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Some years ago (almost 20) people did not understand the connection between climate changes and people´s behaviour. That excuses them from not doing their best for the environment. Now we know about consequences of our actions and that obliges us to be nice to our planet  - to our home.
Our home is not just the house we live in or the town where our house is built. Earth is our home. And we as individuals have a huge impact on the whole planet.
 That´s why I:
- separate trash (paper, plast, glass, natural product)
- am vegetarian
- do not leave electronic devices on stand - by mode
- ecological products (eventhough they are more expensive) - while I this money so I invest them into my home
- I do not smoke
- I try to travel as environmental as possible (I prefer a bus before a car and prefer a train before a bus)

I guess I did not mention everything and U can give me some more hints how to contribute to an environmental life style. Thank u in advance!

Postat av: kadri

well, i do most of the things, but i am a nonideological vegetarian and i do not separate trash entirely, cause i do not want to store trash in my home.
but more opportunities:
walking to work
using environmental home chemistry (cleaning stuff, washing powder etc)
saving lamps

there are some more good things on facebook, the i am green application..:-)k

2007-10-15 @ 21:17:55
Postat av: maik

buy FAIR TRADE products!

2007-10-15 @ 22:12:57
Postat av: maik

Just cherish the small activities =))
Throw your garbage not into the streets but in garbage boxes;
Use sheets of paper twice (don't throw it away if one side is blank)
buy in small shops or on the market place - not in big chains =))
Switch the light off in a room where you are not;
Don't use electrical tooth brushes;
Save water!

These are small activities that do not hurt and don't cost a lot of money. They are a selection from a huge huge list (Kristina and Kadri mentioned more).

Moreover, make other take those actions, too! Tell your parents! Tell your friends! Tell your classmates and teammates!
Be the stone thrown into the lake. Make waves!

2007-10-17 @ 00:00:29
Postat av: maik

hmmm.. there is maybe not so much public interest in this...

But I also want to mention the following:

Unplug cables if you don't need them anymore (e.g. charger of the mobile).
And to be honest, I have to improve in this a lot myself...

2007-10-20 @ 18:00:00

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