Strange feeling..

Someone locked me in the office today, which of course caused alarm when I moved from my chair and wanted to go home. It felt very strange to realize that someone had forgotten me... But is not that tragical =)

That also made me think. Some of my friends might think I forgot them. I have to admit my activity online has decreased rapldly. The reason is that I realized it is not very healthy to sit in front of the pc so many hours as I do. Moreover when I am online at work - my attention is divided among 5 organisations, 5 other individuals talking to me and the volunteers of course. I feel a bit washed out when I am closing pc in the office. So I go and play handball in the afternoons/evenings. Handball was smth that has kept me pretty busy recently. And it will keep me busy in the future since our team is aiming on higher division =) Feels good =)

So yes - friends. You are not forgotten. I just remembered my health =) And I will also find my way back to you.

Postat av: Maja


2008-03-19 @ 21:07:05
Postat av: Fredrik


2008-03-19 @ 22:40:19
Postat av: Jan Tore

As a boardmember in one of those 5 organisations i`m very happy for your priorities :).

2008-03-19 @ 23:31:03
Postat av: Sanja

Finally, you realised you're not a robot, and you have body, health and feelings (plus much more things.. ) =)
And we respect that!!!
Bih huuug!!!

2008-03-20 @ 00:18:59
Postat av: Viera

Kikuške pusu na líčko posielam.. =)

2008-03-23 @ 15:20:17
Postat av: Georgirmelin

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