A friend of mine told me that it is great to see my devotion to the work I do (for ACTIVE). And that sentence made me think. Am I devoted to the work? I think I am devoted to myself =) Because everything I do for ACTIVE is like living my dream.

Happy birthday..


One way communication

I have got new phone and my number has been moved from one operator to another one. Now I can not receive any sms and some phone calls. And that feels very bad. So I found out that feedback is rather important for me =) Am kind of interactive person.

Good morning =)

Good morning =)


Madlena is here =) And I like her =)


Yesterday I talked to a proffessional photographer and now I know what Xmas presents I´ll buy for my camera.  I hope they will still fit into the camera bag I have..cause that´s not on the presents list yet.

This day

And have I mentioned that this day has been great?
Meeting with the IOGT - International office and IOGT-NTO International Institute gave me lots of visions and strenght. It is so cool to work for something I really believe in.

I can not wait untill IOGT International AC meeting in the end of October. Soon. =) Then we gonna decide who and how and when and I already know why =) Because we can have better world, where people feel good, cooperate, learn from each other, grow together and where alcohol works just as an external desinfection. 

Almost like a puzzle =)


Fredrik is missing, Inese is behind the camera..

This day

I loved this day! Gimme more such =)

Too long queue

I wonder what people think about when they overtake in a queue in a shop or bank or wherever. It is very funny to watch them they pretend being invisible, or that nothing at all has happened..yeah yeah..sure.

This week

I am looking forward to this week. The office will visit  IOGT-NTO International Institute, Active board will come, preparation team for the seminar in Spain has meeting in Örebro and me and Maik will win against Jan (and some more players) in basketball =)

"I am here to serve you..hmm"

I love Active and working for Active was never just a work for me. It´s been a pleasure, fun, learning new things. I can´t say that I am only giving. I am getting a lot every day. There was time when I haven´t even distinguish between work and hobby when it came to Active. After 24 moths and some of them very intesive I learnt that if I want to do my best in and for Active, I have to be able to switch off. To do something completely else. OK I have never learnt to switch off totally because Active is my life style.
And I guess also Active people have noticed that. They can ask whenever and for whatever. It´s my pleasure to help if I can. If we just look at yesterday. There were some problems with traveling for some members of the preparation team of Strasbourg seminar so I stayed in the office untill half past eight and just helped. No problem. Then at eleven in the night I got sms from another member of the team: "I need to know the address of EYC and the name of the closest tram stop". Aha..I told to myself. OK. It happened to me also that I had not checked all the travel details before I went somewhere and I needed immediate help. And I got it from Fredrik without any complaints. So I really can understand that this can happen and I ran to the internet to find out (since I do not know such things just like that) and answered sms. What I really missed at that moment was kind of understanding that I also have some free time, maybe I rest on friday night after working 11,5 hour? Hmm...Or maybe I just do not work 24/7..

This is not about asking for help. I know that Active office work is more or less 24/7 and I know that the information needed at that time was very important and I did not hesitate for half a second to do everything to be able to answer it. This is more about the way of asking for help which equaled an order. That hurt a bit...


Yuhuuuu..another transcript done..only six left. Meaning six more weeks of sitting and typing..But anyway it feels good to move forward..
Now i could maybe try to move towards the kitchen and eat some breakfast also..four hours of listening to the discussion and writing is not enough for my stomach.

Good and bad

What a day. Good and bad things have met each other today. Sun was shining, the weather was great, work went well. I´ve had a talk which made me realize many things about myself and what I really want and what I´ve got to learn. That was the nice part. The worse part was when I felt helplessness...lost in the forest of different institutions which hinder simple things. One simple paper (which has been faxed twice)  from one institution is lost in another one. Nobody knows where it is, so nobody can do anything. Neither I nor others. Chapter closed.
Another thing when one feels that "this is not fair" was when a friend of mine missed her plane because a train that was supposed to bring her to the plane got broken. One expects that the railway company will cover the ticket or will try to stop the plane or will offer some help at least but nope  - it seems I would like too much! Even simple understadnig from the companie´s side was missing. At these moments I just wonder. We are able to fly to the Moon, we can clone people but we are not able to fix a system where social service would be socialfriendly..

