One year ago

Right now I am answering an interview for Estonian youth council about Active . I like the questions very much since they allow me to explain what Active really is and offer our perspective. And sitting here, thinking and asnwering I realized that it is exactly one year since I took my graduation exams. One year ago I walked to the University last time as a student, all the knowledge summing up in my head again and again, feeling how great it would be to have some more time to read through everything to make sure I really know it. And then I just got the questions, prepared the answers, presented them, defended my thesis, waited for results, got the results and went home. I remember how the closest people called me immediately. Congratulated and were happy with me. It was a wonderful day. It was a day when I had to overcome some doubts, had to believe in myself and had to show that I can. It was a challenge I managed and it gave me wings. I came to the end of one path. My parents do not need to worry anymore about my education. They managed to provide everything to enable me to be ready for working life in an area I have chosen. That eases a lot.
I miss that day and at the same time I am happy I do not need to go through that again. I miss my studies. I miss my classmates and the students life style ( I do not complain about my current lifestyle though)
I think I will always celebrate this day.

Postat av: Koko

I remember it, you uploaded a photo of you and your brother, he was with flowers in his hands and his face was very happy. Very good photo, hard to forget it.

Congratulations with anniversary.

Postat av: Kristina

=) Thank you very much =)

2008-01-30 @ 12:01:57
Postat av: maik

spread your wings

and use the feelings from one year ago

as wind to blow into your wings

fly, fly, fly high

for, "no bird soars too high, if she flies with her own wings"


2008-01-30 @ 12:09:50
Postat av: Katka

Just... Huggie!

2008-01-30 @ 16:16:43
Postat av: Minja

Congratulations Kiki=) Hug=)

2008-01-31 @ 15:48:03
Postat av: Maja

Huuugs baby.. Enjoy the feeling.. =)

remembering.. missing..

2008-02-01 @ 14:34:14

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