The last one was the first one..

The last handball match of year 2007 was my first and last match of 2007. I already thought that the year 2007 would be without any handball match but then in the last minute I decided to go and play.
The previous match I played was on 23rd of November 2006. One week before I went home to Slovakia and studies for the final exams. When I came back to Sweden in februari and tried to start training I had real pain in my arm. It turned out to be long term pain. Luckily nothing wrong with my joint or muscle. It was just some inflamation that takes really long time to heal. So the spring season meant no handball for me. When i got fed up with the pain (and checked with a doctor that the arm is otherwise very OK), I decided to start strenghten it - throwing heavy ball, push ups, swimming etc. The arm got better and I decided to start with handball again after the summer holiday. I joined a club BUT then I started traveling from meeting to meeting during weekends which meant no matches. When I finally was at home and could play I got sick that hindered me even from going to trainings. Yesterday was the last match of the season. I was asked to play. First I did not want. After no matches for more than one year and no training for 2 months I was not sure. In the end I said I could jump in if needed for 5 minutes or so and went to the match.
We played against my previuos club which was very nice. Moreover the referee was a friend who is like family to me. What more I could wish for better comeback? I played all in all 20 minutes and scored 4 times =) That was nice =) First I had to find out that the ball is round but after I realized it it went really good for me =) So yes..I am back =)

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Welcome back!
Time to fly again =))

2007-12-16 @ 10:36:57

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