Cigarette smell could be cut in the room full of approximately 20 people. I do not like such smell. I usually keep distance from people smelling cigarettes. I am in general very sensitive to different smells (nice and bad ones).
But in this case I sat in the room and had nice time. Later I stood in front of the people and enjoyed. UNF, NSF, Junis and Active were invited to talk about our activities. I talked about Active and I also as a strawberry on the top added some info about IOGT International and NORDGU eventhough I was not asked to do that ;-)
It was meeting of local IOGT-NTO group. One could see that many of those who were present had some alcohol history, reached the bottom already and were on the way up. And I felt incredible respect for them. And I also felt that I was respected. I could see in the faces that they appreciated what Active is doing. Their faces showed that their were really persent during the presentations, they were happy, they were curious and wanted to know more. And they had fun.
When I was walking home afterwards  - the feeling of respect for them was literally carrying me through town.

Yesterday´s shock!

After security check at the airport I entered transit area and ended up directly in the alcohol department of one of the duty free shops.  Rather big department  - it took some time to get out of there. I got to see lots of alcohol bottles of all possible designs. This kind of promotion is too much! Lots of children and teenagers pass that area as well and it is impossible to avoid it. Blah!