Moreover in the end of the day I found out that I am a chicken. I am afraid of an old guy who can hardly breathe because he is behaving strange (sitting at the stairs inside our building at 23.00 o´clock telling me that he does not need any help). What I was afraid of? I guess I was mostly worried about the moment when he really would need a help. And that has to be changed!!!

High cows

Farmers in Romania fed their cows with marihuana with the argument that the cows like it, then they are happy and happy cows produce more milk..hmm.

Ingen reklam, tack

Ingen reklam, tack

 Man kan tro att det är ganska tydligt att jag inte vill ha nån reklam...


trots allt 

Jag verkligen vill inte få nån reklam. Jag tittar aldrig på det och bara kastar bort det.. Usch vilken slöseri. Jag vill inte bidra till nåt sånt.

Budskapet måste vara uppenbarligen tydligare...OK..det kommer! FIGHT!!!

Valets resultat säger inte hela sanningen

Jag måste erkänna att det är ganska tråkigt utan valet. Utan alla de debatter och valstugor på torget. Nu skriver jag kanske sista inlägget om valet och resultatet. Jag bara ville skriva om det jag har insett efter att jag pratat med en vänn till mig. Valets resultat är inte den riktig bild på vad som folket egentligen tycker och tror. Resultatet innehåller många olika strategier som faktiskt inte funkade. Till exempel: Man har insett att Alliansen kommer att vina, då röstar man på Centern som är närmaste vänster så om Alliansen har makt, då är Centern stark där. Ja ja..jag ser poången men fortfarande "fattar" inte. Röstar man inte på det man verkligen tror på? Då visar man vad man verkligen vill. Eller hur? Jag är 100% för ärlighet. Om alla röstade på det partiet de verkligen skulle vilja ha i riksdagen då skulle det se annorlunda ut. Mest viktigast är att det skulle se riktigt ut. 

Sunflowers part 2

One of my sunflowers has turned finally. But I guess the reason for that was wind.
CONCLUSION: If the Sun doesn´t work, wind will work for sure.

Give peace a chance


Hurraaa..tomorrow will be peace all over the world! What will YOU do tomorrow?

I wish you happy peace =)


I have realized today that I am 24 and not 23 years old. Hmm..not that I care..apparantly I don´t care otherwise it wouldnt take me 10 month to realize it =) But it was an interesting moment.

You are always on my mind

I am falling asleep with the thesis on my mind and I am waking up with the thesis on my mind..My computer is shutting off with my eyes closing and it is starting with the sunrise..Lucky me that I like the thesis =)

Vivat oppositionen!!!

Innan val sa jag till min vänn att vara i oposiotion är faktiskt lättare..Och det är faktiskt. Man kan bara klaga och peka på alla saker som går sned. Samtidigt vinner man människors röst för att människor är aldrig nöjda och är bara glada att de har nån att klaga med. Jag säger inte att opositionen borde gnälla - men de har tillräckligt med platser att förhindra och påverka och samtidigt kan de klaga högt och förändra. Det kommer att bli bra tycker jag!

The world has started spinnin the other direction..

Can anybody explain me what is happening? Extreme right wing has got back to the slovak parliament, they are getting votes in Germany and they got into some regional parliaments in Sweden. What is happening? Are people tired of diversity and tolerance? Are some peaceful days enough and now we need some "excitement" again? What are we afraid of when we close the door for understanding and solidarity? Variety?
I really do not understand. 
But one thing is clear. I just have more energy to work for world without borders where humans appreciate each other, care about each other and their surrounding...
And I am sure I am not the only one!!! 

Valets resultat

Hoops! Ouch!

Valet valet..

Nu har jag röstat =) Hurraaaaa!!!!!! Jag vill veta resultat!!!!!!!!


