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Yesterday was an amazing day at work. Everything went so good. One "to do" item on the list after another. It felt so good. I felt full of enthusiasm after the "Oslo talk" and the day off afterwards. Newsletter has been finished and uploaded, I made up a new logo for that, i fixed things around the seminar in Budapest and also solved the things for the seminar in Reims that is right now going on. Handball training in the evening was also great.
Btw u can read the newsletter here:


Today I came to the office, Per H. was not there (and I so much wanted to talk to him). Then I had 5 important phonecalls on the list, none of them worked out (no answer, or my request could not be responded because of some technical reasons etc etc etc) Blah.

But yeah - also good things are happening so I am not sittitng here in tears. It is just strange that my work usually gets stuck on some technical problems that I can not do anything about.

Postat av: Kristina

There is hope =)
The first phone call just worked out =)

2008-03-06 @ 16:06:31

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