New picture of myself

Today I got to hear about myself that at one moment (last week) I was all red in face and agressive (when a thing I created was criticised). Knowing this made me cry since "agressive" is the last thing I intended to be.
I remember that at that moment I felt very misunderstood but gosh  "aggressive"? That makes me think a lot. About myself. How do people see me and intrepret my behaviour. And how do I really behave? not really happy right now.

Postat av: Katka

Babika, neber vsetko co sa o tebe povie doslova. Mozno si to ten clovek to co povedal tiez nepremyslel. Mozno si bola vasniva alebo asertivna. Slovo agresivne k tebe vobec nepatri, toho sa nemusis bat. Ber ludi asi so stipkou rezervy.

2007-11-28 @ 15:09:27
Postat av: Lille

I can't really believe this. Agressive is the last thing I would think you can be, Kriss so just ignore this.

2007-11-29 @ 14:52:09

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