Som det inte räckte med alla de politiska debatter på TV (som jag gillar att följa), kollar jag på en debatt hela dagn redan. Det är en debatt som jag har arrangerat i Slovakien. Sex kvinnor pratar om könsroller i det slovakiska samhället. Nu är min uppgift att göra transkript och då gör jag det. Mycket intressant och mycket långsamt. Jag har gjort 35 minuter på mer än 7 timmar. Jag tror att jag kan de 35 miniuterna utantill redan. Jätteintressant. Och jättebra att göra transcript för att då märker jag mycket mer än att "bara" lyssna på det. Och..oj vilket patriarchalt samhälle har vi i Slovakien. Där män tillåter kvinnor att göra det de gillar att göra i sin fritid och där män hjälper kvinnor att städa och laga mat. Och kvinnorna är glada för att de är tillåtna att göra det och att de har fått hjälp av sina män. Hmm..Borde jag vara glad att de tillåter och hjälper eller borde jag vara ledsen att poängen med jämtställdheten är lite bort tappad. 
Jag är faktist jättenyfiken hur ska det bli i de svenska grupper.

Valet är snart slut

Nu ska jag sova och sen om sex timmar ska jag vakna upp tillt valets sista dag och det är mycket spännande.


Maik has asked me to post the picture of Earth as well. Originally I thought to post it together with the lyrics. Then I decided to make a separate entry in this blog and post two pictures of Earth. Yes very much inspired by the movie "An inconvenient truth". So here it comes - Earth. Where is my place at this planet? Where is my place in Universe? 

  Earth big  vs Earth dot

Wherever it is, IT IS and I will do everything to keep Earth at least as wonderful if not better as it is today so all the others can enjoy as I do. 



Those who missed "47" last year have a chance to celebrate "49" this year. Novemeber 25th is THE day. We will be there =) 


miljö partiet

Nu har jag bestämt mig. Och har blivit medlem också. Och det känns himlabra!
Och miljöpartiets affischer var de bästa tycker jag!

Happy birthday!!!

It´s Dante´s fourth birthday today and I miss him VERY much!



I have seen the movie "An inconvenient truth"  (about climate) for the second time. As I said I am very impressed and I hope that the movie will be seen by as many people as possible.
Here are the lyrics from the movie´s main song ("I need to wake up" - Melissa Etheridge).

Have I been sleeping?
I’ve been so still
Afraid of crumbling
Have I been careless?
Dismissing all the distant rumblings
Take me where I am supposed to be
To comprehend the things that I can’t see

Cause I need to move
I need to wake up
I need to change
I need to shake up
I need to speak out
Something’s got to break up
I’ve been asleep
And I need to wake up

And as a child
I danced like it was 1999
My dreams were wild
But the promise of this new world
Would be mine
Now I am throwing off the carelessness relief
To listen to an inconvenient truth

I am not an island
I am not alone
I am my intentions
Trapped here in this flesh and bone

I want to change
I need to shake up
I need to speak out
Something’s got to break up
I’ve been asleep
And I need to wake up

Ja eller nej

Just nu tittar jag på Partiledarutrågning 2006 och de är så bra på att inte svara på frågor! Mest på Ja/Nej frågor. Alliansen alltså.

Igår var det mycket bättre!!!


I have seen a dog
running with a guy
and then I realized..
I would love to run with Dante
the dog of mine...
Dante tittar 2

Check check CHECK!

Another huge thing is done. I just finished financial report from the Bus tour we had in summer. I actually liked doing it. Every single receipt reminded me a situation when I was paying or when I was on the way to shop. Sometimes in stress cause people were hungry and they couldnt wait, sometimes alone and happy that I had finally some time for me, one time with Eliina who showed me where she lived,... I remembered lots of moments and I actually didnt realize that I was doing a "boring" office work. is VERY GOOD to keep all the receipts in order from the beginning. I was sleeping minimum time during the bus tour cause I was doin finances in the nights, but it was SO WORTH it!

And I still think the bus tour was GREAT =)

Check check

Am so happy right now..things are being solved one by one. Tickets for to Strasbourg are bought (not that easy to find cheap tickets with many different time requirements such not before 12.oo and not after 11.oo etc). I am signed in to University (my last year  - actually half year) and sun is shining =) Yupiiii!!!!!


