Old pics

I went through some old pics and I managed to scan some. This was one of my first days at school =)
First day at school

Wooow it is 20 years ago. I remember that sweater. My grandma made it. I had such in several colours. it was very much in then =) And the hair, my hair is and was curly, but it was also very soft so it took long time and patience to do something with it. When my mom went to spa and my grandma took care of me, she decided that my hair needed to be cut to get stronger and she just took me to a hairdresser. She was so convincing that I even agreed on having it cut eventhough I had been "bugging" my mom several months before that that i wanted to have my hair long till the waste at least (!). Hmm..but I look satisfied on the picture so i guess I was OK with my hair style ;-)

Spring has really arrived


Butterflies =)



Let the butterfly reach your heart...


 ...happy Valentine

Mastering photography..long way to go

Dante sleeping

After several days of waiting for a nice sunny day I decided to go out in an "ugly" (meaning not good for photography) weather and to take nice pictures inspite of bad light, grey sky and fog. I took some...Yes I know there is a lot to improve but I took the first step. Since then I am happy for every "ugly" day because I can practice turning smth not nice into something one can look at.



And yesterday I felt for making this picture..so I made it.
Yes JT - it has smth to do with my profile at
www.egtyf.org =)

Mobile phone camera

Have been playing with my mobile...took a picture I like


Friday morning without breakfast...

I have forgotten to eat breakfast today... I woke up 1,5 hour before going to work. I had plenty of time to eat BUT I have found more interesting activity than eating..

First I was decorating my laptop case, cause it is just black and I prefer colours or some little special detail:
No breakfast but painting

After I have finished the case, I found out that the sunflower I had on the table and sun were "talking" so I took some pictures:

Sunflower1  Sunflower2Sunflower3

And then I went to work..=)

My new desktop picture in my new laptop =)




This happens when you fall asleep at the public place on a boat and people have free access to your shoes..;-)
(the picture wasnt modified in any graphic programme..hihi)



And here I am worshipping the god of photography ;-)

Somewhere over the rainbow...

Somewhere over the rainbow...


And there..suddenly..in the middle of a sidewalk..I saw a tree-top..


Dog or maybe a smiling plane

I made a plane..for people
Liza made a dog.. for me =)



I made a plane =)


Sunny saturday..

Sunny saturday..

I really didn´t miss anyTHING at that moment..


Happines signed

The original is without that "signature" of course. I hope it is not too bothering here..But I had my reasons to "sign" it.