Walking with Dante..

...is wonderful. We walked without a leash. He usually walks in front of me, then he stops to smell somethng, I pass him, then he is some seconds behind me and then he runs to overtake me to walk in front of me again. Today we walked longer than usually, we played and then walked again. He stopped to check smth and i kept on walking and thinking expecting him to pass me by soon. When I thought he was behind me for a too long time (counted in seconds) I turned to call him but he was not there. So I turned and check in front but he was not there either. When I wanted to check back again I noticed that he was right next to me..walking very close and this he did on the whole way home..with maximum one meter distance. 
I like this dog. He understands. He understands more than one would hope. And he learns things without anybody  teaching him =)

Postat av: Koko

En söt vovve. Cold winter is comming, we must take care of our fluffy little friends. At 'Glamour Dog' they sell good clothes.
This one looks very fashionably. About your dog everyone would tell, "Oh, he's in fashion!"

Postat av: maik

people say that dogs are often similar to those who take care fo them =))
Dante has also great social skills. He even is nice too bad people. He makes EVERYBODY feel fine.
And yes, he is very smart. I am curious how his ability to gve "nosicku" develop =))
I also think that Dante's soul has a vital and frequent connection to the soul of the universe...

2007-09-30 @ 22:30:51
Postat av: maik

aha - I still would claim that my little kamo received also some training... ;)) =))

2007-09-30 @ 23:25:29
Postat av: Katka

Baboooooo! A jeditiiiii!

2007-10-01 @ 13:15:09

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