Sunflower1Btw..I have tried that experiment with sunflowers to find out if they really turn towards the sun - it seems that my sunflowers (on my balcony) are lazy because when I moved them they did not turn at all.

Msn meeting

Right now is the preparation team for the seminar in Strasbourg: "Democracy - space for engagement" having msn meeting. Since I wrote the application for it, I am taking part in the meeting. I contributed with my picture of the seminar and now they have started dividing tasks. I have nothing to do with it anymore (since i will not be in Strasbourg) plus I was kindly asked to shut up ;-) so I am writing this blog. I just want to say that the meeting is going on already one and a half hour and it is very productive. I feel very very good about it. It is gonna be another great ACTIVE seminar! And it makes me happy!!!! =)

I recommend you to see it

As I wrote yesterday before I left to the cinema..I was sure I would have one more thing to write about. The movie I have seen impressed me a lot! I would say that it is the best movie of this year I have seen. "An inconvenient truth" is the name of the movie. Al Gore is describing the processes influenced by us which leads to global warming, spreading deseases and viruses we have already combated, about different species dying out because of our greediness (actually us - people dying out too) and enjoyment of an actual pleasure on behalf of natural disaster in some years (or in some months). He demonstrated clear facts and clear connections between our lives and what is happening around us and to us. All the huricanes and tornados, drying out and floods - simply all the chaos..It made me cry several times. It was hard to see innocent animals sufferring (for example polar bears drown when swimming because they got exhausted and do not have any iceberg to rest - it´s melted), nature struggling...and people ignoring it for feeling comfort, for being rich..

We all are inhabitants of this planet and behaviour of one and each has an impact on the whole world believing it or not. And as each of us can destroy the Earth, each of us can help and safe what is left. I will be very careful about spending energy, water, separating garbage, buying nature - friendly products etc.
See and definitely go and see the movie: "An inconvenient truth" Take your friends with u, enjoy and...and do what u consider right to do!

Der deutche blog #1

Danke schön =) und guten Tag!

Great music

Great music and great cover:

Hello, here is XY..would you like to buy...

Why do all telefone sales happen on sunday!!!! Aaaa..OK I see the point - people are at home on sundays..but can´t there be any option to check: "Thank you, no offers" I really like some days off!

My life with volunteers

I have mentioned some time ago that the new volunteers arrived to Sweden. As I expected it is lot of fun with them. Today I am bringing some parts of dialogue with Maja:

We all live in a house placed in the very centre of town. On Maja´s first day in Sweden we decided to go out for a walk. We left the house, reached the pedistrian zone in 30 seconds  I guess I mentioned smth like "This is the main shopping street in the town and there not far away you can see our castle" Right after that Maja asked: "How far is the centre?" Kristina: "Hmm..two steps" ..Maik: "Or one jump"

Another story about Maja. We were biking from the office to the town to have some lunch. I was biking as the first one and when looked back I could see all the others but Maja. So I slowed down, Maja reached us, then we went on.  When we reached the place, I asked Maja: "Where were u in the beginning?" Maja answered. "I was in the end"..Hihi..I think it was very funny =) 

Inspired by religion talk

Inspired by the discussion going on between Kadri and Foxpox I decided to react by a new entry. I know really a little about religion. As far as I know religion appeared as a tool to help to understand the world and life. It was misused as many other human inventions which is very sad. I can´t quotate Bible and such and I see that Bible as all the other holy books and not only holy books can be interpreted in as many ways as many people live on this planet since that´s what´s so typical for us - we all have different background, different experience thus different understanding of everything what´s happening around us. 
If we just take that one thing Foxpox mentioned:  "And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply" Genesis (1:28). I do not see any problem with it nowadays. Lesbians and gays can do that too thanks to development of medicine and technology. So in my interpretation of this part of Bible they are all welcome to live together happily ever after.

I actually think in very broad perspective that lesbians and gays should not be mentioned neither at religion lessons nor ethics. I would be happy if they didn´t need to be mentioned as a separate cathegory which needs to be discussed under moral issues for example. We usually do not refer to nongays as to heterosexuals. We refer to them as people, or just boys or girls, women and men. So why is it so important to mention that someone is gay? 

