Conflicts solution..

I have just seen some press pictures from Kosovo. People fighting, cars burning.. I have seen such before but I can not get used to that. And I can not understand that. People killing each other because of different perspectives and understandings. If I could I would like to travel back in time to the beginning. To the real beginning where a conflict was solved by violance. I would bring a chess with me and they would play. Then they would have to use a musical instrument to play some melody, they would have to paint and they would have to run 400 m sprint. Each cathegory would be evaluated. The winner takes it all.

Postat av: Saska

Well this is why I admire you, Kristinka. I know that some people solve things violently (I dont agree with that but I kind of accept it) but you can imagine world without this violence.. amazing and to me very optimistic and sometimes naive (in good way). I am glad that you share such opinion also with me thank you..:D

Postat av: Katka

Maybe, first meditating and then talking. They would realize that there is no conflict actually, just lack of understanding :-)

2008-03-19 @ 11:57:05
Postat av: Tommysigrid

Thanks for your enjoyable site, many good times had ja!

2010-12-03 @ 10:35:08

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