Cleaning day

This day will be about cleaning and decorating the new apartment. There are still boexes to unpack and details to improve. I am looking fwd to that. It is the last weekend I will be at home untill the end of november so this is the only and exclusive opportunity to finish most of the things (I do not have ambition to say that everything will be done but it would be ideal of course)

But now..Danticko, pod, ideme von? Yuuuu ideme von! Dobry Danicko =)

Postat av: maik

hehehe =))
hurraaaaaaa ideme vonko kamarat!
whouwouuuuuu =))
aha - sorry :))
you are very good at making all those details fit together. Like a conducter of details that become the orchestra of a warm, welcoming flat!
velmi pekne srdiecko =))

2007-09-30 @ 21:58:17

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