Because of alcohol Part II

Close to Xmas I have a present  - some info entry about alcohol and its relation to hiv - virus (from: Pierre Andersson - Världens Baksmälla, 2007, p.49 - 50)

Alcohol has a great importance in spreading of  HIV and other sexual diseases. Alcohol makes people more inclined to take risks, alcohol contributes to rape and fysiologicaly influences spreading of the disease  - immunity system is weaken when one drinks alcohol (T cells important for the imunity system are destroyed by alcohol). The cells influenced by alcohol are 3 times more apt to be infected by HIV virus.
The virus at thosealready infected by it is spreading faster (3 beers in two days - spreading of the virus in the body was 3 times faster) 

Give yourself a present. Stay sober =)

Postat av: Odinhege

What an awesome site.There certainly has been a lot of work gone into this.Congratulations for a job well done

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