the other parts of the apartment I forgot to take picture of "before"

Postat av: Maja

Oj oj... wonderful....

2007-10-01 @ 00:54:21
Postat av: Kristina

U r welcome to come and see Maja =)

2007-10-01 @ 01:16:34
Postat av: Koko

Sofa with a flower looks better. But why not to add one more petal and make a flower more colourful? Like here
Or decorate a sofa with a splendid bedspread? Like here

Postat av: Maja

Koko.. I saw the pics and they are interesting, but I still stay with Kristin's simple flower.. you know sometimes simplier is nicer.. (at least I think so) =)

2007-10-01 @ 22:56:27
Postat av: Koko

Maja, thank you, it's Photoshop :-). "Kristin's simple flower" it's unisex' minimalism. Okay, in the book "Minimal Graphics - The Powerful New Look of Graphic Design" is written "Color has the amazing ability to bypass the intellect and shoot directly into the emotional well deep within everyone". Some people prefer dark sky (for ex. song of Garbage - "I'm Only Happy When It Rains") other prefer blue sky, sun and rainbow (for ex. DJ Paul Elstak - "Rainbow In The Sky", classical "Somewhere over the Rainbow" etc). Usually people happy when they see rainbow :-). Soon in my blog will be interesting things about rainbow :-)

2007-10-03 @ 05:47:02
Postat av: Lisa

Ryktet går på stan om din tjusiga inredning!

2007-10-03 @ 20:19:00
Postat av: Kristina to Lisa

=) Du är välkommen när som helst =)

2007-10-08 @ 01:11:42

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