On the way

On the way to Faroe Islands with stop in Köpenhamn. This is an exciting trip. We are going to discuss how to start an organisation..from a very realistic point of view. Not just brainstorm but to plan. So this meeting and the outcome of it mean a lot for Active and NORDGU.

Right now am in a hotel just about to fall asleep having a look at the pics of the new apartement:

PS. And of course since I am on the way to Faroe Islands, there is wonderful sunny colourful autumn in Örebro.

Postat av: maik

=)) domoooooooo
velmi pekne srdiecko!

2007-10-06 @ 10:06:02
Postat av: Maja

Aaaah.. it looks really nice and personalized.. real Kristinish appartment.. I like it! Hug..

2007-10-06 @ 22:48:53
Postat av: Vladimir

It looks very nice, very stylish, very IKEA-look a like.
It also reminds me on the Edward Norton's appartment in the "Fight Club", the movie. :)))

Postat av: Lille

Kult! It's so much of you in it! Gleder meg til å besøke deg og din leilighet snart:)

2007-10-07 @ 23:38:19
Postat av: Weekreaper

I am very excited to see this site.
Universal design and accessibility.

2008-01-03 @ 13:11:55
URL: http://weekreaper.blogspot.com

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