me: "OK..tell me something more. What´s new in your life. Hmm..what´s the time there?" knowing very well that we are in the same time zone.
Another question was: "Have you got well again? " hmm..Why are you asking? I haven´t been ill or haven´t had cold for a long time. "Aha..not? That´s good!Very good!"
One would say that he doesnt care and just says what first comes to his mind...yes..the second part is truth but he cares. Very much! And he makes me laugh =)
Gosh I like my parents! 

FIFA fights racism!!!

I have just read in newspaper that FIFA has outlined a strategy of fighting against racism. Very good I think!!! They decided to punish football clubs when their fan clubs express racistic attitudes during matches. Except of financial penalties there will be also sport punishments such subtracting points for example. If the violation repeats, the club may even fall one division lower regardless position in the competition. Very good I think! Maybe it is not fair towards players..but this is a nice way how to show by simple mean, understandable for everybody that racism is not "in" anymore... 

Cultural differences in blogg communities

Yeah..now I have another topic for some research..There are cultural differences reflected in the blogg behaviour. Would be cool to analyze them a bit more.
Two days ago I joined a slovak blog community and commented some blog..there were immediately 5 other comments to it..people who dont know each other and the blogger just discussed..What I have noticed in Swedish blogs is that mostly friends or collegues use to comment..
I think it is a bit like that in real daily life..People do not enter each others lives (unless work requires that) that much here in Sweden. Just closed groups all over.
But maybe I am wrong?

Nice things happen to those who are nice...

I am sitting here and I almost wrote a message in Inese´s guestbook as a reaction on her text in presentation. I actually wrote it...but then I deleted it.
The text is: "Expecting life to treat you well because you are a good person is like expecting an angry bull not to charge because you are a vegetarian"

I wanted to write that I disagree and that I think that life is nice to those who are nice to life. And concluding out of my personal experience it is like that. But what about all those wars then? They include mostly those people who do not deserve it. So..should I actually disagree?
Hmm..I do not need to make a decision here which is good. But I do think one important thing: I think that not to say against something i do not like does not mean being nice. And that´s the main problem of nice people. That they are silent and let the bad things happen or grow up till the level when it is more difficult to change them..

So hey..people be nice but do not be afraid to speak for you!!!!

Lot of questions..

Today I have watched swedish TV serie called "Kronprincessan". I usually watch it and I like it. But I am more and more confused after it.
The serie shows a young merried woman, mother to two small children who became a minister of environment. She has a strong moral and wants to change the world. She is really involved, does everything possible to reach justice and the truth is on the first place by her. People and journalists like her. She is becoming more and more popular.
The more popular she is, the further from her family she is getting. Her husband is getting frustrated because she is not around when he needs her and all the child care is on him, of course he has kind of love affair (I dont know what will come later), other women in politics more or less compete with her and e she gets in troubles into which she was manipulated in.

And I would like to know what impact does this serie have on other girls and women and in general on other people. Would they dare to have political ambitions after this? What is the aim of the serie? To show the truth? Is this the truth? Is it like that that almost all guys stick together and create a huge coaltion against women and women fight against them by playing with them and competing with the other women around? I am really curious what will come later and how will it end. Will she leave the government and come back to her family and they will live happily ever after?

Why the serie doesnt show men politicians who have problems with their wives? Do they have problems with their wives actually? Or do the wives everything to support their husbands and just smile to make them happy and to live success of their husbands? Where are the myths? Where is the truth?

The main character wants to change the world but is not taking seriously her family sometimes. Would it really happen? Does one exclude the other? I do not believe in it. I simply dont want to believe that the picture the serie brings is the only way how a woman on the high position can end up. But I actually do not know. I have no clue...

Let´s see what will happen in other parts..

My favourite words part 3

Kadri just told me that i use cute and decent language (english). hihiiii...this I have heard for the first time.
So here I come with another favourite word..the content is nice but it is not the reason why I like it. I like the way it sounds. Here it comes: SPLENDID.
Really nice!

btw. kadris favourte words are: "pissy" and "it sucks" =)



Tre brannbilar

"Hörde du Kasper? Tre brannbilar!"
Kasper är en liten 3 åring. Kille altså. Hade hans pappa säga samma sak, om Kasper var en liten tjej? Det tvivlar jag verkligen. Det här är ett bevis att föräldrar och samhälle visar och bestämmer  vad ska vi vara intresserade i. Jag tror att Kasper är mer intresserad i natur...

I miss...

I feel like I want to go home..to Slovakia. To see my parents and Dante and to see little bit of green...I am starting missing green nature though it is very nice with snow around.
Right now I am very happy for all those pictures of my family, friends and dog in my computer. It cheers me up...

