Slovakia - THE country for NGOs

I just read an article in a Slovak newspaper. In the parliament a suggsetion of a bill about NGO´s is being discussed. It´s really NGOs - unfriendly:
- from the time the law will be valid all the NGOs will have three months to re-register ( to find out which of the registered ones are still existing) - that means lots of papers to fill in but OK I see the logic
- NGOs can help ONLY their members (meaning: for example changing injection needles - street work is not allowed. Not talking about environmental activities - since the trees are not members of an organisation)
- whatever change in the constitution of an organisation will cost money (small orgs have not this money)
- all the NGOs have to write annual reports (OK) and have to have professional audit that costs round 600 - 1000 Euro (some orgs do not have that much money only for audit 

So that´s it. It somehow resembles the "strategy" of our eastern neighbours.. It is a bit scary. 

Postat av: Maja


Well... I am surprised.. I am expecting recognition of NGO work more and more.. this is the way to go.. this is the way to a new democratic world, world of non-formal education...Helloooo...

And under this conditions, will there be NGO working in Slovakia?

2007-12-18 @ 19:02:28
Postat av: Kristina

NGOs and nonformal education do not need to be neccessrly connected =)

I do not know whether the orgs will exist (NOM will not manage to pay that money for example). I know there are several NGOs that gonna react. I have not seen any other articles in the newspaper. But will search and will keep you updated =)

2007-12-19 @ 16:33:42

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