Sitting here with cup of tea, being a bit sick (read sneezing and feeling cold and warm waves) but in spite of that I´m feeling wonderful because I am almost constantly thinking of the last weekend and our 25+ project which is not called 25+ anymore. The new name is "actio2552" and you can find everything in it. It is a project of Active and IOGT interrnational and it is aimed on people older than 25 years up to approximately 55.

The meeting was about "bridging the gap" between youth and adults in temperance movement. It was lots of brainstorming, defining, thinking, having broad perspectives and coming "back to Earth" to make it realistic. It was the best IOGT International meeting I have ever had and it is in top 5 of Active events as well =)

The task was serious and the project is important but when discussing, we found a great way to solve the problems and have fun at the same time. Moments of laugh and jokes shifted with serious talks.

When coming up with a name for the project, peoples´ sense of humour got to speak loud =) I was not able to throw away the flip chart sheet with our brainstorming due to its funny content. That would be a crime. I took it home and I guess I will have a look at it from time to time when feeling a need for laugh. Suggestions as: Active seniors, The lost generation, Middle aged people, Second spring, or (and that was the highlight) Too old to rock`n`roll, too young to die popped up on people´s minds.

Another funny thing was that half of the participants brought their pills and took out their glasses when reading. Then we realized..yes.. we are getting old. The evening programme ended before midnight and several people fell asleep twice untill then (for example while waiting for dinner in a restaurant or while chit - chatting..ehm..that was me). All people were asking for having a nap after lunch but the sitution was not that bad and we overcame the tiredness by having a short walk in the town.

To sum it up: 
- almost all people made it to the meeting
- almost all people made it till the end of the meeting
- we finally took the first step in for such a long time requested project (we actually took 2 steps)
- we are having three concrete things planned (more info will come after the IOGT International AC meeting)
- we all are still willing and motivated to continue working with it

I could not wish for more =)

Postat av: Maja

Sounds great... Good luck guys! (and congratulations on your first step!!!)



2007-10-29 @ 21:02:28
Postat av: Vladimir

It was wonderful. Simply wonderful.

Yes, as you have allready said. it was perfect mix of work + fun. An it has really worked. It is known for decades, that relax and fun atmoshpere gives the best work results, especially when it comes to the group dynamics and group decision making.

I wish to say on big THANK YOU to all of you girls/guys for the time in Nykoping. Especially THANKS to the people responsible for the organisation of the event.

And yes, I have finally managed to catch on time all the trains and planes. Small step for mankind, giant leap for Vlado. :))))

Postat av: maik

=)) hehe

Way to go Vlado!!! =))

2007-10-30 @ 13:07:27
Postat av: Minja

"Too old to rock`n`roll, too young to die popped up on people´s minds." - hahahahahaha.. who was this? Ermanno or Jan?? =)

Great news!! Good luck!!!

2007-10-30 @ 17:38:50
Postat av: Kristina

It was Frank actually =)

2007-10-30 @ 19:11:52
Postat av: Minja

Didn't know that Frank was there! Yep, definitely sounds like Frank!!! =)

2007-10-30 @ 20:14:44
Postat av: Vladimir

Frank ruleZZzzzz!!! :)))

2007-10-30 @ 20:38:44
Postat av: Jan Tore

Just for the record - i was one of the last to fall asleep, i do not wear glasses, and when it comes to pills i say they are drugs before i admit anything else ;).
But a good meeting it was. Now i´m sitting trying to formulate something for the webpage.

2007-10-30 @ 21:13:33

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