I think there are many other more important things to be taken into consideration...

Would write smth but gotta run

I have several things to write about. Something to the discussion about religion which is going on in my blog (hurraaaay), smth about new volunteers in Active office, some general  thoughts..but now I am going to cinema (so I will have even more to write)...See you later!

Friday morning without breakfast...

I have forgotten to eat breakfast today... I woke up 1,5 hour before going to work. I had plenty of time to eat BUT I have found more interesting activity than eating..

First I was decorating my laptop case, cause it is just black and I prefer colours or some little special detail:
No breakfast but painting

After I have finished the case, I found out that the sunflower I had on the table and sun were "talking" so I took some pictures:

Sunflower1  Sunflower2Sunflower3

And then I went to work..=)


I have played handball again. After some months (around 5) of summerbreak.. I came directly to the match. I was a bit worried because I thought that one should train before the match and I still believe that it can be a bit dangerous to go directly into match after such a long break. One doesnt know what muscles can handle etc. So I was careful but at the same time had so much fun! It feels so good to be back!!! I didnt forget to play it =) Hurraaa!!! =)
I cant wait till the next training.

Designed for Hedgehogs..

Funny. Right now I have got a link from Jan Tore. It is about redisigning McDonalds McFlury containers so the hedgehogs do not get stuck in them as I described in my blog some time ago.

It is very nice that they think of animals. I just wonder if it is possible to design them in a way so there won´t be possible to throw them away in the streets and parks. Only into trash bins..hmmm..maybe a challenge for world of design!


I have started playing volleyball and basketball in my free time again. Just like that when I feel for that. And it makes me incredibly happy =)

Some month ago I wrote a blog about missing this spontaneous sport activities with friends..and here it´s come =) Yupiiii!!!

Pray or play!

Slovak education system..One thing which is rather fun is, that students at primary schools have to choose between religion and ethics.

First of all I do not thing religion belongs to schools. Not in that way we have it now. With all respect to those who are religious, religion lessons are only about christianity and it involves praying also. I am not churchgoer but when I was little I chose religion cause I wanted to learn more about it. I was slashed by teacher who was actually parson(!) cause I did not know how to pray. Thanks..Right after that I changed to ethics. I didnt want to feel anxious at the lessons

Second I believe that also people who believe in God (or are being tought to believe ) deserve ethics. Slovak ethics lessons  are mainly about games which are focused on personal development, learning about oneself and about human relationships - doesnt matter what one believes or not believes in. Why should not everybody have this opportunity? I am definitely against the division!


Now all of them are here. New volunteers. And the new ACTIVE year starts...

What mythological person u r

Test  claims I am a mermaid

You are a total daydreamer, and people tend to think you're flakier than you actually are.
While your head is often in the clouds, you'll always come back to earth to help someone in need.
Beyond being a caring person, you are also very intelligent and rational.
You understand the connections of the universe better than almost anyone else.

What mythological person are you?

World of topmodels

I´ve been changin channels and came across Top Model. I am interested in photography and psychology so I decided to watch for a while. In the evaluation of the shooting they had that day, the jury was kind of tough and bitchy. One of them explained that they were tough becuase the girls had to get used to toughness in topmodels world. And I wondered...why do they blame others for their behaviour? The world of topmodels doesnt need to be tough. The girls can reach good results also when having nice people around them who can come with advices and joy for what they do. And when they meet someone who is naturally bitchy, they will deal with it then.

We are creating our world and we are the world so why to blame others?

She is a criminal..

She is forbidden to enter Scandinavia and there were some speculations about Shengen countries as well. Why? Because she was working one year (legally) as a volunteer for something she believes in - for peace and tolerance, for drug free lifestyle, for mutual understanding, for youth all over Europe...

Irony is that she was dealing with visas and travels and she did it really great. Found the best connections, called embassies, fixed documents..and now..just because she is not coming from the right country, she can sit at home and wait three months till she can feel free to travel wherever (relatively) she wants again.
This system makes one feel as a criminal of the century sometimes...