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Freaky..On 11th of October 2007 I
wrote that two people dreamt of me the same night. Today I got to know that the same people dreamt of me the last night too. These two people know each other through Active but live far from each other and do not talk/chat that much together.
The best thing is that one of them was in the other one´s dream together with me as well.

Postat av: maik

That sounds like the beginning of the 8th Harry Potter!

2008-01-14 @ 19:47:18
Postat av: maik

And now I realized that you posed some very interesting questions in the blogg from October. Maybe it is worth it to pose them here again? It seems like people are getting active here =)) So, after "identity" we could start discussing "reality" =))

2008-01-14 @ 19:50:55
Postat av: Jan Tore

Hm. I guess one persons reality is not another persons reality. I´ve been cleaning up in cupboards lately. Finding old notes and ideas. (Rather depressing, but that is another story.) I see that i in the temperance movement has been "taught" and grew up with the belief that the effects of alcohol is not real "real". They are the result of learning. Now - i still think its a valid argument, and use it myself from time to time.
But more and more i also see that me telling someone that their experiences arn´t real doesn´t really make much difference for them. If they feel it is real, and they want to believe it, its still real for them.

We have to fight prejudices, and i´m not a total relativist (yet), but it seems that the starting point of the discussion must be what the other person perceive as real, that trying to convince him otherwise is difficult. But we should try to find some common ground. Experiences wins over theory. Sobriety must also be experienced. As anything else.

2008-01-16 @ 23:41:24
Postat av: Linussimone

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