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about how I cut Stina´s hair

Once upon a time, in a country where wishes come true, princess Stina wished to have a new hair cut... As fairy Kristina was on her duty that day to fulfil peoples´wishes, she happilly said: "I can do that if you want" (read: If you dare). Princess Stina as open minded as she was, did not hesitate to say "Yes, why not"

Princess did not know what haircut she would like to have, Kristina did not know what cut she would like to Stina was a bit sceptical but did not change her decision..

...Kristina just started somehow then..

...cut the fringe.. (and also wanted to finish at that point, but Stina did not see  - literally - what was the point with such an invisible  - she perceived it so - change and wanted her wish to be used 100%) by some  moves of  a magic wand

...Stina got a very fashionable (sometimes a bit confusing) haircut that suits her very much...

And the bell rang right after Kristina improved the uneven details and the story happy - ended =)

Postat av: Vladimir


She is so cute. Good job fairy Kristina. :)))

Postat av: maik

simsala bim

2007-11-04 @ 17:31:19

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