Dante pod paplonom

Vad Andreas hade skrivit om han hade en blogg:..del 5

Trots att jag har min egen blog..tror jag att det är roligt att skriva i Kristinas blogg också. Det är flera som läser här i alla fall.
Har kommit hem just nu. Jag var hos Kristina och åt pasta. Bästa pasta i hela världen som jag redan sagt men det är bara bra att säga det igen. Varje år har vi en pasta kväll när jag bara dyker upp hos henne och hon bjuder på pasta med tomat sås och ost (självkart), vi tittar lite på TV och pratar mycket. Vad roligt det är. Verkligen. Och varje år är det nåt konstigt på TV just då. Förra året var det  "F**k for forrest". I år visade de sperma tävling..människor har verkligen ingenting annat att göra än att göra sin sperma tävla . Den snabbaste vinner..
I alla fall..vi tittate på Vänner också. Rooooligt!!! De är bra! Kristina och Madlena kan vissa dialoger utantill...=) Så de bara skrattar och ingen annan (eller de som inte har sett Vänner) förstår men man får skratta åt Kristina och Madlena.
Annars mår jag braaa..bussar i Örebro går gratis efter kl. 19.00 så jag njuter av det. Man får prata med massor av människor efter kl. 19.00 och samtidigt åka nånstans..Verkligen bra! Jag ska rösta på miljöpartiet. Det var deras idé!!! =)
Nu ska jag sussa!
Snipp snapp snut!!!

Some differences..

I´ve just got to know that at the University in Örebro are beds for students to take a rest when needed...Cool. There are deffinitely differences in our education systems..At the highest ranked University in Slovakia, there are hardly places where people can go and sit when they do not have lessons. Students mostly go to the bars and restaurants somewhere in neighbourhood. In the summer they sit outside but in the winter there is really nowhere to go. The only solution is a library but that is not sufficient for all the students and of course it is a place to study and to read..not just to sit and chat with friends..so wooooow...bed at school it´s even difficult to imagine..

Stockholm och Baltikum

Igår var jag i Stockholm (för de som inte vet..jag älskar Stockholm). Var på två möte. Både handlade om Baltikum och om hur IOGT-NTO kan göra nåt i det där området. Det känns verkligen bra att vara med från början och starta nåt nytt. Det kommer att vara grymt har jag bestämt =)

Att promenera genom gammla stan med Esbjörn är också nåt som är verkligen roligt =D

Det räcker med vinter

Nu har jag tillräcklig med vinterbilder. Nu får våren komma så jag kan damma av min kamera..

Men annars är det intressant..det här är den kallaste mars jag har upplevt i mitt liv.

Yes..as I said before..there are things happening in Gothenbourg..=)

For those who do not want to read the whole text...in summary: Hanna´s and A-K party was cool =)

For those who have bit more time:
Here I sit. Full of impressions in my little appartment in centre of Örebro. It has happened rather much since I woke up yesterday. First I played a handball match. We won but I didn´t feel like a winner. I think that the handball we played wasn´t so nice for those who were watching. This has to change. We should cooperate and be more creative when playing. And we should enjoy the game as we used to do some months (weeks) ago. But OK...we won and it was time to go home and get ready for a party!!!!

So first some food, then some shopping, little preparations, present packing and train to Göteboooooooorg there Hanna and A-K arranged very very cosy evening.

We were sitting, eating, talking..One can ask:"What is so special about that?"  I answer: "Exactly!!!" Although it was so simple it caused many nice feelings thanks to the people around. I talked to people who I havent seen for more than year, I talked to people who I hardly know, I talked to those I see everyday and got to know them even better. Some memories, some stories, some crazy ideas, some serious talks.. wherever I looked..I saw smiles. Each of these moments has imprented into my soul and I am very happy.

I needed this very much I can say. I have felt weak recently. Was a lot to do at work and also my thesis is kind of pressure..so this party was the best what could happen to me in this weekend.

After private party..let´s go to disco. Crazy crazy situations connected to the way to some dance club in centre of G.
First..the tram hasn´t arrived because there was a bomb announced on our line. Suddenly plenty of people started moving from all tram stops of the line. Different people. Many of them drunk. Really out of reality..one of them running around in t-shirt (it was minus 8 at least)..hugging some friends. What´s wrong? What´s so special about alcohol? Does it open gate for emotions? Is it closeness which is the purpose of drinking? Because it seemed like that.
We changed the line..together with all those people and took the tram. Of course I stamped the ticket..but it was somehow in minus 13 crowns. There were many people who even didnt stamp. Why should they do that when there was a bomb somewhere?Tram full of people rolling from station to station. Suddenly..at one stop..I noticed very strange..a bit suspocious looks in peoples eyes.."Oh..my god, bomb" was my first thought..but then one of the drunk guys just yelled..."Ticket controll"..Hehe..what was the most funny about the situation was the fact, that people didn´t panic at all..they didn´t run like crazy from the tram stepping on each other..No no no. They just very slowly inconspicously got off the tram like they just have realized..that THIS was the tram stop they wanted to reach... The tram..suddenly empty..the centre of the town suddnly full of crowd going just like that with hope to either get some other tram or just to reach some cool club to party on.

