Today is European Day of Languages. And that made me think a bit on what language should I focuse now. What language do I want to learn?
When I was little, it was a huge thing in Slovakia (and similar states) when one could speak one foreign language. I speak Slovak, English and Swedish and understand some German but I feel it is nothing. In this world and the world I am active in two languages are too few.
So which language to chose: deep in my head sits hungarian (since my mom is hungarian) and that I feel I would learn fast, but some Italian or even Spanish have higher probability of useage, Russian is something I can learn very fast (it is close to Slovak), French is very tempting and also very good to have as I experienced that French people do not put lots of effort to learn English. Or should I first improve my German? Hmm hmm hmmm.. I am thinking.

PS. Greetings to Ruzka who speaks some 10 languages out of which 7 are fluent (if I am right. Maybe more)

Postat av: maik

Ich denke, dass du zuerst dein Deutsch auffrischen solltest. Ich glaube, dass es nicht lange dauern wuerde =))
D'àpres tu peut appris francais =)) De later jette bra =))
aha - on 21st of September: International Peace Day

2007-09-25 @ 19:49:29
Postat av: Minja

Ja! Deutsch ist sehr interessant. Aber glaube ich, dass Bosnisch besser ist.=) Dann könntest du drei Sprachen verstehen =)Let's hope this is correct what i worte.. Maik is very good at proofreading, maybe he'll react =) and, yes,one by one.. you can learn any you want:)

2007-09-26 @ 15:04:32
Postat av: tiina

What about Estonian? so there will be more people speaking it:P
btw "got myself" in my blog does not mean that you read from it, because it is a bad translation from Estonian. And in my bad English, it means as owning a tamagotchi and getting it from someone. Thank you! It is still alive, but haven't had much time to play with her:)

2007-09-26 @ 22:31:24
Postat av: Koko

I'm learning Swedish now and yesterday I got a great advice with it. I wrote about it in my blog.

Postat av: Jan Tore

I think that we agreed once that the official language of the ACTIVE office should be norwegian. And since you already know swedish it won't be so difficult.

2007-09-28 @ 00:38:40
Postat av: Kristiina

I'm for estonian as well! Thats already 2 voices, meaning the majority, if this is a democratic vote ;)

2007-09-28 @ 16:53:59
Postat av: Kristina

Yeah I like your reason Tiina and Kristiina =) I think only Faroese would have a stronger argument =) I think even more. Maybe we can start with some basic phrases =) I know "kali" already =)

2007-09-28 @ 19:34:26
Postat av: Minja

Hej hej.. wait a minute! Wouldn't u like to learn Bosnian, and therefore understand and speak Serbian, Croat, understand Macedonian and Slovenian?? Two extra arguments: it's similar to Slovak, and u can come to Sarajevo and practice!! :)

2007-09-28 @ 23:44:34
Postat av: Kristina

Minjaaa..u r a real lawyer =) Not giving up =) So now..thinking continues =) Yes I know while thinking I could learn some basics already. So I know what..whomever write some phrase and translation I will learn it.

2007-09-29 @ 12:16:33
Postat av: maik

Ich habe Wasser in der Nase. =))

2007-09-30 @ 22:00:12
Postat av: Kristiina

Aabits - spelling book
Aadellik - noble
Aadress - adress
Aam - barrel
Aas - meadow
Aasta - year
Aastaaeg - season

2007-10-04 @ 17:28:29
Postat av: Kristina

Thank you Kristiina =)
Estoniana seems to be very easy language =) Consisting of many "a"s =) Easy easy =)
Aadress =)
aand I forgot smth..aaaahaaa.. A

2007-10-04 @ 22:20:22
Postat av: Kristiina

No-no, this is just a start. If you manage to learn these words, there are more up to come. We still have B, C, D, E, F etc... :)

2007-10-08 @ 17:05:26

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