New beginnings

Last week was crazy but really great. The days past incredibly fast. Everything started already on sunday when two of the new volunteers arrived to Örebro. On monday I go to know that I could move from my little apratment to a bigger one (in the same house) and all that i was supposed to manage till thursday the same week. So during the days I was working - introducing Active, office and all the officialities connected to opening of a bank account (not that easy if u r not a citizen or student in the country) in the days and cleaning and packing and moving in the evenings and nights (with Maiks help. And Andreas helped also a bit. Thanks to him too).

When it comes to the byrocracy - it is incredible how a paper saying some numbers and date of birth can help. The bank totally ignored a paper confirming that the people opening the accounts will have money to live from but the paper showing their birthdate was a holy paper.

When it comes to moving - I cant take off the wallpaper or paint it. It is forbidden so I have to adjust furniture and the rest of the things to the colour on the walls. But I think I have found a solution and now it feels great! I can´t wait till everything is ready.

And in between I got to choose from two handball clubs playing in the same league and I feel I did a good decision.

So yes - new colelgues, new apratement, new handball club!

I am waking up into each new day with a smile on my face =)


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