Am back from Slovakia. One of the things still keeping my mind busy is a moment I experienced when going home from swimming pool. I heard one lifeguard (of age more than 30)  talking on the phone with a friend: "Hej dude I was so high yesterday. Like a small boy. Am still getting back to the reality" 
This guy is supposed to be aware of a moment, react fast and safe lives. I felt very safe all of a sudden.
I somehow have a feeling that we have facts, we learn a lot, we know how computers work and we fly to the moon and we dig deep in humans body to find out more and more. But we do not learn and we do not teach the basic thing important for survival of our kind and that´s responsibility towards ourselves and others. I don´t think humas are smart. 

Postat av: Vladimir

Hah, smart? :)))
Well yes, "smart" in a human way, in a human sense (when comparred to the rest of the animal world).
But, this is on big BUT, totally irresponsible and disgusting when it comes to the human-human relations.
So therefore, this "smart" is pretty relative thing :)))

Postat av: Jenssigrun

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2008-11-24 @ 10:55:03
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