The neighbour I would like to have

Some minutes left untill I´ll leave from Svendborg. I am sitting in a very comfortable armchair, writing emails, listening to my neighbour playing guitare. Right now: "You were always on my mind". I like this moment very much! Great way to start a day! I think I would like this guy to be my neighbour in general. He is really good!

In Denmark right now...

I am sitting at a hotel in Svendborg i Denmark. IOGT Denmark has a congress here tomorrow. I am preparing my speech and enjoying being on my own for a while. Recent days have been full of happening so coming to this wonderful place is just as a balsam for my soul.
The congress starts at 14.00 tomorrow so untill then I will enjoy the beauty of nature around me. I really regret that I don´t have my camera with me. But I can try to do my best with the mobile phone.


I also like the people here. They speak a very strange language ;-) but they are very nice to me. So now I gonna think what kind of message I am going to deliver tomorrow. Will come back to you with that!


Really lots of work has paid off and one of our participants for Croatia seminar finally got visa! I really did not believe that we would manage to fix that. All the possible stamps and confirmations were required. Phonecalls, fax, emalinig (one of the reasons of my "Blogg - break"). But hurrraaaa we managed and that makes me incredibly happy! I almost gave up several times but I (and my collegues) did not and now we have opened a door to the world to one person who can learn smth new and share with the others! Incredibly nice feeling!

PS. But just to make things clear .. I still do not like the visa system! !


I am going to buy another Friends serie today. Meaning I will have the first six already =) Hurrraaa! And somewhen in May I will take part in a 24 hours long "Friends" marathon. Only sofa, huge screen, friends and Friends =) I guess it´s gonna be fun!

Back on track

Oooh..I haven´t written here for such a long time. I just realized it when I had problems with remembering my password to log in.
I have been missing writing blogs. I was very busy. Abroad, having people visiting me..and then I also chose living a bit more active life when it comes to sport. So instead of sitting at the computer and writing blogs about all the possible things I play volleyball or walk outside with Dante. But as I missed sport and motion when I was studying and writing the thesis, now I miss writing. So here we go. I am back on track =)

I can start with a quotation of myself ;-) and write the joke I made and nobody considered it funny. It is about the movie City of Angels:

"Nicolas Cage canceled his angelship because of Meg Ryan"


Here u can see the result of cutting..Hihi..yes we can play the game "find the difference" again =)image166

My little Superstar..

In the weekend, me, Katka and Dante went to Stockholm. I was sure Katka and me would manage traveling by train and walking in the Old Town, but regarding Dante, I was prepared for the worst. For pulling (he usually pulls when he is at new places), for refusing to get on train, for "crying" on the train and trying to get out or to see everything and everybody, for barking (at other dogs, birds etc).


Already since we left the house in Örebro, Dante behaved very nice. No pulling. No barking. When we came to the train, he literally jumped on the train and just followed people in front of us untill we reached our seats. Then he just sat down, looked at me for a while and then laid down to sleep. He was calm all the way to Stockholm. In Stockholm he did not pull at all and he did not bark at all. When I had to go to some shop and Katka held him outside, he was sitting calmly just looking around. The way to Örebro was very similar to the way to Stockholm. He jumped on the train and except of a small incident with another dog (they exchanged some barking) he was calm calm calm till we came home. I was just amazed. So amazed that I went to shop and bought him Fish fingers he likes so much and gets only for birthday.

And that´s not the end of the story. This was about his bahaviour. Now I should mention behavirour of the others. As soon as we entered the train he cought attention of all the people sitting there already. You know the faces of people sitting in the train. They are far far away in their thoughts, thinking of the destination, reason of traveling, counting minutes etc. But when they saw Dante, they started smiling =) We have heard "what a sweet dog" from all the directions. And in Stockholm he hypnotized several people passing by. One woman almost forgot where she was going when she saw  Dante. She stopped and was pulled to him like by magnet. Then she woke up of the trans and really (I am not exegerating) turned 360 degrees around to find out where she was and went.  At least 100 people smiled at him. He was a Superstar =) He is a Superstar!
And I am very objective. Katka can prove it!