Thoughts about my job

Having working weekend again. My previous weekend was happening in Brussles. Active board had their meeting. Planning the future, exchanging opinions, improving the work - feels for me like sunbathing.
Today I am sitting in my room in the office, while the preparation team is preparing the seminar in Reims. It is a nice feeling. The sun is shining outside and I feel that something good is being created. It´s been some time I have been to a seminar. The methods are for sure changing, I am recognizing less and less people in the participants list - and that´s a good sign. That means that the people are changing, new and new are coming, new and new people have chance to experience Active, new and new people are getting involved. 
I want to remember this feeling because feelings like this make me like my job even at times when I have to deal with broken computers, not working SIM cards and putting bills into order. Knowing what is behind those bills, phones and other troubles  - makes me understand that even such days are meaningful. 

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reading this makes me smile

2008-02-23 @ 17:54:33

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