Not a usual saturday..

Just came home from the supermarket where I made inventory together with several of my teammates. From 6 till 9.00. It is a nice feeling =) I have learnt many new swedish "food - words" =) I know how those code scanners work now =) And I know where is what in the supermarket. I have lived in Sweden for more than 3 years, I have been in the supermarket at least 500 times but since I am not very creative when it comes to food, I have always only picked "my" things and payed and left again. So I never looked into what they actually have. Now I know =)
I did smth for the team, I have learnt smth new and it is still lots of time left till the evening.

Came home - Aysa from Moldova called. She got visa. Alleluja! BUT..she got visa to France for the seminar that starts tomorrow and I am supposed to buy her a ticket. Ja ja.. if she made it through embassy, then a travel problem won´t stop us. 

Yes..Aysa will go to France =)

So now I can eat smth for some minutes and then off I go to bring Ukraine and Sweden a bit closer to each other and to the rest of the Europe maybe =)


Postat av: Leifmolly

Just found this site and will find it a great use as I collect Sask. postmarks and need to find the location on a map to fit into my pages. Will pass this site onto other collectors who will find it very useful.

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