Weekend means...

Weekend weekend..I had a free weekend. That meant plans and changing of plans according to my current mood =) That meant a new bike and biking to a place I had never been to. I liked exploring new part of the town I have lived in for some time already. Weekend meant also walking Dante and letting him to take his time to play and not want to go home. Weekend meant visiting friends, going to handball and football, cooking (!!!) food, watching TV, planning NOM congress with Saska (I laugh with her a lot. "R u really discussing or r u reading jokes for each other" was Maik´s comment when he heard me talking to her), cutting Dante´s hair (3 hours job), cleaning the apartment.

Tomorrow I am expecting a parcel from Amazon =)

And btw.. now I know what "beef" means in rap langauge =)

Postat av: Kjetilkatarina

Cool site ... I like it :)

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