I´ve just finished writing a project for NOM and am as usually after such activities very fresh.
I have to admit I liked this day very much.
I have seen my new apratement which is bigger than my current one (it is really needed to move and to get a bit more space) and I got to know that I can move in as soon as I am back from Slovakia. Whooo it means cleaning and packing and unpacking but it is a very pleasant problem.
I have also seen a handball team which invited me to play with them and I spoke to a manager of another handball team that invited me as well. So now I can even choose =) My arm is OK and I can´t wait to play handball again. I hope I will play better than I managed at bowling today. Since I am leaving to SK on wednesday evening this evening was the last one with Tiina so we decided to spent it together doing something nice. I did not win this time but I was also trying unusual things such spinning (Burken´s influence) or planning backwards (my own invention).
So now to bed, then wake up early in the mroning, finish things to be finished in the office, meet Anna - "hand in" Dante (the best dog ever) and a train to Nyköping.
The travel on thursday will be fun. Early from Skavsta to Frankfrut Hahn, then 10 hours waiting and then plane to Bratislava. So my new iPod will be finally used =)  


I will quotate here myself again cause I think I was very funny ;-)

Today I told Maik: "So my phone will be called Serendipity. And when it does not work, it will be just Pity"


Athletics in Osaka

Watching World Championship in Osaka. Feels so good. Reminds me of my childhood when I was watching sport with my parents (mom watching and father mostly sleeping but still having overview..I still don´t understand how he is doing it) I am impressed by the perfomances. How much are people able to do and how they are able to "force" themselves to go over their limits - which as very often proved are actually not their limits yet..

Going home soon =)

Yesterday I bought the tickets home so from 30th of August till 5th of September I am in Slovakia =)
I already have full programme:
1. playing with my new...a a a I can´t reveal what is it yet =)
2. modifiying pictures with the help of a book about Photoshop CS3 (i got from Maik)
3. meet friends and a baby of a friend (I hope it´s born untill then)
4. gendeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer
5. parents
6. chill out =)

Swedish railways

It´s not a news for those who have been to Sweden that swedish trains are not really on time very often. Astrid (NORDGU board member) visited yesterday to plan the seminar and wanted to go home at 19.44. So when we arrived to the station at 19.25, we got  to know that the train is delayed till 21.10. It was not that bad cause we could spent some more time together, eat something in a cosy place and talk about digital cameras =)
When we came back to the station at 20.50, we got to know that the train goes 21.15. After some time the numbers changed to 21.20, then to 21.30 and then to 21.40. That was kind of top of everything when we decided to call the reailways (SJ) and ask whether the train comes at all and whether it is worth to wait there. We reached someone working on the telephone line but she could not help us since thet train was operated by another company. We got number to the company at least. was just pity that the company closes their telephone lines at 16.00. So back to SJ since we bought the ticket from them. I just heard Astrid telling:
"Aha..but I bought the tickets from you, so you should be able to help"
"But don´t you think it is easier to find out from the office and than from a train station where there is none to ask?"
"Nähä..and you do not have any computer with internet connection to find out?"
and after some time: "Aaah..thank you that sounds promissing"
It´s funny that after Astrid´s instructions we got to know that the train just left the closest station and would arrive in some minutes. It also came in the end =)

New beginnings

Friday and Saturday were projects/seminars planning days. Friday - msn meeting with Jan and Kristiina to plan
25+ activity in autumn. This activity has been awaited several years already so I really hope it will bring lomg perspective results.

Saturday was NORDGU day when me and Astrid planned the seminar for nordic temperance organisations. It will be the first one of that kind after long time of NORDGU´s silence. But now NORDGU is back on track. It feels very good to be part of it =)

Try to guess

It´s black, it has 80 GB memory, it´s small, it has beautiful beautiful design, it plays music, films and shows pics. What is it?

And yes..I also have to find a name for that one, so your suggestions are welcome (except of Walter and Horst)

Hard life of my mobile phone

I have never had as many problems with mobile phone as I had this year. It is one year since i bought it and I experienced almost everything. Problems with moving number, losing all data, it switched off whenever it wanted and needed to be upgradet then and finally - my charger stopped working. Now I bought a new charger and I hope that was all bad that could happen to my little mobile. I think I´ll find some nice name for it to make it feel better.

