AC meeting

Sittin in the train, connected to internet (vivat SJ), satisfied after the IOGT International AC meeting. We managed the whole agenda for the meeting, we got updated on last happenings in alcohol policy, we discussed an international conference in Malaysia in december 2008, we decided about some representations at some congresses. I am impressed by enthusiasm and commitment, by knowledge and networking skills, by skill to see a bigger picture and have a longer time perspective. I have a lot to learn and these meetings are incredibly motivating for me. At the same time I feel that I understand more and more, that I see  different connections regarding the issue better than before.

Right now I am bit tired, slept very little. Was talking to Kristiina about Faroe Islands instead. I can sleep in the train =) Soon.

I just wonder how did the Melodifestivalen go ;-)

Postat av: maik

some were singing

some were not;

Two were very good - but only one went one to "Globen".

2008-03-09 @ 19:03:27
Postat av: Glennmelisa

Thanks for the information

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