Happy New Year wishes

I was not very good at sending Happy New Year wishes this time. The reason was that I was pretty busy with the New Year arrangement in Slovakia. I think it was my busiest seminar ever. All the break spent by planning or in a meeting. So I apologize for all not answered sms. Be sure that I wish you all happy new year. I wish you ability to derive happiness from small details, from usual natural things around you and I wish you ability to be honest with yourself.
Happy New Year =) =) =)

Postat av: maik

Those are beautiful wishes. Thank you!

"How do we find the courage to be true to ourselves - even if we are unsure of who we are?" This is the core of a book I am reading.
And I have the impression, that you know its wisdom already.

And this book, I found accidently in a bookshelf, hidden it was, but somhow it smiled at me. I bought it and it made very happy!

Your wishes are working already =))

Thank you!
Happy New Year!

2008-01-05 @ 14:42:51

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