Surprise in the end of the day..

Went to watch a handball match this evening. Was nice. At the end of the match, my coach just came and said: "I have a very important job for you Kristina. Tomorrow at 6 in the morning". Yeah I just smiled. Must be a joke. "But no seriously..otherwise we would lose a very important sponsor. We have to go to make an inventory in a supermarket" I did not know whether I should have laughed or cried. I was looking forward to some free time when i can read some gender or finally clean the apartment or maybe to take pics (I havent done for some time and I am starting missing it). At 11.00 Andrey comes anyway and then I am back into "work world" planning a project. At the same time...I know..I play for the team and we have nice clothes and several people can train us and fix things for us, we have good balls and great hall. Yes..ratio says - of course I go and contribute. My lazy side is still a bit like.."what a timing - at 6.00 on saturday in a supermarket, then sunday free (hopefully) and then on monday 5.45 already on bus to Oslo (the same day back as well) - 10 hours in the bus" Hmm..but yes..I will at least learn how it works in shops =)

I did it =)

I have just registered to the ...

Let me bring some light into the problem...

I have read in several blogs that people have feeling that their feet are shrinking and they need smaller and smaller shoe sizes. I have read some article that in avarage people are getiing bigger (taller and heavier) and that´s why there will be need of changing the whole system of sizes (size 39 will not be 39 anymore but 37 etc). So it has maybe started already =)


To improve the effectivity of the Active office - I am making timetable and setting deadlines for different tasks and projects for the whole 2008 and beginning of 2009.  System system bring here some system =)

Where is Dante?

I got a hug =)


Dante is waiting for the rest of his "flock"
When we walk in a group, Dante is always "counting" whether all the members of the group are still part of the group =) If someone disappears, Dante notices that and he wants to get this person back. This time (at the picture), 6 people were missing. It was impossible to get Dante from the door. I had to carry him (he did not protest though) for like 150 meters.
Faithful dog...

Thoughts about my job

Having working weekend again. My previous weekend was happening in Brussles. Active board had their meeting. Planning the future, exchanging opinions, improving the work - feels for me like sunbathing.
Today I am sitting in my room in the office, while the preparation team is preparing the seminar in Reims. It is a nice feeling. The sun is shining outside and I feel that something good is being created. It´s been some time I have been to a seminar. The methods are for sure changing, I am recognizing less and less people in the participants list - and that´s a good sign. That means that the people are changing, new and new are coming, new and new people have chance to experience Active, new and new people are getting involved. 
I want to remember this feeling because feelings like this make me like my job even at times when I have to deal with broken computers, not working SIM cards and putting bills into order. Knowing what is behind those bills, phones and other troubles  - makes me understand that even such days are meaningful. 

My favourite words part 5

Sambo =)
A swedish word for a: person with whom one lives, partner, common-law spouse

Handball handball

Two matches in one weekend. Two victories =)  And then some handball watching as a strawberry on the top of a cake. I love this game =) has happened again.. Jan Tore says - "life goes in circles". Life circle for my bikes is very short. Third bike stolen within 3,5 years. Each year one bike.
Good that I was not emotionally attached to the bike. But still it was practical to have.

Bye bye bike!

En fantastisk bra teknik... min tränare till mig igår när vi sköt. Vilken kännsla =) =) =) Jag tycker om handbollen =)

How could I forget?

I forgot to share a very very important information. I have learnt to play Domino. I have been member of Active for 8,5 year and did not know how to play Domino untill "actio2552" meeting two weeks ago. I have no clue how I managed to avoid it but I am sure I did not try to avoid it.

So I know now. Since Frank (our Domino guru) did not bring Domino "stones" but only Domino "cards" (easier to carry them when travelling) we beginners had pretty tricky situation. It is very good to have an overview over the stones/cards one has. And with stones it is much easier than with the cards. I think that the pics can speak for me =)


Troubles with cards:

it worked in the end:

Pictures by: Jan Tore

Women - a special kind

I wonder. How good it is to have a section "for women" on a public web portal with news, travel tips, dictonaries, blogs etc. The portal is full of different information and facts and entertainment stuff. And then one can find there a section: FOR WOMEN. I had a look. It is mostly about appearance, flirting and losing weight. To write or not to write about that is another question to discuss but why does it have to be in a separate section called "For women"? It could be under different sections called for example: Appearance, Flirtling and Health.  

My favourite words part 4

Big comeback of "my favourite words" cathegory =)

The latest one I have learnt and consider very cute is: Sukkerspinn - norwegian word for "sockervadd" (swe) or cukrova vata (sk)  or candy floss (eng).


Dante fixed some free day for me. I was supposed to be in Gothebourg friday and saturday but instead of that I got to clean after a throwing up dog on thursday afternoon and night. I could not leave him like that and just travel to Gothenbourg so I stayed at home. By that I won some time I haven´t count on. Nice feeling actually. Since Dante seemed to be fine the next day I went to work after lunch and finished all me "To Do" things from the list. Feels nice.
Today I go to sleep longer in the morning and wake up without alarm clock (I actually do not remember when I did that last time. I guess it was somewhen after I came back from the seminar in Slovakia). Then I went out with Dante and thought about a thing I have to share now. I was thinking about happiness. Recently I have had great time walking Dante. I do not know what exactly happened but each time when we walk outside I feel very happy. I listen to some music, I do not care about rain and mud around and I feel like singing or running or just jumping from time to time. But I don´t do any of those things. I just walk, meet or pass by people, maybe smile at those who comment how cute Dante is and continue my way. Why don´t I sing if I feel for singing? Why don´t I jump a bit? I feel that it would not be socially suitable behaviour. I wonder why it is like that. Why don´t we allow ourselves to express happiness? Why do we have norms for happiness? 

Happiness is sometimes very appreciated. We usually like people who are happy and light hearted. At the same time we look strange at people who are "too" happy and express it. Then we are doubtful or sceptical.Chidlren are untill some point allowed to express their happiness. And some point...we just set limits. Why do we forbid each other to be happy? I don´t think a dancing person on a street would hurt someone.