Swedish railways

It´s not a news for those who have been to Sweden that swedish trains are not really on time very often. Astrid (NORDGU board member) visited yesterday to plan the seminar and wanted to go home at 19.44. So when we arrived to the station at 19.25, we got  to know that the train is delayed till 21.10. It was not that bad cause we could spent some more time together, eat something in a cosy place and talk about digital cameras =)
When we came back to the station at 20.50, we got to know that the train goes 21.15. After some time the numbers changed to 21.20, then to 21.30 and then to 21.40. That was kind of top of everything when we decided to call the reailways (SJ) and ask whether the train comes at all and whether it is worth to wait there. We reached someone working on the telephone line but she could not help us since thet train was operated by another company. We got number to the company at least. Hmm..it was just pity that the company closes their telephone lines at 16.00. So back to SJ since we bought the ticket from them. I just heard Astrid telling:
"Aha..but I bought the tickets from you, so you should be able to help"
"But don´t you think it is easier to find out from the office and than from a train station where there is none to ask?"
"Nähä..and you do not have any computer with internet connection to find out?"
and after some time: "Aaah..thank you that sounds promissing"
It´s funny that after Astrid´s instructions we got to know that the train just left the closest station and would arrive in some minutes. It also came in the end =)


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