Perfect holiday

Still feeling nice afer last weekends trip. We started at 20.00 on thursday and drove 12 hours up to north of Sweden. Four drivers taking 3 hours shifts - it went pretty good. Arrived at 8 in the morning slept a bit and then used the short time we had to experience the North =)
The best about those days were people who took part of course: Andreas, Maik, Maja, Tiina.
Dante was not missing of course. He had some problems with getting used to the car but he calmed down after 2/3 of the trip and since then he was just OK and very curious.
I also got to know that Dante LOVES swimming. His first way after 12 hours trip was to the near lake. And the next day he jumped there at least 3 times and spent round 20 minutes each time just swimming.
I am very thankful for those 3 days. Small summer house, lake, sauna, no internet and mobile phone connection.



Just nature and calmness. My mind was very fresh after we came back.
I wanna more of such =)
But now..home, parents and my slovak friends. I believe I will recharge in Slovakia as well.

My reflection

Some days ago I accidently and then voluntarily took part in a demonstration against Nazis. nazis. I was just walking through Örebro when I saw group of people standing with black umbrellas pointing against another group of people holding flags, newsletters and megaphones. The group unannounced, claiming that they were just spreading newspaper, was actively promoting Nazism and had a small demonstration. The police was standing around but did not ask them to leave eventhough they did not have permission for such an event. If an NGO wants to organize smth we always have to ask for permission describing what we are going to do, how big space we are going to use etc.
In this case..they just let them act unless something bad happens. Interesting.
Young social democrats just finished their congress the day before and were still in the town so they managed to organize themselves rather fast and to "counter"act. They bought black umbrellas and were just standing around the group of Nazis..oh..sorry..I wanted to write nazis, kind of blocking them.

They also started conversation. Asking what is "swedish" according to them. What the swedish identity  involves.  Of course no reasonable asnwer came. The guy was refering to the history - almost to monkeys and just made fool of himself. I got really upset when he offered a banana to a girl of dark skin who tried to have an inteligent conversation with him. 


It made me think a lot about national identity again. I consider it a very abused concept  to manipulate people. It is very nice to care about the country or people of the same nationality, but why should a country or same origin be the reason? Why should I like someone more just because it is a person coming from the same country as I do? Why should I take care more about Slovakia than I do about Sweden or Hungary? Why should I feel more special or worse that I am Slovak and not a Swede? Why should I be proud that I am a Slovak and the world champion in 100 m butterly (swimming) from 2004 is Slovak. She did not win it because she is from Slovakia and I haven´t contributed in any way to her victory. Of course the sport example could be replaced by politics or art to make it more serious. But still. And why should I suffer and feel guilty because of some slovaks responsible for cruelty under 2nd world war? Hmm..I dont feel responsible for past and I do not take any benefit of someone´s else success just because we were born in the same country or we have the same skin colour. All I can do to feel good about and proud of myself is to work on my own development and contribute to make the world nicer by all means I can think of. I do not want to hide behind any other identity.

Handball handball

I just came from outside and was thinking a lot about coming months. I was solving also my handball situation - should I stay in the team I played, should I change, should I play at all? How often do I want to train? And play? How often will I be able to take part in trainings? How often will I take part in matches? With my kind of job one never knows. Would I enjoy in a higher division? Will it be more pressure?
I just came home and found a missed call on my mobile. And then a voice message. I could not believe what I heard. A manager from a club in Örebro where I played two years ago (and then left because of lots of things to do and lack of time to train to lower division) called me asking whether I wanted to come back.
I want. I will =)
Handball handball here I come =)

PS. Now a university could call me to ask whether I want to join some of their courses ;-)

After holiday

I am having holiday these days but in my head I am planning the next year already. The new working year will be about structure - much more structure and consequent actions. I am looking forward to that.

Weather witch

I think you can blame me for the rainy weather. Since june I experienced all together one week of sun. (3 days of that I was at the IOGT International meeting so I was experiencing it from inside).
As soon as sun came out from behind clouds, I left either to Faroe Islands or to Iceland.
When I finally thought i could enjoy summer in southern part of Europe I manage to spent 3 hours outside, playing volleyball and just enjoying the sun rays. The rest of the time I was in a building taking part in some workshops.
When i finally got to go out on the excursion day, rain came. Lots of water. I even regreted I did not have my rain jacket I bought for Faroe Islands.
After we came back from excursion the sun appeared again but I was inside. I did not mind it at all cause I counted on Macedonia where there did not fall a drop of rain for 2 months. Yeah..untill I entered the country. The first very welcome light rain came as we left the bus...The light rain followed by storm which lasted almost without breaks both 2 days we were in Macedonia.  The temperature was not more than 17. The day afer we left - it was sunny and warm.
So we entered Bulgaria again since the flight home was from there and...It was raining there. Nevermind told I to myself - there is wonderful sunny summer in Sweden. And it really was =) I left the plane and rays tickled my face. I traveled home by train and watched the wonderfully beautiful country bathing in sun shine.
The next day was warm and sunny too - untill I decided to leave the house and go out with Dante. Water was just falling and falling. Now it is better. It is cloudy but not raining. Very nice =) I just do not dare to go out.