We reached the club. Which was even more full than the tram was. There was no space 50x50 cm when dancig. I wouldnt call it dancing actually. It was kind of soft shaking at one spot and fighting for this little spot with the rest of the crowd which was just pushing, tramping and just standing with the beer in hand being pushed by all the others. What a dance!!!! I liked the music but as soon I wanted to make a longer step..I hit someone or was hit by someone. The disco was more continuation of the handball match from the morning (I wish we would have such tight defence) than dancing but still..I had kind of fun till like 3 a.m and most of the time I was wondering how can people enjoy this so much every week. Paying 60 SEK to stay at one place, listen to the music, hold a bottle of alcohol and move hips a bit. I do not judge. I just search for an answer and will be very happy if someone tells me what is so great about it. I want to understand. On the margin I want to add that I love music and dancing (or jumping and waving hands a bit - that´s what I do when I dance), but this I can do also at some private place with a bit more space and for free. So..gimme gimme answer..

The way from disco was...cooooooooold. It was minus 17 so every minute of waiting just add some minus grades to the subjective feeling of the temperature. But we made it without chilblains, managed to sleep a bit and come back home from G.

It was nice nice nice nice nice time I had and I am incredibly glad that I left my studies for a while and went to meet wonderful people to have inredible time with them. Thank u and happy brthday to Hanna and A-K.

The only pity is that the battery in my camera had got somehow discharged before the party started...so no pics at all....so sorry..

Om ryska och hur jag börja läsa när jag va liten

För en månad sen började jag med ryska språk. Var dags att lära sig ett nytt språk.  Det ska jag inte berätta för mina föräldrar och sen ska jag bara överraska dem när jag kan lite mer. De andra språk jag tänkte att lära mig är spanska och ungariska och sen måste jag leta efter min tyska som ligger nånstans bak i huvet och väcka den.
Hmmm..i alla fall..tillbaka till ryska..man måste lära sig läsa och skriva från början och det är det som är mest intressant med det där språket (för mig). Som ett litet barn sitter jag och försöker koppla ihop de konstiga tecken framför mig. Och det gör mig tänka om hur det var när jag var liten och började läsa. Jag bara kommer ihåg den där "aha efekt" när jag helt plötsligt insåg hur det funkar. Det var innan jag började gå på skolan men efter mina föräldrar försökte lära mig bokstäver på alla olika sätt. De trodde jag var som min brorsa som kunde läsa när han var 3 år gammal. Så när jag fyllde tre år fick jag mit första alfabet av min pappa. Jag tyckte det var jättefint =) och jag använde det för alla möjliga lekar men inte för att lära sig läsa =) Det var min mamma som insåg att böcker hade jag för att se vackra färgstarka bilder, för att bygga och rita och att det var mycket roligare att hoppa över böckerna och springa mellan dem än att bläddra genom dem. Men en dag hände det och jag kunde läsa bara för att jag ville vara lika duktigt som min bror =) Snipp snapp snut!

The best blog ever

Today Liza has written the funniest blog I have ever read. U should check it.

Handball. We lost. And what?

We lost today. It is the first handball match this "handball"year we have lost. We were leading the competition the whole year and now when we have only 3 matches left, we have lost and we are on the second place. But..I do not mind. It is also maybe for the first time in my life that I do not mind that. I love winning. It is really cool and the feeling is so strong! But this match made me think. Why do I like winning so much? It is proof that i/we are good..better than other players. Proof that we are a good team. Hmm..But (as for example also the match at OG Sweden-Slovakia) showed that to win is not always about being the best. And the other way around.
I know that all of us did everything we could for the match. We had really nice moments. And actually we haven´t lost anything. Just one game which lasted for one hour. Now we all are back to our homes, some with people they live with, me sitting at the computer eating pasta.. Life goes on. That´s what´s so marvelous about it. What would change if we had won that match? Yeah..we would maybe play in the third divsion instead of forth next year. But who knows if that would be better for us. 
The most important thing is that we did not give up the match. That we played and tried. We are not worse or better players than we were before. And I actually feel stronger after the lost. And I am looking forward to saturday and the next match. I wanna have fun!!!!