Walking with Dante..

...is wonderful. We walked without a leash. He usually walks in front of me, then he stops to smell somethng, I pass him, then he is some seconds behind me and then he runs to overtake me to walk in front of me again. Today we walked longer than usually, we played and then walked again. He stopped to check smth and i kept on walking and thinking expecting him to pass me by soon. When I thought he was behind me for a too long time (counted in seconds) I turned to call him but he was not there. So I turned and check in front but he was not there either. When I wanted to check back again I noticed that he was right next to me..walking very close and this he did on the whole way home..with maximum one meter distance. 
I like this dog. He understands. He understands more than one would hope. And he learns things without anybody  teaching him =)

Cleaning day

This day will be about cleaning and decorating the new apartment. There are still boexes to unpack and details to improve. I am looking fwd to that. It is the last weekend I will be at home untill the end of november so this is the only and exclusive opportunity to finish most of the things (I do not have ambition to say that everything will be done but it would be ideal of course)

But now..Danticko, pod, ideme von? Yuuuu ideme von! Dobry Danicko =)

My life/work with the volunteers

It´s middle of the week and I am summing up for myself what has happened since "those new ones" (read volunteers: Aija, Hanka, Stina) arrived to Örebro.
So far it feels very good. Of course it has been just week and a half so I have to be careful about presumtions but I have a feeling that I started  to work with them in a right way. The first day we spent by fixing the legal papers for bank etc and then by explaining what Active, NORDGU, IOGT International is and by clarifying what are and what are not our tasks in the office. So far it seems the explanation was clear =)

Later on we spent some hours by focusing only on project writing. And here I am proud of myself because the first application is already written and it´s ready to be submitted. There are like 4 days left to deadline. So this feels very good =) I realized how great feeling it is to "teach fishing" instead of  "giving fish" =) The application has some new elements our seminars so far did not included so we will see whether this will go thourgh by Council of Europe but I see those elements only as a positive contribution so I believe they will be appreciated.

Then we had Emil (board member) here talking about board and office cooperation and it went also very well. So now I am looking forward to the meeting: Active board - the volunteers =)


Today is European Day of Languages. And that made me think a bit on what language should I focuse now. What language do I want to learn?
When I was little, it was a huge thing in Slovakia (and similar states) when one could speak one foreign language. I speak Slovak, English and Swedish and understand some German but I feel it is nothing. In this world and the world I am active in two languages are too few.
So which language to chose: deep in my head sits hungarian (since my mom is hungarian) and that I feel I would learn fast, but some Italian or even Spanish have higher probability of useage, Russian is something I can learn very fast (it is close to Slovak), French is very tempting and also very good to have as I experienced that French people do not put lots of effort to learn English. Or should I first improve my German? Hmm hmm hmmm.. I am thinking.

PS. Greetings to Ruzka who speaks some 10 languages out of which 7 are fluent (if I am right. Maybe more)


seems I am getting sick.. Sorethroat and pain in lungs. Auauauaua!

New beginnings

Last week was crazy but really great. The days past incredibly fast. Everything started already on sunday when two of the new volunteers arrived to Örebro. On monday I go to know that I could move from my little apratment to a bigger one (in the same house) and all that i was supposed to manage till thursday the same week. So during the days I was working - introducing Active, office and all the officialities connected to opening of a bank account (not that easy if u r not a citizen or student in the country) in the days and cleaning and packing and moving in the evenings and nights (with Maiks help. And Andreas helped also a bit. Thanks to him too).

When it comes to the byrocracy - it is incredible how a paper saying some numbers and date of birth can help. The bank totally ignored a paper confirming that the people opening the accounts will have money to live from but the paper showing their birthdate was a holy paper.

When it comes to moving - I cant take off the wallpaper or paint it. It is forbidden so I have to adjust furniture and the rest of the things to the colour on the walls. But I think I have found a solution and now it feels great! I can´t wait till everything is ready.

And in between I got to choose from two handball clubs playing in the same league and I feel I did a good decision.

So yes - new colelgues, new apratement, new handball club!

I am waking up into each new day with a smile on my face =)


Right now I have finished a report written all in Swedish. It is for the first time I wrote some "official" paper in this language. It was fun to do that. Thanks to online dictionary also. I used it mostly to check spelling.
OK I have not gotten any feedback yet and I am sure that in some months I will look at it and wonder how could I construct such sentences (grammaticallywise) but still - right now it is a good feeling =)

Jag är nöjd =)

Being alive

Inspired by one book I read I would like to ask you a question: When do you feel alive?

I would be very happy for an answer. Anonymous answeres are also welcome =)


Am back from Slovakia. One of the things still keeping my mind busy is a moment I experienced when going home from swimming pool. I heard one lifeguard (of age more than 30)  talking on the phone with a friend: "Hej dude I was so high yesterday. Like a small boy. Am still getting back to the reality" 
This guy is supposed to be aware of a moment, react fast and safe lives. I felt very safe all of a sudden.
I somehow have a feeling that we have facts, we learn a lot, we know how computers work and we fly to the moon and we dig deep in humans body to find out more and more. But we do not learn and we do not teach the basic thing important for survival of our kind and that´s responsibility towards ourselves and others. I don´t think humas are smart.