Is there a better way of celebraing international day of women than writing a Gender and alcohol booklet for IOGT International? OK I agree that there are many other nice ways to celebrate this day but I feel like I am contributing with my part.
I have been extremely busy recently so my interest in gender was put aside or better said I did not deal with that actively. But now I m sitting 5 hours in train having internet connection and that are just the best conditions to get back to my hobby =) I have several idas for a research. Would be cool to conduct it. One never knows - maybe once =)

Otherwise I am very happy that the days are getting lighter. Sweden looks very nice. All the lakes and the reflections of the trees in the water, grass still yellow..everything so calm and spring hanging in the air. Amazing.

Postat av: maik


2008-03-09 @ 14:15:41
Postat av: Maja

I like your way of contrubuting.. =)

2008-03-10 @ 17:00:03

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