Where is Dante?

I got a hug =)


Dante is waiting for the rest of his "flock"
When we walk in a group, Dante is always "counting" whether all the members of the group are still part of the group =) If someone disappears, Dante notices that and he wants to get this person back. This time (at the picture), 6 people were missing. It was impossible to get Dante from the door. I had to carry him (he did not protest though) for like 150 meters.
Faithful dog...

I would like to...

...understand my dog at least as much as he understands me.

Walking with Dante..

...is wonderful. We walked without a leash. He usually walks in front of me, then he stops to smell somethng, I pass him, then he is some seconds behind me and then he runs to overtake me to walk in front of me again. Today we walked longer than usually, we played and then walked again. He stopped to check smth and i kept on walking and thinking expecting him to pass me by soon. When I thought he was behind me for a too long time (counted in seconds) I turned to call him but he was not there. So I turned and check in front but he was not there either. When I wanted to check back again I noticed that he was right next to me..walking very close and this he did on the whole way home..with maximum one meter distance. 
I like this dog. He understands. He understands more than one would hope. And he learns things without anybody  teaching him =)

With Dante again


My little buddy was very happy to see me again. To be honest..I dont know which one of us was happier.

Dante drinking..

I mentioned that Dante has a new drinkig technique...


...is on the window again =) Cute!

Dante watching the spring

He does not need a jacket anymore..It is warm and sunny outside! I understand that he would prefer to be there than to watch it from behind the window only. But we will go out soon Danticko! 
Dante waiting for spring

Me and Dante in the office

It´s nice to work when Dante is around =) He is usually sleepin all the time. Sometimes he wants to play (hunt a ball or pull a rag) and sometimes he wants to be scratched on the belly but most of the time he is sunbathing (i told him it is not healthy to sleep on the sun, but he doesnt listen to me).

Aha..he barks when the new people come (mostly on men) but don´t be afraid. He is just very happy! He does not bite!

Me and Dante in the office

And at home..he reads =) He just finished Harry Potter (in english).

News from Dante´s life

...there are more and more people who have met Dante and I believe they wonder how is he doing. So for example he likes vegetarian sausages and he likes doing laundry with me. He is missing snow a bit but on the other hand he is very happy about the coming spring (although he gets very dirty at this time of the year) and all the nice smells around....

Dante´s new bed

I was not sure Dante would ever move from my sofa (his new home) to a new basket but I thought it would be nice to buy it for him anyway. When I brought it home, he entered it with the front legs but that was it. No more action. But after being outside and some more hours spent on the sofa, he decided to try again and he seems to be very satisfied...

Dante´s new bed
Dante´s new bed

And I bought him a jacket as well. A picture will come. He accepted it very easily. Good dog good dog =)

Good morning...

Dante is very funny right after he wakes up. He is not very much aware of the world around him..so he just walks around trying to get back into the reality.


To make Dante happy is really easy. I just left our appartement for 1 minute and when I came back he was happy like I was gone for 2 weeks...

The best thing is that I am happy when Dante is happy so I actually make myself happy by leaving the appartement for one minute.

Especially for you..


Hunting a toy...

Right now I won over Dante..he forgot how fast I was =) Now he asks for revenge....

The best sms..

I´ve got an sms today. From my brother. He has not sent me any sms since he came home. OK...I was at home for one week, then I called home so there was no need for messages. That´s why I was very surprised and very happy when I read his sms today morning. And the content...I just had to smile:

Dante si skraabe usi...=)
(Dante is scratching his ears)

My little dog was sad..

Can a dog get offended? Dante did not come to the door when I was leaving. All the week I was in Slovakia, he was with me, following me everywhere, even listening to my piano playing but when I took out my backpack he understood that I was leaving (again) and he just laid on a bed and even did not look at me. When I was at the door calling his name, he did not come. This has never happened before. He always walks people to door. Even those ones he has met for 3 minutes in his life. In this case he was still there on the bed without reaction. Strange. 
I hope he is OK again.

Happy birthday!!!

It´s Dante´s fourth birthday today and I miss him VERY much!



I have seen a dog
running with a guy
and then I realized..
I would love to run with Dante
the dog of mine...
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