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I have been thinking several days already about how lucky and very thankful I am that alcohol has never been on my shopping list. I think it is of a huge importance not to involve a child in buying alcohol for parents.

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Alcohol and its effects have been present wherever people have lived throughout history. Drinking is documented in the Hebrew and Christian Bibles, Greek literature as old as Homer, and Confucius' Analects. Given its continuing popularity and the failure of alcohol prohibitions, drinking will remain a part of human life interminably.
Is alcohol unhealthy? "Drink to me, drink to my health" - Paul McCartney ("Picasso's Last Words", 1973)

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alcohol is a drug!
alcohol is dangerous - because of many different reasons and to individuals, as well as families and entire societies.
and very clearly: the historical argument is non-sense;
many evil things have occured in human history and have also prevailed; should we welcome them again? because they "have been present throughout history"?
one more time: alcohol is a drug!
that is why: YES! It is unhealthy!
I want to say that it is important to open the mind, to set the mind free from non-sense like it has been published above!

2007-10-07 @ 18:21:03
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God bless you

2008-02-07 @ 14:54:32
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Very Good Directory !!! Keep It Up.

2009-08-14 @ 07:51:39

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