Btw. Ruza came to Sweden and she told me that she is exactly oposite followed by sunny weather and heat. So we will see now which one of us has stronger personality =)

Macedonia in 2 days

Right from Bulgaria, me, Tiina, Per Jorgen and Sofia went to visit Maja and her friends in Macodonia. We wanted to see and experience Macodonian daily life, walk around Skopje, see many of Maja´s friends, try Maja´s mom´s food, go to Ohrid and chill out on the beach there. Everything in 2 days. 

The first thing that really touched me was borders. Two controls at each side, luggage checking and questions. I haven´t experienced such since I was six years old. I think I needed this experience to remind me that it is not very easy to travel in all the countries and that I am very lucky person that I can forget my passport for most of my travels and just go with ID without explaining reasons of my visit and proving that I´ll come back.

When we wanted to go to Ohrid (3 hours from Skopje) and found out that the bus was full, we were thinking to take a taxi (very usual mean of transport in macedonia) It would cost us less than double of the bus ticket price. We found another two girls who wanted to go to the same town so they just joined us in negotiating the price with taxi drivers. We made it from 700 to 500 dinars (the bus is 430). In the end we found a guy (a family friend) who would drive us there and back. The problem is that those two girls would not fit into the car since we were 7 and the car was for 7. One of the girls not belonging to our group came and started negotiating with us to move a bit and make space for them etc. I considered it very funny since I compered it to a situtation when she would come to a private car and ask a family to squeeze a bit so they (total strangers) can travel with them. We said no and she left without bad feelings. She tried at least.

Another strong moment was the whole last hour before our departure. We had very little time to pack, buy some things, eat etc. Maja´s friends wanted to meet her and say bye to her (and some of them to us as well). All of a sudden 15 people were in a small apartment. Since we did not have much time to prepare food, everybody was running around, cooking for us, preparing sandwiches while we were packing. Incredible. Just huge "virvar". Then the whole group as royal convoy followed to the bus station and waved good bye. Crazy. Perfect movie situation.

The food was very good. The people were many and all of them incredibly friendly.  I really liked the culture of social life which is very very different from swedish or slovak one. People talk to each other constantly, they have very huge social network and they help to each other. If you need a help, a friend of a friends cousin´s friend will help you. 

I decided to visit Balkans every summer. I think I need to experience that warmth to balance swedish calmness (which I really love as well).

Looking back

I am looking back and I have problems to coprehend how fast the time goes. I remember me writing the last blog before the departure to Bulgaria. It was 10 days ago and now I am sitting here again.
When I look back again and focus a bit better I see plenty of wonderful moments. I see all the details. I see our arrival to hot Sofia, I see us waiting for our minibus, I see us worried about the warmth and keeping our drinking regime, I feel bumpy roads to Rila mountains, I see the huge hotel in the middle of the night after 4 hours of traveling. I see Swiss people sitting on the first floor, I see them coming with their hugs and smiles, I see our room, I feel the excitement before everything starts, I feel the sun while playing volleyball, running barefoot, I see new and new people coming, I am laughing when I remember planning of the "magician game" introduction and Vicky trying to reach my cheek (one can say I am a bit taller then she is), I feel amazement by listening to the discussion during the workshop "Make the world a better place", I enjoy again when I go through the "Tobacco policy" workshop planning with Kristiina, I smile when all the masks from the carnival appear on my mind and I have to admit that that´s the first carnival I really enjoyed from the beginnig till the end (eventhough I did not win), I remember all the talks and problem solving that made me think a lot and made my mind heavy several times but still - the great people taking part in this unfrogettable event overshadowed all the "dark sides" and I feel that it´s them I work for and they are worth it. I feel amazement after each Tobacco policy workshop session and I feel proud of myself and Kristiina (pls notice that it is another person and not me) when listening to Alex´s evaluation of the method we have chosen to make the whole group (great and incredibly productive group) write a draft policy paper, I smile rememberting wrestling with Henri, I feel good "listening" to Sofia singing again and again "Funny feeling (from Weird L), I am impressed by the great organisation again and again.

It was a wonderful week. I did not get tanned at all as I planned. Maybe because I spent all together maybe a half a day on the sun but when I look back I feel like sun was shining on me 24/7 - thanks to all who participated.  

PS. I hope the slovak team contributed to change of the conception of International evenings.