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Long time again...
When being in Slovakia I had very often a need to write here something but the internet connection was not that good and I was also happy not to see computer and rest a bit from it.
We had 12 lectures in 4 days and saturday - 8 hours planning with a short short break for food. No time for writing blog really. Now I am back, internet accesable almost 24/7 - good for going through all the emails I did not open/answer those 10 days away and step by step I am getting into the blog world again too.

I had an idea to publish one fact about alcohol every day. The idea comes from the activity we held at the schools. I prepared a quiz - few slides with facts and people had to guess what were the facts about.

Just an example:
115 000 dead a year in EU
125 000 000 000 Euro a year in EU
9 000 000 000 children suffer

The usual answer on this was: "war" This answer made me actually happy. People perceive war as something negative. But alcohol as something that belongs to celebrations. When I told that all those things are about alcohol and explained them deeper, the alcohol was not that obvious part of fun and celebrations anymore.

Felt good to provide information people do not get to read/hear everyday =)

So we will (hopefully) start here tomorrow.

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I am looking forward to that!
And I am curious!

Maybe you can link your blogg with IOGT Int and other webpages =))

2007-12-13 @ 14:54:08

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